Yalonda Plossl
24 March 2017 | 10:23

You don't noticed worst ledenyaschie horror movies — a film about children? Nothing so us scares: not a house with Ghost or people in which is possessed by an evil spirit and even Lucifer himself ("the omen", not counted. Again, there is also children) how kids adolescents, those who do evil, which is the source of this evil. And all because such films to eerily realistic. It seems as if we live in the world it can happen to everyone.

The plot, on first glance, quite simple, as Mike returns to hometown, where in the child lost twin brother. But in addition to brother Mike was killed and the other guys. With the arrival of the men in town, strange things happen, and TV again begin broadcasting the popular show "Candle Cove", shown in Mike's childhood in the same time kidnapping. But this easy the horror in one bottle reminiscent of stories by Stephen king.

In the series illustrates very well the "little" America — a tiny town where everybody knows each other, and gossip news travels with the speed of light. The degree viewing of the series the viewer begins to feel like a resident of this town, observer. In the series there are moments when chills running through body, the worst kids only add fuel to the fire.

The first series really keeps in suspense, the plot interestingly and each step heroes was "Oh" and"Ah". But 5-6 series was a disappointment: the ending is predictable, even oiled. The latest series of, frankly, boring and tightened. And it has spoiled the overall impression of series.

Summary: great material, good acting, but fairly poorly written script. The fans of horror and mysticism to view required. Form an opinion for yourself.

Kay Magen
24 February 2017 | 04:41

A good horror story.

The beginning was very cool. Remember the first seasons of x-files and the twilight zone. A mysterious show, exciting children. The mysterious death. All had a great time.

The turning point came in the middle of the 4 series. The plot begins to roll, the video is mixed — the flashback then sleep, reality. Hard to understand what the main character it seems, and what is really happening. The plot turns into a mess. Without any spoilers to explain difficult, but after 4 series, the plot ceases to cling to and be interested. I want to have just to finish quickly. Much becomes clear in this series.

Acting — wonderful. The exception is that leaves the teacher. It game in the absence of (the last series) do not convincing.

The quality of shooting — good. There where you have big plans, there where it is necessary to add space. The transitions between dream-reality and the past is uniform. Sometimes I have said — are lost. For shooting is a claim only for duration — sometimes some of the plans are tight. It happens not often. For example the frame when the former Sheriff finds his teeth and moves the focus to the Windows of the basement of his house. There 10-12 seconds of no movements, feeling that the operator shows something — but there anything. Or how long hero is on an abandoned cement plant. There minutes three seems to be stretched it. (but there was a small flashback, but the scene is very snug). Such scenes too many, and the atmosphere they are not particularly added.

The plot in 90 minutes (5-6 lot) predictable. And not too interesting (to me personally). Everything looks it's painful. Maybe because I expected something else after the first half of the story. Yes no unexpected twists and turns to this final 90 minutes the story abruptly transplanted on rails becomes cheap banal film-horror story. The main character walks to his antagonist to save a loved one, and so unsophisticated and simple — even a great game Paul Schneider have does not protect against depression.

At the end: could make a great season on the basis of entertaining stories. But the final third all destroyed. Worth a look, the show in General strong.

6 of the 10

Holds, although the potential was much more.

Danyelle Kirit
11 April 2017 | 06:07

In 88-m to year the small American town of Iron hill shook series of mysterious child murders. The tragedy touched many families living here, and not spared Mike, who lost his twin brother. Twenty years later, Mike, now the successful child psychologist, for the first time after the incident returns in his hometown. Together with childhood friends he says a strange child transmission under the name, twilight Bay, which appeared on TV screens as just in the time of the murders. Mike seems not a simple coincidence, and she related of the incident. Quite possibly, because with Mike Iron hill returned and transmission, the city again ohvatyvayut terrible accident with participation of children.

Itself imagine the idea from the series is not bad. Yeah, she is not new and partly overlaps with some of the works of Stephen king, but, to use the possibilities to expand the story and create something worthwhile or at least terrible, channel Zero so and left only interesting ideas with bad execution.

Many praise akterskoy the game in their reviews. Yes where you saw her? On for 6 episodes adults look as they sit firmly on antidepressants or some drugs — a completely detached views and the complete lack of emotion on his face. OK, I got excited — in case of fear or surprise, they stiffen in bewilderment with his mouth open, but this is not a game! They don't believe for them would like to experience or to feel sorry for them! The main character is more like the maniac-the pedophile, about which childhood with an alcoholic father had extinguished cigarettes, than on the well-known psychologist who writes bestsellers. His mom, you know aunt Petunia from Harry Potter, and sometimes shows something like anger and stress, but most of the time remains the same "carton," as and other characters of the story.

Part of the horror here is also a problem. Sometimes disgusting, but not scary. Footage of the transfer look creepy but again can't believe modern primitives children would look musty puppet show, not averting his eyes. And that's for the fashion monsters that feed on children's teeth?! I already see the second last time a movie where creatures of the underworld devour the milk teeth. Gross! To the end, all this becomes even more nonsense of stoned writers, so that even begin to nostalgia for the first series.

The verdict — the imagination of the creators do not enough even for six measly episodes. There are dynamics, but nothing would have affected the audience and made it to survive. If not him small and promising something interesting synopsis, I would just threw this case halfway. Do not advise anyone to waste their time — now there are a lot of interesting films products TV industry that deserve much more attention.

How long is Channel Zero?
What is the genre of Channel Zero?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Horror, Mystery.
Who starred in Channel Zero?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Abigail Pniowsky, Keenan Lehmann, Amy Forsyth, Aisha Dee, Jeff Ward.
What is Channel Zero IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Channel Zero released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-10-11.