Violette Kirwin
19 September 2013 | 05:05

Sterling Archer, a man living the romantic life of a secret agent who regularly saves the world, protects our national security, elegant and heartfelt Charmer of the ladies, and also an alcoholic who is not so you're tripping "wheels" in the moment, arguing about masculinity with the spineless boyfriend of his ex, leaving the chase, firing of the machine the trunk of which is a dead whore having sadly to mourn the carpet in she wrapped — all the continual abundance of black humor, which is not can not to charm the connoisseur of ironic wit.

This is not caricature spy Thriller and not even parody the stereotypical image of a secret service agent, this series is something more triumphant and flawless in it all — exquisite animation, entertainment, achieved wonderful direction and stories full of curiosities and giving a fit of ecstasy and delight contrasts this comprehensive extravaganza. But the Royal shares his moment of charm the series is bound to your characters amazingly realistic and comical characters, whose interaction and confrontation between himself and generate subsequent enjoyment of ribald one-liners, including unnecessarily vulgar and groundless, but such sparkling and catchy.

The series mocks a laugh stereotypes, he just vulgar, indescribable funny, beautifully woven and visually even manages to be entertaining. At all stories stupid very harmonious, even able to entertain some intrigue and anticipation, is the place to be, even the development of characters and relations between them that only razbavlyat a colorful and scale, exposing this animated series on a pedestal excellent Comedy, unique and inimitable in its charm. A brilliant adaptation of unrestrained spy life.

Jacquie Schlesinger
11 January 2015 | 11:56

I just say that don't like dirt.

At all.

And Archer began looking at an incredible chance, so because once drew attention to crazy funny facial expressions (the sound is not be heard) characters on the tablet the guy in the metro their "liveliness". Yes, I even managed to spy the name.

And as a real film nut as well rushed in fight.

From the beginning, tons of greasy jokes, and Mat. Then found the subtitles. Then I found Mat. Then he resigned. The point is not in it.

The essence of that I was struck by the fate of the main character and his behavior. Then the feeling when you see the coolest, brutal, chauvinistic handsome, and gradually begin to perceive him as a needy child, hellishly in need of love. Admiration goes to... sympathy?

The creators ingeniously disclose the nature of this character, patiently, painstakingly and not being ashamed to use any means (such as cancer or girlfriends-terminator). For one is you can clap while standing. But!

It's really these characters, so them there no clear morality, no patterns of behavior. Here the element of surprise — your closest companion. Moreover, each of characters may not only suddenly do not as from he waited, but in General to literally become a couple of series in the other person (figuratively, but could not out)

Really, it's life is not the which we are accustomed, and bloody, dirty mess on crying, which is more like a small children on the Playground, find out who steeper, who beautiful. But their rates — life and love, though it sounds pathetic. And everyone is fighting for your happiness.

In General, the dirt here just sets off the entire the bitterness of certain situations, cynically dirtying wet from tears soaking the handkerchief. Belenky and with a little design.

Breena Huberty
21 June 2010 | 07:16

Archer can be described by one sentence, my version of it is that I will break all the stereotypes, trample all the previously established moral standards — I eat herring and take to drink her milk. Though the image of Archer as a whole and fully periderm of the cartoon series, those of the creators of "Frisky Dingo" (there was such a satirical character Ala Batman), he still not can not like it. A mixture of Hank Moody, Raoul Duke and James bond in the worst manifestations. To put everything on the line at this — getting the bare minimum, only what is needed for the person simply does not guys are needed. Alcohol, girls, money — American dream b it. Archer has it in all the holes, flavoring the act of blood, humor and red pepper. Daring, cruel, funny and very relevant. Not so important as it would in the early 21st century, when special agents were on the peak of his fame (remember from Bond, Ethan hunt, Bourne), but still. good background is not intense plot and black humor — what else is needed for happiness? Right — beer.

Archer — a ray of light among the clouds stupid-not-interesting-boring of humor. It is a 20-minute buzz, from doses which once a week I do not give up. A targeted flow positive, which is unlikely will leave lovers of black humor unfazed.

How long is Archer?
What is the genre of Archer?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Archer?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler.
What is Archer IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
When was Archer released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-09-17.