Opaline Goddart
20 July 2017 | 05:56

The creators of "Downton Abbey" British jewel of historical series of modern times, embodied in life a new story to tell about the earlier time in the history of British subjects — about the first settlement in the New world, about the Jamestown, Virginia. Wild, yet until all of the investigated region, where a place for adventure, new discoveries, love and new life.

The plot of this series evolves around the lives of three main characters, the brave women who made a dangerous and long journey at the ocean to marry a stranger a new destiny. For today's standards probably sounds wildly the fact that the men of Jamestown who wanted to marry, were forced to pay for travel, their future wives, the most practically buying them as a commodity. But not least, the writers have displayed this aspect, and it is very felicitously, C. the viewer should be aware that the society was deeply Patriarchal, in depended on the will of the king, the aristocracy and the Anglican Church. It is also important that this small settlement holds at different layers of the society — from the nobles of varying degrees of stiffness and cruelty to almost lumpen elements. a Sort of society in miniature, almost theatre that wasn't creates a stuffy atmosphere.

The topics this series touches upon some popular existential problems of mankind — the conflict between man and nature (Robinson Crusoe), the problem of class differentiation and women's self-determination, a clash of two cultures (the differences of the English settlers with the Indians). In General, there is something to see. In addition, it should be noted as gently it doesn't take moving story, moving from the character character as the talented actors perform their roles.

Three main characters, Verity (Niamh Walsh), Jocelyn (Naomi Battrick) and Alice (Sophie Rundle), was divided between three different women's temperament and three different fates. Red, obnoxious and playful Verity bridges has incredible appeal and charisma, able to cheer, so and to subdue any. It is a very American type heroine — strong-willed nature and reluctance to dance to tune of others, the ability to take into their own hands. She the only the girls almost decide what position she to take marriage and in society, it is not afraid to speak frankly, rude and in your face. It is significant that one series, she even trying on men's clothes...

If Verity survives because of his will, another heroine, Jocelyn Ludbreg, escapes the cunning and the talented strategic thinking. She have to do that, because her, the noblewoman at the blood, lucky to get married on spouse good post in the city. But a relaxed reading of the Bible for morning embroidery handkerchiefs — not for her. Much more interesting, and policies competent diplomacy...

Third the girl, fragile and delicate Alice Kett, had not the easiest fate. Since first day stay in the Jamestown life check it strength. But how to survive and not to break such an angel without a brazen glibness and deceit? Have the creators answer and to this question, which lies in the very essence of femininity...

This project — it is the right step in the career of the actress Sophie Rundle (Alice) — the role "Sharp peaks" she announced yourself as a about a really talented actress of historical dramas. With impatience I will wait for another one project with her. Pleasantly surprised and Niamh Walsh with Naomi Battrick — the actress also did a good job. Not can not say a couple of words about the actress Patricia Ferrand (mercy) — have you ever seen Mr bean female? If not, then now look! It is something! Nice humorous icing on the cake. Of men's group I want to mention the game of max Beasley (Henry Sharrow) — simply mesmerizing change in hero his emotions, Matt Stokoe (James Reid) — Smith, in which it is impossible not to fall in love.

In addition, you will be amazed by the magnificent camera work — without exaggeration, is simply the eye does not tear. Smart and beautiful shots of nature and characters, you always want to take screenshots. Viewed the first season has already been looking forward to the second.


8 from 10

Golda Fenton
19 February 2018 | 04:26

If the view periodically remove the ears of the feminist noodles, then the series is very good. In otherwise, have the following — In 1607 he founded the colony of Jamestown, the men rebuilt the entire infrastructure, cultivate the fields, and provided the colony with food and other blessings of civilization. After 12 years, everything is ready, arrive women  - called "professional wife", which got from die-hard life whores, and of the members of the red Church choir named "the Immaculate conception of the virgin Mary." And there is surprising, because where to score as many whores in 1619, ready to go distant lands in the colony, where men have 12 years dispense women?

The plot revolves around three of them — course of Institute for noble maidens, Jocelyn of the Institute for noble maidens and Verity of the vocational school for noble maidens. As they come men are taken from their to insult and humiliate, as if the whole life is waiting. It seems that men with bread do not feed, give only poniat pooskorblyat, and only these three, all other women in the settlement, like a happy, contented life and embroidered tapestries, cross to the right and left.

In General, poor women (Alice, Jocelyn and Verity) immediately begin a relentless struggle for their rights. What rights they do not very clear, but some to care? Most importantly — is a decisive fight!!! Yes! For three years to suffragettes. Especially trying to Verity, she could easily give the man on the face, spit in the face or nasty men your perverse desire to humiliate her even more, her anything that not doing well can only say — "You... that... not much out there... but how ladies in pain, you'll know!", then turn around and very offensive going. Joslyn begins to intrigue, not hesitate at this burglary, theft and blackmail. And Alice just splitting the two brothers (one almost killed), and then touching talks about the most valuable women things — love, trust, hope, and chastity.

Looking forward to the second season.

Gus Merril
25 January 2019 | 04:35

The series tells the story of the first British settlers on the American continent. In 1607 they were founded Jamestown, a small town surrounded by tobacco plantations, and after 12 years the settlers got the opportunity to write from England wives. Arrived ladies were clearly divided among the men who managed to pay their moving across the Atlantic. Naturally, new arrivals begin to change the male world of under him, causing the strong half of the city is sometimes high, but sometimes base feelings.

The main three heroines, it is the socialite Jocelyn who agreed to move in order to escape from his past, a farmer's daughter Alice, dreaming of the destiny a worthy man and a thief, Verity, forced to leave their homeland for obvious reasons. Each of the characters, arriving to the destination is faced with a harsh reality, far from their hopes. Jocelyn married a cute and an educated man, but indecisive and absolutely not punch in a career that puts an end to the ambitious dreams of the girls on welfare high position. Alice is the eldest of the bride three brothers Kromzer, not-very-nice brutal and rude men, contrast his brother, kind and reliable. Yeah and independent Verity not lucky fiance, because its bought a confirmed drunkard, the tavern owner. However, despite all the trouble women do not spirit each of them begins to act as tells her her intuition.

The city's power is concentrated in the hands of the Governor and company of the owner of the land and managerial elite, who are prone to corruption and bribery. Any illegal action is harshly punished, as to keep in check a whole city of men do not just addition to maintain the fragile peace with the Indians. In this difficult life where every day is struggle survival among the negative attitude of others, the girls beat out its place in the sun.

Series from the creators of "Downton Abbey", is somewhat simpler of his famous predecessor, here on the foreground is the historical adventure genre, however, dramatic line on a very decent level and looks it's pretty exciting. Filmed two season 8 and at the end of the second season is announced announcement of the release of the third already in 2019.

What is the genre of Jamestown?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History.
Who starred in Jamestown?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Naomi Battrick, Max Beesley, Jason Flemyng, Burn Gorman, Dean Lennox Kelly.
What is Jamestown IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Jamestown released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-05-05.