Comedy-educational program in the form of a game where is valued not so much the mind or encyclopedic knowledge, how many wit and ability to improvise. Along with the correct answers count towards it.

Seasons: 15 16 17 18
IMDb icon 8.6/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English
Kial Golda
17 April 2015 | 11:26

If you like I decided to see what else does Stephen fry or just looking for a good true English series and went to page Quite Interesting — trust the truth is a lot of interesting ahead.

The blue whale is stunning, Alan Davies, is completely incomprehensible scoring(which is not give in to any logic), quite a large number of local jokes about the difference between the Scots/irlandzki/welcome/welcame/ve - okobilanzen/cats/England/British and others.

QI — this current show, which continues from the 2003 to still, each season corresponds to another letter(from A to J). Stephen fry acts as a master, he nice jokes, puts guests in a dead end, mocks Alan("scapegoat" — regular guest on the program), hesitate to jokes gays as a whole represents, as usually, a sample of English spirit.

QI interesting combination of galaxy of star guests, incredible comedians, sincere humor and a huge number of interesting facts. The creators of the show I would like to Express only words of gratitude — looks very lively, interesting, also gives bonus for the practice of English. In a month after the beginning of the movie, I constantly poured forth facts, which I learned the process of viewing.

In General, if you still thinking whether to watch or not to watch — of course, to watch!

Rosalia Cirilo
29 September 2014 | 08:22

Throughout life our heads are clogged with lot of educational facts about the surrounding the world is not dependent of what profession we have chosen. And that the funny thing is, we firmly believe that most of these facts is true. Well, at least until the moment, while not included a curious transmission...

Once the producer and writer John Lloyd has already been several decades participating in the creation of popular Comedy series and TV show, came in a brilliant idea to make not just an intellectual show, telling interesting facts about all the light, but has an excellent sense of humor, allowing under different angle to look at even on the most boring on the face of facts. Although about boredom when watching "QI" does not worry, as a team of writers and participants doing everything to remind the audience how wonderful it is to replenish their body of knowledge and to exercise your brain and so fun and entertaining way.

" Not there is no such animal as the Panther. It is a Greek word, denoting any living creature.

Something mean I — Cougar? I quite happy with that fact."

To appoint leading Stephen fry was very virusnym course, because its charisma, intelligence, sense of humor and a unique combination only great for that is possible to love the British, but it also the talent to return the order in the Studio, when participants puts far from themes set the mood for the entire show. The company he is constantly adorable Alan Davies. You hardly hear about him before, but is to look at some issues and it becomes an integral part of one of a favorite of the participants. Without it would so boring! And their game fry in "naughty losers, and teachers" has become a great base for this Comedy-intellectual show.

" What you can make with an ultrasound rectal probe, a light-emitting tube, motorcycle helmet, protective clothes, huge pots of vaseline and cars?

Oh, I can make you the happiest man on the world."

Bill Bailey, Sean Locke, Joe Brand, Jimmy Carr, Rob Brydon, David Mitchell, Phil Jupitus, rich Hall, Jeremy Clarkson, Dara O Brian, sue Perkins, Ross noble, johnny Vegas and... is not of witty, funny and sarcastic guests appearing on the show. They can not to know all the right answers, but with them. bored. The main fact to be interesting. Some of them liked to some had to get used a little longer, but the creators of "QI" are always trying to invite a captivating personality with a great sense of humor.

By the way, the humor here is of all types as and reserved British, so located on face, sometimes challenge her (in the numbers are sound and an ambiguous phrase, of course, is seen in the vulgar sense, but what you were waiting for the participants of the series are four men-comedians?). So that should be ready for everything. Here so much faster than in a single season, become an expert on the apt detection and the use of euphemisms. But thanks to the good-natured atmosphere and the ability of comedians to get out of any situation, jokes complement the show, becoming its mandatory look forward to part. Especially if to treat the irony.

The format of the show simple is clear, but such things as funny signals to the participants, unexpected props or this is a completely unpredictable points system (here you and intrigue and unexpected outcome), add a highlight of each series. Here only, even though the show is very popular in UK for eleven (and some countries have launched their local versions of "QI"), in Russian-speaking countries on heard of a few, and less they look. The main reason is that find translation or with subtitles can not all seasons, so it's best to look into the original. With the other hand, is a great reason to learn English, because many of the remarks and jokes of the participants in a stunning play on words, often lost in the translation. But let a "language barrier" is not stop your curiosity, because this program — a real British treasure.

" If ignorance is bliss, then why the world no more happy people?"

We know that almost nothing know. And after watching "QI" comes the understanding that still many of in what we so sure, not is true, yeah and a large part of our present state of knowledge, later years will become obsolete and will cease to be true. But is not means it is useless, on the contrary, is never stop to continue to learn something new, to develop, to broaden their horizons, to know better understand the amazing diverse world in which we all live.

Leigha Jarvis
23 August 2014 | 08:28

...This is one of the best of British gear.

Cocktail in General is simple: three on the majority of comedians, one permanent member little giving most people the name is Alan Davies, who constantly don't get the simplicity of his heart, and extremely clever Stephen fry in as the lead. The host asks a tricky, and sometimes strange, but funny questions, the participants give a strange, funny, but most incorrect answers. The goal is not to answer correctly (although would be nice), and reply funny, even answers and sometimes the limits.

Paradoxical, blasting you the brain, the answers are present in extremely high concentrations, jokes, sometimes below the belt, not cause how strange, no disgust. And interesting facts knowledge will increase your IQ. In this program, you learn that the Earth is not a one Moon, and the largest creature on earth does not the blue whale.

P. S. the Transfer is not recommended to watch religious people, homophobes, conservatives, Yes. all the anyone missing the irony — have the rule no. nothing is sacred.

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alan Davies, Stephen Fry,
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At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2003-09-11.