Dode Brenda
15 August 2016 | 12:04

As many fans of "evil dead", third part of the trilogy had two completely different endings, like fire water, to resurrect the story of Ashley the confrontation with evil spirits many years later, under the guidance of Sam Raimi, the creators decide to use the most positive ending. And accomplished! Ash returns his return is not feature-length film, and series of Studio "Starz". Now all the fight against the evil it's a TV show, and bad it? No, because the original story and plot points of the original stories are the place to be, and sometimes the series uses particles that, well, and of course, ash is Bruce Campbell after all these years are able to give your character a cool, Bruce Campbell as wine years only better for years and the charisma is not is lost and this is so groovy! The narrative of this dark and seasoned with black humor story begins with a supermarket, there for a long time is our hero, well, how does it work? Colleagues and head of his not really, because the former hunter evil spirits now in the retired is not the exemplary life and from the past remained only to tell stories of negligent colleagues.

Thunder! The wind! Something is going on. Think back demonic evil, this time it is very terrible and serious plans, ash might need assistance, then in the case enters Pablo and Kelly even the coolest superheroes need partners. Maybe they'll even invent some ridiculous "team" name, well, what devil know? Pablo and Kelly are completely different characters and it brings the ribbon, even more interesting, especially given the fact that Pablo is secretly in love with Kelly, and one in turn loves Pablo, but that's a bummer! Likes like just a friend. In General in General this couple is interesting to watch, and in fatal to life situations they do not lose courage, well, Pablo is a little lose, but new to cases to save the world from "tit" is forgivable, if that ash is always there when not running "left" and it is a love affair. Oh yeah! About Pablo and Kelly, even though they are not possess the charisma of ash, but shows that ray Santiago and the Dan Delorenzo tried, at least it could be worse, instead of them could be Tara Reid from "Arcado" (just Kidding, let the fans "Arcado", if any, do not take offense, but also fans of Tara Reid).

Special effects? The original trilogy Sam Raimi was held on a simple puppet, costume and "ketchupy" special effects, but all original just! In the series shows almost the same but the puppet effects (when it comes to some kind of demonic being) replaced by CGI, the rest is a blood-ketchup and costumes for those not familiar with "the evil dead". This compilation is sometimes clearly "lame" effects seems absurd, but all kompensiruet great black humor, the fight against the evil and talented actors, and this is good. Serial narration skillfully balances somewhere between the second and third parts of the original films there are a series of candid banter and is full of darkness, hardness, and certainly not without deditos costs, these awful creatures again become a threat to humanity (by pure chance, but would not to be, because we know "The mummy" of 1999 year, reading books is a dangerous business, especially if these books full of unknown spells and heretical notes, but some of the book generally is made of human skin and their blood written, brrr.

"Ash vs. evil dead" retains a reverence for the original source, brings some innovations to the intriguing original story, which in time to such projects, and also a combination of not only the darkness, but and the humour and Sam Raimi is famous for funny horror. It is noteworthy as not only the return of the king(ash's), but and the return of Xena, the warrior Princess, Yes, Lucy lawless is antagonistas first season and may it will be the only one, but a very significant spoiler, which is intriguing to view. Charge boom-stick, put the chainsaw on his right hand and get ready with Ash his friends to join on the warpath against evil, you enjoy this adventure, if not, this will Necromicon.


"Ash vs. evil dead" commendable among the series of this genre, and nine groovy! From ten.

The review from "about main"

Of 9 10

Diann Sandie
24 November 2015 | 08:36

I confess, barely ulishev about series, I treated him a huge skepticism. Trilogy Raimi in made in me a very vivid impression of having risen from a good classic horror film in the first part, up to crazy trashaway and because even more winning horror-Comedy in the third. And therefore to make a clear watchable series on based on the source as I thought the creators did not succeed, given the complexity of this task, and in out not no good can come. Oil in my the fire of skepticism poured and the relatively recent "Black book" Alvarez, was on the fact good horror, but order nezateylevaya to the original.

However, after watching the first series, all my skepticism instantly vanished. In the role of the armless and slightly mad ash the same old Campbell, in the number of Directors and writers all of the same Raimi, in fact the series frankly a lot of flat humor, ostentatious bravado ash and no claim to serious and thoughtful narrative. Is I fell in love with "Evil", exactly what has forced me twice to review "Army of darkness" and almost completely what I now expecting the worst, all was hoping to see. On the moment, watched four of the series and pleasure a single minute of time spent. To about minutes: duration series — hardly not only that disappointing series. According to the duration of each of them comparable rather with FOXовскими cartoons than with a series of this genre, and "weight category". And, given the above in the number of episodes in the season (in their first specified 10) think "not whether it with a short story line and not if it's the creators of a stretch of the series." But one way or another, about to think this is early, after all, ahead of a large part of the first and hopefully not the last season. If you are a fan of "evil dead" or just tired. "serious" horror films — pay attention to this series.

We can only wish the creators success and many seasons of the Comedy-lovessa-heroic adventures of ash.

8 from 10

Rona Lytle
01 November 2015 | 10:19

Under Deep Purple begins the continuation of the most unusual trilogy in the history of cinema. The first part was so intense horror film that the construction company signed with me the contract on the supply of bricks. The second part — a smooth transition from the beginning of the trilogy in the end. The third part is not able to scare and baby, but the is the best in the trilogy. Medieval Beetlejuice and a most unusual journey in time. Here so was the evolution of the evil dead. From horror to furious thrash, in the best sense of the word.

The series supports this trend. Fear no more. There is only a murderous spree under the hard rock. Liters of artificial blood, and a bunch of evil dead. Shotguns and chainsaws. Pathetic things in the style Groovy, which, however, does not annoying, because of the cult character. New heroes, who survive live longer friends ash from the original films. After all, there is his friends were dead so quickly, the audience barely had time to memorize their names.

Ash vs. evil dead already extended second season. And that is there is no better phrase Humphrey Bogart of Casablanca: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

How long is Ash vs Evil Dead?
What is the genre of Ash vs Evil Dead?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Fantasy.
Who starred in Ash vs Evil Dead?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Lucy Lawless,
What is Ash vs Evil Dead IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.5.
When was Ash vs Evil Dead released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-10-31.