One Piece

One Piece

Gol D. Roger — the pirate king has achieved over their life of wealth, fame and power — was hidden somewhere in the vastness of this world the mysterious treasure that everyone called "one piece". After the death of Roger's many brave men rushed in search of the big jackpot. And this was a great age of pirates! That boy named Luffy, who lives in a small coastal village, dreams of becoming a pirate. Even as a child he accidentally ate the devil's fruit "rubber-rubber" and gained incredible abilities. As an adult, he leaves home in pursuit of the greatest treasure!

Seasons: 19
IMDb icon 8.7/10
  • Country: JP
  • Language: Japanese | English
  • Budget: JPY 10,000,000
Celestyna Matthei
28 September 2013 | 12:27

I'm not particularly fastidious spectator, I do not criticize in down the ashes of the movies or TV shows if they me the like, most of all, I find some of the pros viewed creation, the estimate of three safely forget trying to judge objectively and do not scold hurl. Specifically in anime, many titles, strongly criticized for the inherent in their genre cliches dearly loved me, because I Serena you can't take the pathos and slowness, and from Comedy to cut the sometimes silly humor. The stronger was my surprisingly, when I came across acclaimed by critics and fans One Piece even with all the effort found to work with, for what you can praise this anime. And that I do not found postoronnim a hater, I'll try to put all order.

Plot. So as the main advantage of the anime one piece is the plot, then he will start. So, the Pirate King Roger before his death, announced on that has it hidden somewhere, a great treasure and dies feodosiev hundreds of pirates on the quest. The main character — Luffy, cocky and energetic guy, who dreams of becoming king of the Pirates. He finds and eats a Devil Fruit, serving in world at One Piece analogous magic, giving each tasted unique abilities. Luffy gets Rubber magic? the item? force? which, for unknown reasons, not makes it body expected flexibility, but and downright monstrous force that frankly puts in the confusion. In the course of the journey Luffy will gather his own team, a true pirate ship and go to the search for One Piece, simultaneously helping the weak and overcoming villains. So here — the plot is absolutely nothing in against their competitors not stands out as the standard and even stereotyped for Semenov. There are no no unexpected twists, sudden revelations, strong scenario moves, ship by the name of the Big score floats in well known and the predictable waves of its genre, nothing original offering. At this year is not can he delighted, describing how they were impressed by the story that nothing better plot the same Naruto or Bleach. I don't think the story is disgusting, I think it to the most ordinary, but acceptable, though, and extremely overrated by the audience. Went on.


Panache this anime is disgusting, and there is not even have to be an expert to see that One Piece stuck somewhere in 85-90gg, great reminding of Dragon Ball, kojima mangaka Saga of the pirates vengeance and inspired. Have something like the obsolete panache and may cause nostalgic feelings, but I personally I think such as the scale and popular Serena unacceptable. Even in the last series, where panache supposedly improved, no significant changes are noticeable. Van IPR receives a fair and solid "f" for drawing.

Design and style

Continuing the theme of visual design, not go designs of the characters and surrounding entourage. Character design "freaky" in the worst sense of the word — all the anime are from the strength of a few characters that look like human beings, but not as a radioactive mutants. Sanji with disproportionately long and thin hands Slender legs, Belous, one arm of which size with only Luffy skeleton with an Afro, a local beauty with huge Breasts, slim legs and match waists, which in some incomprehensible way are breaking in half under the weight is equally impressive at all the female characters Breasts. About the other characters do not say anything — wild imagination artist breaks the pattern, denying any desire to empathize with uncouth-looking characters, and mind spinning only one word: "Too". Maybe someone similar and like it, but specifically I only caused disgust.

With regards to the van IPRs — a pirate style seems interesting and original just for the novelty, then the endless ships and Islands hard stale and only cause irritation and yawn.

Fighting statement

In terms of what I have to say I do not understand how you can praise One Piece. Well, Yes, ambitious, Yes, a lot of participants, but in the end all always turn into a trivial dump, reminding is that of bloody battles fans of rival football clubs. Statisticians sniffing, grunting, trying, creating a global, but sad background, while the main characters in semenovskoy tradition of fighting super-techniques. Themselves prima no admiration not cause, have mentioned Luffy just crushes all what he sees is not clear why rubber became such powerful limbs, Sanji gets up breakdancing and"mills" legs, Zoro appears in not the way of the samurai, fighting three Katanas, one of which holds in must have titanium teeth. It looks inflated, pretentious and inappropriate sorry.


The voice acting is nothing special in itself is not is, music consists of an indistinct signature Japanese songs, which do not mesh not encouraging.


Despite all of the above, One Piece gets the whole 1 10, for its incredible popularity, longevity and what is the cause of such a worthy senena as Fairy Tail.

the opinion of the author this review may not match your opinion that the author of the review finds the perfect.

Gigi Brandais
11 July 2013 | 03:02

Start with that One Piece I met with the 2009 year (and now I regret that not fond of them before). Well, more precisely, how met — about him buzzed all the ears of the guy my friend. On the time I not particularly fond of anime, and hear about some rubber boys, a strange Devil fruit and etc. which uninteresting. But for some reason, to me, against my will, ran into memory of the description of the first appearance of Luffy and appearance Us. I then very well remember that she's a redhead, and he came out of barrel. In General, the conversation on this is over.

In the summer of 2010, I stayed at home because practice was boring. Wanted to start watching Naruto after the first, with work viewed the end of a series of ten realized that on me it is not interested. And then I remember that long promised to see a van NUC...

It was something. The first episode lured me almost not head. First, though I was warned that panache there is initially everybody, I everything turned out to be one of these fans. Because the stylization of the characters won me over immediately) And all so bright, rich, colourful...

In General, the practice has been safely abandoned, and somewhere in four or five days, I straight sleep (almost) watched the first 150 series. Go to village the end of the summer, of course, took a laptop with the rest of the episodes. In the result she fell in love, and neighborhood punks hoisted)

Summer 2010 was my best thanks to van Sau. We with the punks when he went to bathe, took on the roles of characters and arranged fights (when I was 17 years), watched the clips. Speaking of videos — I bogotvor the person who created Sail On. It is this summer, sea and wind-yummy, that just WOW!

One Piece — this long lasting, powerful, rainbow swirl, in which everyone will be able to grab a piece of something of your own, everyone will find a favorite character, everyone will take in their hearts a piece of this pirate world. VP impossible to hate — will not work. If anyone is and says he just had heard from other a terrible story and so on, if not seeing a single series. Most likely it happens, personally for me.

In this anime there is no one of the main character — as many as nine. But if you dig deeper, the main ones are all, each in their own way, but on the same level with the others. Ode to Eiichiro knows how to distribute roles + no one of characters EP is not like the other. They all the individual.

Another is to notice the lack of love lines. More precisely, there is one, but fortunately, one-sided, and absolutely not spoils the atmosphere. Here romance — sea, nakama, adventures, and strong, unbreakable friendship. And may it such left to the end. Although, is it will?)

Write I can a lot. But here is a brief describe of the most reckless members of the team in your understanding, and take my leave.

Captain — Monkey Di Luffy. The guy who has eaten a Devil fruit and became a rubber man. But is not the most important and memorable. He always smiling. Always. Even when he is threatened with death. The fun, levity and curiosity — it is the main component. However, naive fool turns into a bold a devastating opponent if danger threatens his friends. Likes: meat, and generally to eat. Able to transform almost any enemy in the other, values his straw hat and has a large amount of your head. Swordsman/first mate — Roronoa Zoro. A former hunter pirates, a brutal killer in the past. Fights with three swords, holding the third in his teeth. Always serious, with murderous look, selenology, a lover of drink-to sleep-to get lost in any place and at any time. However, really is a young man with a good heart, which, alas, OTO everyone tries to hide. Oh yeah, it just love children. Zoro is my favorite character, but to describe the reasons I not enough space. Navigator/co-driver — Us. That the red beast, the appearance of which I so well remembered. A Pro thief with elegant figure, mad love to Mandarin the money the latter ready to kill, resurrect and again to kill. Has the talent for drawing maps very well to predict the weather. Flirty, uninhibited, sometimes bitchy, often bludgeons the male part of the team for the stupidity that they do. Sniper/gunner — Usopp. Long-nosed guy with dark skin and black curls. A terrible liar, and he often I believe, but only those who are close to him sign. Cowardly, often prefers to sit on the ship instead of exploring another island, but there it is catch up with failures. Very attached to ship to which the team travels. Has a brave alter-ego, marksman and a good carpenter. Builds the most hilarious faces. Kok/chef — Sanji Blackfoot. Leggy blond with bangs on one eye, and blue eyes, Golden hands and curled brows (which was nicknamed "the Loop" by Zoro). Good cook, a master in his field. Fights only with their feet, hands in battle cleans pockets consider for Coca to damage them — shame. Hard-core smoker. A true don Juan, obsessed with a pretty girl with their form is starting to build unseemly faces, to radiate unconditional love, devotion, obedience and spewing hearts large batches. Doctor — Tony Tony Chopper. Reindeer with a blue nose. Small anthropomorphic this little twisted thing with a thin voice, good doctor. Can turn into a normal deer, with "the snow man" and Copperhill. Knows how to talk, very shy, when his praise — in response starts to swear. A fan of sweet, the youngest in the team, very naive and whiny. Archaeologist — Nico Robin. Dark brunette with mysterious eyes and slightly dark sense of humor. In the past, stayed at many pirate gangs, seen a lot, therefore, no one trusts. Not yet there was something that she joined the team of straw hat. Is able to decipher ancient writings, interested in the history of the world. Always calm and smiling, as a Mature woman, only never falls into a panic. Carpenter — Frankie. Hilarious dude is a cyborg running around in his bathing trunks and a Hawaiian shirt. Has his hair, as Jim Carrey, only blue. In the stomach has built itself a refrigerator in which to store it fuel — Coca-Cola. A pervert and proud of it. Musician — brook. Skeleton. Animated skeleton with an Afro. Plays fine any instrument, especially the violin. Making jokes about his body. Despite polite speech and habit, as a typical Englishman drinking tea with perverted manners — constantly asks girls to show him to their underwear for that usually ogrebaet.

Of 10 10

Pleasant sailing!

Ezmeralda Salli
08 November 2008 | 11:40

Really. The series is 9 years and manga more, but still then, the Spirit of Piracy with him. It was like this. Once in 2007 I wanted to pass the evening. Pass.. yeah.. for six months. Baby, kind of fact, but with a serious rod inside, with a good sense of humor, the series lured with your head. Stepping on a few steps after a few series, I got into Internet and asked the show. indeed, THIS series is not shared by categories — like this for girls, it is for for Teens etc. No. One Piece — it's introduction anime. Fur, then the Gundams, Samurai, Kenshin means or Dziuba, jazz, then Cowboy Bebop. Well and order.

ODA Eichiro, awesome person. It is not only takes the series, the same mangaka One Piece. There is a manga, similar to one other details are sketched but without ideas, there is the storm of passions and actions, but the picture leaves much to be desired. But HERE IS ONE PIECE. OP-is available to still and each figure of the Odes it has dozens of details, an unforgettable style, excellent clarity (just sometimes in the Mang sit and look. do not understand that drawn?! and the story is not not letting go for a second.

Whoever has achieved everything in this world, the Pirate King, gold Roger. Its last words before his execution sent people to the sea: "My treasures? If they need you, I give it. Look, I left it all out there!" People were led, and thus began the ERA of PIRACY.

Monkey. D. Luffy — call it the main character's language is not turns, but he's character of the series. Bright, VERY funny (the experts series to still stutter of his songs on Skype), strong, but not a serious PIRATE. Twenty years after the execution of gold Roger, he takes a small boat and begins to make of the KING of the PIRATES. About the "why?" and"how?" WATCH A TV SHOW.

Gradually to join Luffy and other colorful characters. Each character is a template trimmed in half.

Roronoa Zoro — a typical samurai. And that no. ODA made all unique. Have Zoro not one sword, and not even two and THREE! Try to find more anime or film the samurai with three Katanas. He loves to sleep. Yeah and sleeps quite deeply, because in the series, he or wakes up from that the house near which slept collapsed or rocks a piece of the head will fall. And yet Zoro's green hair, for his name is Marimo (head-grass).

Now in team Luffy 9 people(to be honest 6 people + reindeer + cyborg + corpse). And any resemblance between them (I bow before the fantasy Odes).

Would tell for a long time, but while you spend reading this article, you could have to spend on the viewing of the series. WATCH the SERIES, AND THEN READ the MANGA.

How long is One Piece?
How much did it cost to make One Piece?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least JPY 10,000,000.
What is the genre of One Piece?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Animation.
Who starred in One Piece?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mayumi Tanaka, Tony Beck, Laurent Vernin, Akemi Okamura, Kazuya Nakai.
What is One Piece IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.7.
When was One Piece released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2004-09-18.