Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Our time (1993 year). During the next landing on the moon the astronauts find a strange Land metal barrel, and accidentally open it. In fact, the barrel was a magical dungeon. So after 10,000 years of imprisonment is released evil and powerful sorceress, Rita Repulse (Rita Disgusting). She immediately erects itself in the moon Palace, creates an army of hideous Patrols, and decides to take over Earth. In so doing, it helps her assistants are stupid Squatt and Woman, the evil Goldar, and the old scientist-MAG Finster.

Seasons: 25
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: JP, US
  • Language: English
Judi Joycelin
23 June 2009 | 12:42

How much of memories, piles on me with this series... I don't know about kids today (I somehow think that in our time is not look), but I still when I was in Junior high, and all the kids my age simply dragged from the  power Rangers. Yes, Yes, that's exactly what they all called, none I know what about the Morph.

What in this series could have to attract? Yes everything is simply elementary. Judge: the plot is very interesting for child's age (such a struggle between good and evil is very attracted to children); special effects then were not very developed, even though that the "Mighty Rangers" them it was even less, but the show took young audiences not effects, and a mixture of team battle different exciting martial arts; and, finally, just children's fantasy, in many respects thanks to the TV series, created in each children's mind the illusion that each we like a small Ranger, which still need to grow and gain strength for the final battle. And, of course, that the illusion is in many ways very much helped to brighten up the children's carefree leisure and brought a lot of pleasure to thousands of kids.

Of the cast only now to mention a few of the actors. Then it just not possible. Jason David Frank in the series was probably universal for fans of the series. And if different characters each chooses, then this guy was loved by all that in a green suit that in white. It should be noted that after the appearance of "white tiger" series have risen significantly in the rankings, at least among kids. David Yost played smart, and perhaps the most resourceful among Rangers. Not can tell whether he played, but importantly, his character was liked by the audience. So you can also select and other characters, but something I already have forgotten. So many years have passed...

The soundtrack is a very robust design, at least young population of the country very powerful. The music here creates the dynamics and atmosphere of various situations in which our heroes fall.

In conclusion, I would say that shows such as "Power Rangers" are in memory for a very long time, the more so, if this memory goes from childhood. All of my generation will agree with me. I sure.

Of course

of 10 10

PS Show "Mighty Rangers" your child. I sure he'll love it.

Jesse Swinton
05 September 2017 | 11:52

How much time passed since I watched the 1st season of "power Rangers"... So I decided to plunge in the nostalgia. It was very interesting to watch how ordinary 18-year-olds transform into characters with super powers; repeatedly come into fight monsters; periodically manage their Zordani, and then unite and turns out Megazord. Now that you can hardly surprise modern audience, so as the atmosphere of the 90s obsolete. But despite negative items, the show is so fantastic and not that even then there continue. In addition, were lifted even full-length films, one of which has an independent storyline, the second is the link between the seasons and the third in General was a restart of the franchise. It is impossible not to note the performance of the actors, which I fell in love with. I especially want to pay attention to the actor Austin St. John, the performance of the red Ranger (Jason). He has mastered karate as in the role of, so and life, perfectly embodied the character that had the function of a leader. No wonder it was invited to appear in subsequent seasons of the show about the brave. And would be very nice to see again on the screens.

I also want to say and about the soundtrack, written by composer Ron Wasserman. From the number of memorable songs I highlight: "Go, Go, Power Rangers", "Zords" "Go, Green Ranger". When you listen to such music, then you think that you're, like, Ranger or Megazord and begin to feel within himself a real hero. I must say that these three songs literal sense the anthem. One about the Rangers, the second about Sorrow / Megazord, and the third about the Green Ranger.

Approaching the end, I want to note that "power Rangers" will forever remain in my memory. Not having value as passed or years will pass, still this show is relevant. From my great gratitude to the creators for that the incredible story of characters in suits with their Zordani. For actors their implementation, in music film. Waiting look on the basis of the 1st season.

10 of 10

Terra Whittemore
20 January 2013 | 02:46

When I got up at 7 am going to the school turned on the TV where here was supposed to start my favorite power Rangers. Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink and then Green White (Rangers of course) was excited by my children's imagination. Each episode seemed like something new was always a new villain, cobbled together by Rita (this is the evil aunt, the chief enemy of the Rangers).

The fight seemed to be better than in the films of Jackie Chan and so how I only come to school had tried to them to tell in school. Someone is also looked at, and someone just wanted promised to see tomorrow. And as it is strange we built my team, which, of course, I tried to be white or red Ranger and began to play. How have already do not remember, but it was perfect. Memories of them I have to still and accidentally stumbled on them on this website I tried to find.

And as though I have heard about a few days, I came across them with am, they showed TV. I with nostalgia stared at the screen to tell the truth not much disappointed. Of course, when I haven't know that is the special effects and so on. The fight was funny, and monsters dolls. But one. I moved to the childhood 20 minutes. And this is the most pleasant.

The kids will be very interesting to see them even now, the more than we can say that they continue to be made. Only here now they Samurai... Well, Oh well. I loved the original Rangers, adored as and white Ranger on behalf of Tommy and imitated him. And I'm glad re-watched them and returned in the past.

ay Yai yay!-alpha

How long is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
What is the genre of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Family.
Who starred in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Richard Steven Horvitz, David Yost, Ed Neil, David J. Fielding, Paul Schrier.
What is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1993-08-28.