American Gods

American Gods

Shadow — man with a past. But now all he wants is to live a quiet and peaceful life with his wife in the way. Until he finds out about her death in an accident. On the way to the funeral home when the violent storm rocked the plane, it seemed to him a strange man from a nearby chair. He calls himself Mr. Wednesday. And he knows more about Shadow than seems possible. He warns Shadow that is coming even stronger storm. And nothing from this moment, including himself, will not be the same as before.

Seasons: 2 3
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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Ardenia Also
09 July 2017 | 12:55

The idea of this series is the adaptation of simple and interesting. The old gods want them once again believed and bring the victim. And over the sun, they are ready to fight with new gods: gods of globalization, technology, media and etc. Rather, they can, and ready, but haven't know. In the first season tells them about it, stirs the coals and generally incites one of the most ancient God, who gives his name only the latest episode of a before that, calls himself Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane).

Mr. Wednesday hires cunning for the service of ex-con Shadow moon (absolutely incredible name, which can be translated as "dark side of the moon). And the wife of the former prisoner is devoted to a side story line. Plays Shadow moon actor Ricky whittle. He stars the sky is not enough, but it pulls scenes with experienced and talented artists. We can say that not only Shadow moon is the presence of the gods, but and actor Ricky whittle.

Wrapped "American gods" in a slightly modified (and beautiful) visual wrap of the series "Hannibal". Meditative and slow music, the constant deceleration in the frame — the series, like the Liturgy or the ritual wants of your dive. The action takes place slowly, often acts as such, the viewer is invited simply to see, hear and feel the strangeness of what is happening on the screen. Time from time as a comment to what is happening sounds like some kind of relatively modern composition.

The main storyline is not only develops slowly, but and constantly interrupted: stories of the far (not much) about the past relationship of believers and gods; scenes in which Bilkis, Queen of Sheba, sucks lovers and mistresses in your body after having sex; the scenes in which Anubis escorts the souls in the afterlife; the seventh episode almost entirely devoted to the history, happened a few centuries ago. The overall impression is like watching a kaleidoscope of situations and scenes, related to plot and more thematically, and if the authors wanted not only to tell the story how much be immersed in the atmosphere.

The "Hannibal" have not only the visual style, but and Gillian Anderson. Special mention is given to Crispin Glover, who plays the God of globalization — in a stunning scene in the end of the 5th episode, it is clear that since "Charlie's Angels" he never lost a drop of his creepy-weird charisma. It is a pity that from "Hannibal" is not take smart and educated characters like Lecter, Alana bloom, Jack Crawford and Bedelia du Maurier, as took out the normal development of the plot. For 8 episodes the plot will not reached.

The idea of the series is simple and interesting, but its development raises questions. In the first season of the show only ancient idols, then there are pagan gods and modern idols, then there is technology, media and etc. And where, in fact, beings who are called Gods (Yes, with capital letters) in the monotheistic traditions? Where Christian absolute-the Trinity, the absolute Jewish-Jehovah, the Islamic absolute-the God? Where the so-called absolute of the philosophers? With great humor shown by a bunch of Jesuses (one on the confession), but in traditional Christianity, Christ is the incarnate absolute, Creator of the universe. But if idea everyone loves the occult, it is where the demiurge and immutable ideas of Plato, where the Pythagorean? In world religions so much more interesting (and actually many things) that it is unclear why the ancient gods are Odin, Vulcan, Chernoboga, Anubis and Bilkis. The idea is interesting, but the implementation is disappointing: only a small-town depicts the struggle of neo-paganism in place in the American sun.

It is clear that these questions include the novel-the source. And perhaps, all these will fill gaps in the following seasons. But perhaps what is a strict rule inappropriate. In the end, Shadow moon in the final episode on the question of "what do you believe?" responding "At all". If that is the goal of the series — the formation of subjects who believe in all — the questions are unnecessary.

By the way, among "American gods" wormed "native American" Chernobog (Peter Stormare) and three sisters — the dawn, the dawn of Evening and dawn midnight, — exist in Chicago. For this for such frequent humorous touches, the McShane, Glover and Anderson for an interesting visual style for a potentially interesting idea, serious thoughts, curious references (e.g. "the Master and Margarita" and"a Clockwork orange") and amusing metaphors (for example, faceless minions of the goddess Media) — for all this

7 of 10

Sheilah Foss
09 May 2017 | 01:18

At first glance, the painting "American gods" seems very strange provocative and ambiguous. As literary work — it is more than appreciated on the West. But will have adaptation to repeat the success? While at this question is difficult to answer, but in any case, the first series of the wonderfully intriguing.

They would gods the modern world? Whom they were? As influence us? The idea of the film, according to my opinion, terribly interesting and extremely bold in design — is not like the world of comics — there such a scale, or pathetic characters, all very original.

Without reading the novel, it is difficult to go to catch the mood and features specific to this series. When we introduce the main character, we see a black Jason Statema on behalf of the Shadow, with emotional baggage Kristin Stewart (at least in their older works), which on its way meets not less textured Mr Medium with supernatural forces that gradually immerses the protagonist in a fantasy world.

But if a little acquainted with themes content of the work, it becomes easier to perceive what is happening, and appears that any accidents or inaccuracies here almost there. Acquainted with the local Pantheon, all so becomes clearer. Gods here much, they are very colorful and motley, they came from different mythologies: the Baltic Slavs, the Scandinavian classic and modern.

With regards to the technical side. The picture in the series is bright, juicy, she overflowing (and blood many scenes). The only thing I can notice moments it seemed that the series is not enough budget and look what is happening very trèšovo.

In any case, only after watching the season, it will be possible to draw conclusions about that turned and no, I what was the idea, but have what is not.

The series now leaves a huge number and a big plus this tape in that after watching the first series you can say — lover whether this genre, and such performance or not for you. There something "Hannibal," something from "Preacher", but in General, the twins have of this series, I don't see- "American gods" too others.

At the moment,

7,5 of 10

Vicky Chicky
09 July 2017 | 05:12

People make gods,
wanting to understand the nature of things.

(Ian McShane)

The first rule of an adequate assessment of any work reads: "First find for what to praise". Will begin its praises with the main pillars, which sees the spectator — with the cast. Few people you here is common with the first sight of, say, make out the Ian McShane (Mr. Wednesday, he's the Allfather and the God of the Gallows, but we known as One), with the second may Emily Browning (Laura moon) and that's all. Even once well-known Gillian Anderson in the role of the Media is not shows eyes — all the rest of the audience in a new. But it's a rare case when it is impossible to identify as one or a few favorite heroes, and absolutely not impressed. Not matter which camp, the old or the new gods, supports the beholder, here and a deliberately negative personality perfectly cope with their roles. The main antagonist of Odin Mr World (Crispin Glover) are confident enough in yourself as and Technomancy Bruce Langley as arrogant. Ostara (Christine Chenoweth) for some data converted to Christianity in St. Brigitte, a true goddess and worthy opponent for Media. Lost and so the story progresses slowly dropping "teenage skin" Shade (Ricky whittle), a rollicking and quirky Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) or touching the fragile dawn to midnight performance Erica Kara — to discuss the play of each of the them it is possible though to infinity still not will find. The accuracy regarding the literary characters "of the Gods" seems to be at altitude, however, the mythological references, which is full of the book, at the minimum.

Visual representation, ranging from the beauty of the frame and ending with the special effects, too, is beyond praise. Notice that  & soundtracks favorably emphasize a mystical mystery, but sometimes the drama "American gods", so for example, immersed in the atmosphere of the story.

And... somewhere here must be the question: "what did the trick? It is not as film adaptation to be perfect, but if it finally revealed on the light of God, where then the storm of fans." And the thing that, of course, well, when the author of the work involved in screen as the writer EP in the case of "American gods" Neil Gaiman sometimes quite transcends everything, making it in excess. From the fountains of blood, sewage, demonstrations coarse thread suture wounds and the orgies often nauseated. Not matter of all the efforts, these the scene absolutely not give a sense of authenticity. In addition, Gaiman apparently decided to seriously expand the boundaries of the original plot, which did the show sometimes quite prolonged. Plus, sometimes the mess and the abrupt transition from one "shred" of history to another makes the audience lose the thread of the narrative, which is not too nice.

But the surprises do not end. Not only that, the series claimed as many as five Directors (so much for eight episodes, not is it true?), so still the Creator of the eponymous trilogy wants to "break" her (or stretch — it's view) for six seasons. Neel Gaiman deservedly dubbed "the father of magical realism" and acknowledged the whole world, but sometimes not would remember a writer's rule and time to stop.

What is the genre of American Gods?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in American Gods?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Crispin Glover, Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki.
What is American Gods IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was American Gods released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-04-30.