A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Three children of the Baudelaire family — violet, Klaus and Sun — after a terrible fire are orphaned and end up in the care of count Olaf, who by all means wants to seize the inheritance of the children. The kids are trying to explain to everyone around you that count Olaf is not just a bad parent, but still tries to kill them to get rich; of course, none of the children are not listening. And only because of misunderstanding of adult orphans find themselves in various misadventures.

Seasons: 2 3
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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Larina Boehmer
19 March 2017 | 11:07

For me, it is a decent adaptation of the books lemony Snicket (all the haters of the show please do not throw I mud), I like fan "33 misfortunes" really came together this fresh series from channel Netflix. He funny, witty, bordering together with crazy absurd, that is happening there, but it's rule say! Good theme music in the beginning of each series that is constantly changing in depends on the plot, even a long time will crash in your heads, and you start to sing it every time.

The series is in many ways even better than film of the sample of 2004 (don't get me wrong, the movie is also good), and something not really. First, the effects: it is clear that was a lot of hard work of the creators, but this cartoon too much is seen, you can say on budget as not a regular blockbuster, though there is in this chart something unusual. Second, the inconsistency with the Canon. Sometimes the series goes this is a good, sometimes not. For example, you can take the most Lemony of Snicket, which for us is the narrator of the story and the other important character with an important role. He always remained in the shadows, not showing himself, even but we did not show the character's face, always hiding it in here... full-length, in the fancy suit, played by Patrick Warburton. Trifle of course, but very important my opinion.

Despite such a tiny error, they hides the remarkable story of three orphans, the Baudelaires, who his head fell off misfortunes, and their legacy is being chased by the horrible count Olaf. But here would like stop the villain! Even though I cast aside the millions of rotten tomatoes, but I courage to declare that Neil Patrick Harris played Count Olaf, the villain who came down with the pages of books directly to the TV. The character turned out in some way intimidating, angry, and with the slightly amusing, and its like and does deserve praise, especially Shirley, from which I just trudge.

In General, I suggest at least not the fans and those who have not read the books, but also not watched a movie about 33 misfortunes, to have a look at this series to conclude, and my conclusion is this: "a Worthy adaptation of an intriguing plot and good humor."

Of 9 10

Deerdre Elodia
01 April 2017 | 08:31

"33 misfortunes" is sad, joyless adventure story of three children — violet, Klaus and Sun Baudelaire, in suddenly found themselves orphans after their family house fire occurred, and their parents died. Mr. — the banker, watching the state of the family Baudelaire must attach orphans in the hands of the nearest relative to the one cared for children under the onset of their of age. However, the children has the cunning and the evil Count Olaf who wants to get rid of children and to get their legacy. Count Olaf — mediocre actor, which the it is equally possible to fit in with confidence to each new Trustee, thoroughly disguised. However, the orphans Baudelaire every time recognize Count Olaf in the new stranger and try to bring it to clean water, but nothing good is usually doesn't ends.

After 10 years after the unsuccessful film adaptation of 2004, Netflix had contacted the writer Daniel Handler, to arrange a new effort to adapt its a series of novels in a full series, which are now extremely popular. In fact, the very concept of books more features to serial format, with the writer was completely agree. To work on the series has attracted Director Barry Sonnenfeld, enhanced with the idea of not otherwise a failed challenge against a full-length movie, with which he, when he was forced to leave. The episodic format of the series allows for the combination of predictable events (children are under the care of a guardian are insolvent, then Count Olaf appears and threatens the children with punishment) and the total unexpectedness of what is happening (plot twists, mysterious personality and organizations, strange artifacts and symbols, statues, appearing) and to accurately convey the atmosphere of the book.

The book series "33 misfortunes" distinguished by dark humor and frankly a pessimistic view of the world. Events in which are orphans Baudelaire, happy definitely not called. Their criticized, punished, betray and deceive them do not accept calculation frankly want get rid of them. And the at least, the characters manage to maintain a semblance of optimism and to promote the timeless values — love, friendship, loyalty, devotion and courage. A curious feature of the books is the use of numerous word games, puns, anagrams, abbreviations, and also lots of difficult and infrequent words that are woven into the fabric of the narrative. Also, it should be noted the use of various allusions to clearly not children's works (Dante, Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Edgar Allan PoE, George Orwell and other). Surprisingly, the authors of the show managed not only to preserve, but and extend this concept. Literally from the threshold series breaks down the fourth wall, showing on the screen of lemony Snicket, who, referring to viewer, recommended to stop viewing because there is a good end, and the beginning of the bad, and in the middle of a little something good. According to the course of the narrative it is often wedged in the frame to explain some concept (for example, that is a flashback or hidden irony), share your opinion about events, again be broken, that have no possible to change anything in this story, or just grab the camera and take her unpleasant events on the screen. Word games was less (we're watching TV series, and not a book we read), but still impossible to replace numerous flirtations with the phrasing in the dialogs, using anagrams, abbreviations, and also a mass of complex infrequent words that are woven into the fabric of the narrative. In addition to the authors manage ironically to make fun of modern trends (Count Olaf prefers streaming services hikes in theaters, hourglass it ordered E-Bay).

Visually the series is gorgeous — the dark surroundings of the locations, gray color tones and light notes of steam-punk form an outstanding picture. Mainly, the creators used the same style that was the 2004 film, so something innovative here. But here to computer effects there are a number of questions — with all the naturalism of what is happening some of the scenes look so cheap and unnatural that instantly stand out from visual imagery (e.g., just looks disgusting scene where a baby playing cards). In the rest the series is impeccably withstand the style and pleasing to the eye.

Structurally, the series retells the first four books of lemony Snicket, and the creators removed via two series on each book. This is sufficient, so as not to reduce the story to the illogical and chaotic actions and fully disclose all relevant characters.

The main characters of the series — the children, however, playing very natural. Senior violet Baudelaire was played by Malina Weissman. Have it was curious the way girls, was fond of inventions. Whenever she does not think, it connects the hair to the tail it makes the sign of some idea. It looks fun, but in the framework of the concept of children's books — an excellent illustration of otmetanie superfluous.

Her brother — Klaus Baudelaire was performed by Louis Hines. Klaus — well-read teenager, preferring to spend time in the library reading. Erudition and General culture Claus in particular the main characters in General — this is a key concept as books and series. The most authors advocating good manners and education in the audience.

Antagonist orphans — Count Olaf was played by Neel Patrick Harris, who is unlikely to compete with Jim Carrey in terms of facial expressions, but feels good in as a malicious and insidious, a narcissistic actor. Here for its game to watch really interesting. This contributes to the image of the character, regularly changing its appearance. Along with Count a traveling theater company — brainless, but the Executive geezer is able to amuse one of its kind. He also Neel Patrick Harris — the true ornament of the series and one of a charismatic its incarnation, after the role of Barney Stinson.

Incidentally it is worth noting that from the TV series "KAWM" there also appeared cobie Smulders. It is involved in a short but quite mysterious episodes that will keep the viewer in the dark for quite a long time.

Start-up image is just gorgeous. Theme song "Look away" performed Neel Patrick Harris, and pass not worth it just because it is "a summary of the previous series." Sounds just gorgeous. But here's the final song is a little strange and even a little too much.

Based on children's book adaptation can be great to watch as children and adults. For children there is still a positive story, which is purposeful and knowledgeable kids doing any harm and adults will see numerous allusions to incompetent bureaucrats, the press lying, indifferent adults and other "adult themes".

The first season of "lemony Snicket: 33 of misfortune" definitely deserves attention. It is a dark, sometimes cruel and depressing story with balanced atmosphere and great visuals. You need to remember that is a film adaptation of a children's book filled with absurdity and verbal games, and numerous allusions to a modern phenomenon only added to the degree of madness going on. Great acting and numerous riddles are forced to wait for the next season, which will begin in 2018.

8 from 10

Phil Deni
13 November 2018 | 09:07

Remakes are everywhere and around. With every year they are becoming more and more. And not always bad. Especially in the case of this project.

"Lemony Snicket: 33 of misfortune" — this series based on the book series "33 misfortunes". So earlier in the beginning of zero was released the same film with Jim Carrey and Meryl Streep, Obrisi popularity in their circles. The story tells of suddenly orphaned children who fall on the guardianship to a distant cousin who do not like them. 

Be honest and direct: a movie I love with childhood, have watched it many times, so the series expecting a very long and right. And my expectations were met. It is immediately noted that the atmosphere of the projects is almost the same, but their focus is completely different. The series looks more absurd, but has a more thoughtful, detailed and interesting plot, because the problems of orphans are not only rich parents like in the movie. It's more than that only fuels interest. Each episode ends so that makes you wonder, "is that all? That what next?".

Much in the series giperplazirovannah, but not there, ' cause and should be. This story of the children that each series starts with songs that we should still finish watching. Moreover, this song is just great. It sits head and even a year later after watching, I can hum it. By the way, it is worth noting that Count Olaf in the series sometimes sings that brings us the to the next paragraph of the review.

The characters are individual and interesting. Each of them has its own character and touches for a soul. Have them features which often, again, exaggerated. Of course, my favorite was Count Olaf in Neil Patrick Harris, because he is simply incredible (this can be attributed to both). To the way, the orphans, the Butler is also wonderful. For those who will be important to know they are very similar to children of the film. What is Malina Weissman caught a literal copy of Emily Browning. And play well. The characters fall in a couple of episodes so good.

The series is based in its unique style, which is easy to distinguish from many others. He dark filmed dim coloured, because the makers all ways telling us that this story does not end well. The adoptive parents of the children are annoying, all the people around them seem incredibly stupid. And and should be. It is foolish to blame the show that it makes everything too because this is the idea.

"Lemony Snicket" is intriguing and addictive. On the moment only two season they in the same breath, because with each series all the more and more I want to know what it will end the story of the orphans. Whether they be happy or all will be well as bad as we promise? Who knows. In any case, I will not insist on watching this series because everyone should solve it he will come him in the shower or no.

How long is A Series of Unfortunate Events?
What is the genre of A Series of Unfortunate Events?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Drama, Family.
Who starred in A Series of Unfortunate Events?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes, K. Todd Freeman.
What is A Series of Unfortunate Events IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was A Series of Unfortunate Events released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-01-13.