Impractical Jokers

Impractical Jokers

Q, Sal, Joe and Murr — are best friends who love to throw each other calls to commit the most incredible stunts ever recorded on a hidden camera.

Seasons: 7 8
IMDb icon 8.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Merola Verlie
25 March 2015 | 09:07

To be honest, opening of which I will tell you now, is in the top 3 of my most vivid emotions for the last couple small months. It just not may be lower. And here's why.

Discovery, I say — this program Impractical Jokers, what goes to the Comedy Central channel. In short, in the show Impractical Jokers involved four friends. What they're doing? Yes nothing special — stealing products from the carts of other shoppers in the supermarket, give false predictions on the street, using Tarot cards, or trying to Nestle to beach towels strangers and make is not expelled. Sounds a bit strange, and even like a fraud or a divorce, but unless know the facts.

It — competition. Not even so. It — call four modern Musketeers of humor each other, so check out their endurance, ingenuity and the ability to stay well in very uncomfortable situations. All the above steps they do not just on the basis of tasks — in the end, what is the difficulty to participate to the example, speed dating event? Sounds scary. But now, if instead you replica think of your friends, whose primary purpose — put you in such an awkward situation, from you will not be able to go out and you should pronounce them, looking in the eyes of the stranger — the event becomes much more interesting.

You think that nothing to just give up job? What well, maybe so, just keep in mind that is "-1" karma. And even closer to the punishment that at the end of 3-4 tests will catch the most modest of the Quartet. And is it you might like it. Unless you want a tattoo with the face of Jaden Smith, up from the chairs of the Barber of hair, claiming the Golden globe in the category "asshole of the year" or on a crowded baseball stadium to unsubscribe from married the girl 7 years of waiting for your offer and not stand, did it myself, with heads a dozen non-profit organizations and drove my parents to the bus across the country. You can continue for long, but the purpose of you understand — the maximum public discomfort.

Of course, it might sound not very convincing, but believe me, watching that show make you at least smile and then to laugh in a loud voice, good imagination these guys, I think bigger fans of Hollywood comedies. And what they create at Tom real life (!), and they then they go — this breathtaking spectacle.

So what is I impressed? Not only non-standard and very high quality humor, which they show. But is actually more and deep respect for the courage of these people who are not are moral monsters, that is able to offend anyone, but who put themselves out every day comfort zone with honor cope with the situation. Well ... almost always with honor.

And of course, that still adds emotion, so it is a fact that these people — do friends in life. It is evident of each friend. And at least that they allow each other with a do. So this show is not only about the humor, but it shows what needs to be friendship, but not friendship, and what level of trust can exist between people. Honestly, for me this was a real inspiration in my personal life and dealing with others.

Concluding the above: Impractical Jokers, on my opinion — this is the best Comedy reality show of our time. And believe me: started to watch at least one episode, you just not be able to break away. So what, take a vacation, find all existing releases, stock up on food at a couple of days, but also buy tablets from the abdomen.

No, I have no doubt in your choice of food. But that after your belly will hurt from laughter as if you mastered with a dozen big Mac — guaranteed.

As you still here?

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Norina Almund
22 October 2017 | 03:57

Last winter I happened to see this transfer on TV. Have from the first minute I loved it. Impractical jokers — show with excellent jokes, from which is not possible to break away.

The composition is the following: four friends at the queue are tested in which will need to interact with strangers. In as one trick-or-treaters coming to the stranger, the other, with a headset and microphone, dictate to him phrase actions that you want to play. For example, to get to pronounce a ridiculous word, ask inappropriate question, or if the shooting took place in the supermarket, coat the pen carriage of a stranger whipped cream. Of course the participant can withdraw from job to "fail", but then he is in danger of losing episode, and he's in for a punishment, which will have to do something like a rule even more ridiculous.

The main feature is that jokers kidding not bystanders and each other that makes the show even funnier. Impractical jokers is really unique, I can not a single transmission that would like this.

I still love in show is that the leading really are best friends in life and known for about 30 years. Watching them, the viewer understands what needs to be true friendship. Their friendship truly is an example for others to follow. Watch as jokers interact with other — pleasure.

When viewing from the viewer will surely get the favorite Joker. It can be fun and fearless Joe, which, to the majority of fans, there is fear; sweet Sal, who is afraid of cats; funny and at the same time a little strange, the ferret Mure or q, which always tries to go to end.

In the show, virtually no serious spoilers, only in several episodes the viewer can recall that this punishment was carried out so-and-so is a leading. So hardly there will be something terrible, if you will start browsing with the first of the series, and not at first.

Impractical jokers — it's a rare occasion when I can't allocate any single minus sign.

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How long is Impractical Jokers?
What is the genre of Impractical Jokers?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in Impractical Jokers?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Brian Quinn, James Murray, Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto,
What is Impractical Jokers IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
When was Impractical Jokers released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-12-15.