The main heroine of the series — the senior inspector of the criminal police Vera Stanhope, who is obsessed with work and the knowledge of their own demons. If she's lonely, she didn't let on and face the world with a stinging sharpness, lukavenko in the eyes and bravery. Paired with her work reliable and patient colleague Joe Ashworth. Together they take each new case with unparalleled zeal and professionalism.

Seasons: 8 9
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
Bethanne Ethelred
13 November 2015 | 06:44

The show was a pleasant surprise. Stands out on the background of other shows.

From what I want to note:

Absolutely non-glamorous image of the heroine, superficially, have been associated with my Colombo. Very straightforward woman, she is not lying other than gives. If not devoid of kindness, the ability to sympathize with. And when it appears amazed by her sincere warmth without the sweetest of smiles and psychological cliché, it's honest and human. The rest of the cast also does not disappoint, I would also like to mention Paul Ritter (my favorite even with "Friday night dinner"), which was here in the role of the pathologist Billy. I think he was the main source of the very British humor in this show. To my regret, took part only three season.

Good unhackneyed subjects. Polutorochasovoj series, contrast a forty-minute, allows you to develop the story quite naturally and smoothly. Perceived as a separate film. As or not, all the detectives have some kind of a line where the focus is on killers, somewhere in relatives of people who all the limits of humanity that, in General, pretty quickly makes the series predictable. This series is pleased as the time, unpredictability of the outcome up to the last moment. A story focus here also has its own. Crimes, as a rule, are made of normal human emotions, either by accident, stupidity, or from despair. In the end it often happens that the offender is not sorry less than a sacrifice.

And definitely want to praise the scenery, broaching, windy, Sunny and cloudy, they melancholic, they are beautiful. Any vast expanses of diluted lonely old house, which highlights that the nothingness. In General, a classic British landscape, without earlier curly flower beds. That something like atmosphere can be seen in"Broadchurch" and"Foyle's War". The creators of the film mouths of the characters often admire the beauty of these landscapes.

Of 9 10

Marthe Pulcheria
31 July 2014 | 09:15

The title is not just another dramatization of the famous triad, however, and how strange, in many ways, the human essence of the main heroine of this grave, not a particularly entertaining British detective television series (in Runet yet is laid out 3 season 4 series, each lasting almost an hour and a half; here it is stated that season 5) "Faith."

So here's a little something about that Faith itself, or rather, the senior inspector of the criminal police of the UK's largest region of Vera Stanhope. Please check it is incomplete (add yourself!) file. She seems to long for 45 because the "berry again" it is not call, though it is full of charm (men in age, confirm as and me!). Unmarried ("married to work"), but colleagues and subordinates refer to her as "mA'am", and not "miss" (this is hell, not miss Marple!). On some sites to the synopses of the series she is considered a bitch, and deeply mistaken: it just a true fan of your police work, workaholic, and if there was a new urgent investigation itself works without busy subordinates requires the same. Not everything is like; "weak links" go out of its many commands, and remaining, sometimes gritting his teeth, you know she was right and put on the visor of his tightly knit, strong and energetic bossy in a wide cloak and with the eternally messy hair (and what you want a lonely woman living on the outskirts of the old cottage of her late father, among made of stuffed birds...). But that it is especially interesting and downright rushes in eyes: all type of Faith, in the execution, alas, is not known to me (or not previously memorable) actress Brands Bletin well so like dear... in the whole world (in your country) German Chancellor Angela Merkel!!! And "it's "W"- no accident!", as said Winnie-the-Pooh in our favorite cartoon. Give to cut off the nail with his right-hand little finger that the creators of the series "Merkel had in mind"!

Continue file. Our (superficially) "Virago"- on not really so and the "battle"... She we still, "woman", and sometimes "girl". Have her, and all, my youth was "love". But personal life has not have developed... Here is because our Faith is sometimes "breaks through" in Love (see the title!), however, according to age, more mother. For example, his "right hand", to a detective Sergeant Joe Ashworth (David Leon), or to a "victim", the girl or the girl. Experience of Faith with them - very warm, humane, feminine And... here is Hope, too, of the header... Yes it's a simple Faith, the man is not as stubborn as first, think, believe, and Hopes to find the perpetrators and the victims will be alive and healthy (and how could it be otherwise?). Alas, it wasn't always...

That's all my main files on Faith, and not full. Expect it to recharge (especially after the release of the new series) from my fellow reviewers. And as your information other main characters (Oh, there just not to plow!).

.. . And in the end of my reviews - something about the actual TV series "Faith." He favorably popular in the UK hyperthermal "Midsommers murders" (in Russian- "Midsomer murders"), how would say... "no pop" that Lee not "trafaretnoy" in construct scenarios of the series. Although I will note: there there is the work of the police on a certain British territories (item "parochial", which is developed in "Killing" and almost evident "Faith"). The joint work of several Directors of "Faith" worthy of praise worked in line, because the series looks holistically; although see it "sploshnyakom" online, how did I, an inexperienced viewer is not recommend- "in large numbers" becomes noticeable artistic monotony... it Seems, and some actors of the second plan in some places again... But the series is based and played by actors and are very very interesting. A favorite "Mulk" operators - the transition from "focus" in the"blur" on large medium-sized plans. It plays well with minimal the "seam" installation, but with a long "a regular basis" starting "to get bored"... public sinks to the creators of "Faith" for shot true patriots of great Britain panorama (driveways) and just long (artistically!!!) plans the natural beauty of Albion! So and I want to go there, sit on the green lawn in a deck chair and looking at all this, to surrender to the thoughts of eternal...

... Well and how they say, "for dessert". "New is good forgotten old"! Our Faith is "dissected" in the old father of the British jeep. And what "dissect" the Lieutenant Colombo of the iconic American TV series?- That's right, on the ancient "collection", "Reno"! Tenacious was the idea!

Put "Faith" unofficially 7++ and official

7 out of 10

Tierney Laina
14 November 2014 | 11:24

I liked it. =) Perfect for a relaxing evening)

Faith in the spirit of good British mini-detectives. The duration of an hour and a half, good twist, an original story (not the standard crimes that due to the large selection of detectives a huge plus). To the last minute is options criminals (almost all series).

A series of somewhat formulaic, although the last season, a small passage (only one corpse on the series).

There is a small bias in the behavior of the heroine. And I don't like when she blaming the victims and witnesses. Yes, they can behave badly but the killers are not justify. Too subjective judgment on my opinion.

Well, a huge plus — the atmosphere of a British series. Dark, calm, and architectural. A quiet town on the coast, lots of footage of the sea. Sadness. But in this tedious (as in Scandinavian films). Humor is specific, but for conservatives, that need.

In General, I expect 5. season)


Of 10 10

with a small minus for too subjective accusations.

How long is Vera?
2h 10m
What is the genre of Vera?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Vera?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Brenda Blethyn, Jon Morrison, Riley Jones, David Leon, Kenny Doughty.
What is Vera IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Vera released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-01-11.