Torrie Chow
13 October 2015 | 09:11

If you not satisfied with their lives and think you have to for this reason, this series that you need. He will make you from whining and complaints fate.

When you started here it was hard for you?
- I thought you deserve medals, just not sleep at the nights, passing many miles on your bike, always on the run call interrupting dinner, but then I realized don't deserve any medals, they need to reward mothers who give birth to a child for others, surviving in terrible conditions. They true heroine, and I only help.

There will always be those who in any environment will find a reason to regret it myself. But whether we belong to them?..

You will see how brightens the face of one of crushed by life patients, when in response her question: "You probably think all local women are Sluts?", the young midwife said, "No, I think you all heroines!".

You will learn how much you can love, don't matter many lived together years, as you can understand each other, not knowing the language, as, being burdened with a large family, living in poverty and toil, you can remain cheerful and happy. You learn how great may be the human heart, when they see that parents care for their twenty-fifth child as if it were their first born.

You will understand that not poor who lives need, the one who never loved. So the girls are accustomed to the beatings, the whole life spent under the threat of hunger and disease, be on the street or in the brothel and almost still children, have children, which they then take away, breaking the most of the heart.

You will feel the sorrow of the lonely old man, all of a forgotten war hero, which made it invalid. Another war took his beloved wife and two sons, but not able to take fortitude and optimism. He courageously meets adversity of fate and experiencing her gratitude for the most insignificant matter.

You will learn how courage and generosity have men, who first became a father in old age, chose not to notice that the child born dark-skinned. And the risk of becoming the laughingstock of the entire district took the baby and his mother, not asking any questions, so that others nor dare to ask you something.

Oh, I much more can say but the creators of the series made it better than me. Just turn and look. It would seem that the ordinary history, which are many, but these especially cling to live the truthfulness of the performance.

And remember all not fancy, decided to soften you, writers. The series is based on the memoirs of a midwife working in the East end, one of the poorest quarters of London. Each of the described meetings taught her something, and a lot about forced to think of me. Rare series without tears, none passed unnoticed.

"In love you must be brave, right? Did know in advance that sooner or later, your heart will be broken."

"I don't understand how much mother loves me until I became a mother. At this love is only one way, forward. It can be understood only when you will experience when you have too late to change something. Now I understand the saying that love is evil. She always hurts. Always. But we continue to love. We not stop. I wonder why?.."

Ingaborg Urbani
31 January 2018 | 11:30

This British series is so permeated with love, that love, and not passion, lust, welfare or status (many are now concerned about the status of happiness, but not by happiness) that very strange. On the background of other TV series he can seem pale: no special effects, superpowers, artsy gladulich models, action scenes, professional fights, or material dilemmas (although the latter does happen), religious ecstasy, a quick change of events or horror, accompanied by special music. There anything would like sometimes it seems to make it popular.

However, it is popular. So much so that we already hooked on his leisurely stories about the everyday life of nuns and sisters-midwives, waiting for each new series as a small miracle.

Already 7th season, this a leisurely Saga of people, lives and children gaining new new hearts. Because this show is not lying. Not tells the tale. Not compares ordinary life with movie kaleidoscope.

He — the essence of life. About love. About the birth of life, which would strange then become.

P. C. know, like this series is everything but just look at a couple of episodes and you'll understand why this nepotistically the story is tighten makes you empathize with each character.

Florencia Hodge
18 June 2013 | 01:46

Tacitly taboo for public discussion of the theme of childbirth as if specially made in the name, in order to scare off a particularly bashful contingent. Well nothing, the series, as usual, the story is not about than thought. No, the placenta and umbilical cord in the presence, however, the biological details are only a backdrop for the original sketches of the blessed matriarchy: let the men revel in their ostentatious superiority, physical strength and the ability to feed their families; women are flirtatious, laughing with lace handkerchiefs, skillfully perform the role of a gray cardinal life, like the ancient moir weaving in the canvas of life all the new thread. Here is not roll their eyes at the pathetic advice, but it is the simplicity of words used and achieved the desired effect of a reinterpretation of the miracle of a new destiny in this world. VoiceOver unemotional voice of Vanessa Redgrave sums up every episode of unsophisticated morality, the adoption of which, the however, given the heroes with varying degrees of ease. Simple stories take on special importance, becoming a milestone in the lives of the characters — it was difficult to expect any innovations from BBC, definitely pursuing their campaign objectives, launching an adaptation of the memoirs of nurse Jennifer Wharf. With birth in the British Isles have something to do.

Anthology of human pleasures and sorrows, "Call the midwife" has a tendency to focus on the problems solely obstetric team, and there, on the second, eight women, each of whom is in love — in a childhood friend who in God, who in my calling, and who just in itself — that invariably leads to the series tried not very melodramatic cliches. In apart from their gentle callings by which they live one life heroines find themselves on surprisingly common, naked without a charming flair meek willingness to help anyone who will need them (after all, we in the series is not always goes directly on childbirth). So, "just friendship" is not one same in the face of daily routine and the need to give preference to medical debt feelings. These London storks fifties represented a kind of prism, refracting them themselves, the city and its inhabitants, virtue, sin, and all those nice and not very detail, from which is human existence. Love those seeking help in yourself and not yourself in them — here is the Golden section of this story that leave you feeling optimistic appeasement of the first crying child.

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What is the genre of Call the Midwife?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in Call the Midwife?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Vanessa Redgrave, Jenny Agutter, Laura Main, Judy Parfitt, Stephen McGann.
What is Call the Midwife IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.4.
When was Call the Midwife released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-02-14.