The plot revolves around the famous author and Illustrator of children's literature Olivia lake, and two men who will soon play an important role in her life.

Seasons: 1
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Kerrin Lynde
02 February 2018 | 07:31

The series "Mosaics" made its first appearance in November 2017 in the revolutionary all standards of presentation and was presented in an interactive mobile application where viewer to choose from whose face to behold all events. But it is not all the viewer so could make decisions in the ribbon, choosing one or the other storyline on your device and from a particular algorithm choice, dependent, and the very denouement of the epic. The creators thought why computer games can affect the plot of the narrative, and the series and can not be decided to radically rethink the concept of the "rail" of the narrative. As the Director said this film Steven Soderbergh: "This is an example of a branched narrative. They have always existed, but now new technologies allow us to do this form of presentation is much more refined. We spent a lot of time to give the viewer the opportunity to really touch the story." When in the Director's chair he sits Soderberg, and responsible for the creation of HBO, the picture is just not can not to please the viewer. In January 2018 was released a fullscreen version of the mobile Thriller-a detective, but this time without the ability to participate in this play of greed, lies and intrigue. And now let's look at what happened,

As not often, the story begins with the end, not gift is the tagline of the series says: "the Beginning of its history — this is the end of her life." Cold Olivia lake (incredible and the legendary Sharon stone, even in this series is more like Robin Wright of"house of cards") are in one rooms all suspicion in the murder immediately fall for young man name Joel Harley (Garret Hedlund), who directly worked and lived in a small house beside Queen's "children's dreams". Then the events are transferred to four years ago, where in a prominent reception Olivia meets with cute and adorable bartender Coelom, which is part-time is an artist. Noticed the good makings of illustrations of a young man, and his corny face lake offers to take talent under his wing in order to teach the craft and help start a career Illustrator. In parallel with all this, close to Olivia's estate is home to Michael O'connor, who because of certain circumstances laid eyes on land which is home to a successful Illustrator. Having tried all the attempts to buy the estate in a legal way, Michael resorted to the cunning plan of fraud and hire a professional seducer and conqueror of women's hearts Eric Neill (Fred Weller), who, after the deception ladies were to get her to sell the place. To find out who on really responsible for the murder of Olivia lake, we have for 6 episodes, it is a pity that this time without our direct involvement.

Good atmosphere, great actors and their performance, good camera work (though some episodes shooting with trembling hands for special effects is questionable), cvetko chosen in such a way that even through the screen, feel the snowy cold of the mountains, all the above well describes the painting as a worthy work, and most importantly, there is an original idea of interactive storytelling and extremely ambiguous narrative storytelling, which is not give you immediately answer the question: "Who killed Olivia lake". Expect nothing less and shouldn't when the shoulders of the production of such industry giants. Perhaps the only drawback, according to menusub personal opinion, is the fact that the heroine Sharon stone is very susceptible and trusting against men. How can easy to trust the person who knows just a few days, with given the fact that the young man extremely well versed in against various kinds of corrupt schemes of realtors, Yes, even immediately after showing overt sympathy for the hero of Garreta Hedlund is a clear mistake in the script.

The series I can advise to all fans of classic thrillers and detectives, and as those who always looking for something new and tired stamped copies of the faceless series, a for those ready to enjoy itself the fruit of innovative solutions in such a stagnant industry (all suggest to download the application). And importantly, view forget to choose your "favorite killer" and we'll see whether it to the finish line as the winner in this complicated race relations.

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Aryn Siobhan
12 April 2018 | 12:15

It's hard to find someone who would breathe steady to work of Soderbergh than I am. In the early 90s, one of the main hopes of independent cinema, then the author of the rollicking places stylish and very popular films, is now an apologist for a technological revolution in the movie body of the industry. Keeps the nose in the wind, always in the center of the most fashionable and relevant. Like nothing wrong with that. Overgrown with moss can not. However, there is in that it is opportunistic. In other words I think of Mr. Soderbergh's rather smart and"sensitive" producer than a Director. Even in his statement that he finally goes on television, betrays a rather sober calculation. He all is one, where to create. Now began an era and may have and it ends the series and products, here he here. The whole life now fits in a smartphone all the application here again the indefatigable Stephen. Shoot videos (movies) on the iPhone, it that is here. He — producer, Director, cinematographer, editor, screenwriter, actor, composer. Word: Shvets, and the Reaper, and on dude igrets. Not many this all know to be able to. He cope. The truth is, this sparks creativity or thanks to modern technology? The answer is obvious. Really give him a tribute, Soderbergh is not hide. For him art and the results of technical progress, in fact, things are equal and the matching that was partly shown and indicated directly in the Mosaic series.

In fact Mosaic is not intended series. The application was created, only available in North America, which are restricted to opportunities to see and probably consider the story of a murder with different angles, from persons of any characters. When it is possible to choose the hero, to study the documents of the investigation, to return to any point in the narrative. Game interactive investigator. The idea is of course not new. Remember the tighter publicized Swedish franchise Murder. Soderbergh also took the idea and stuffed it a multitude of technical capabilities, making an explosive mixture of video and games. We got a cool interactive product. Well that all the smartphone is now you can certainly not out.

The less HBO losing their positions under pressure from NETFLIX, persuaded the Director to mount a series for "retarded" viewers. You can see the Director's nostalgia for the old cases, for all agreed.

It turned out the product is different. Saved, perhaps, only an interactive narrative style and advanced camera work. In the rest is quite an interesting detective story with multiple scenarios and close to the suspects. Nice. Interesting.

Heroes. The choice of the main character — children's writer Olivia lake, was predefined. Old, but still aggressively sexual (I'm afraid only on first glance), Sharon stone. Only her and was considered for the role. At first I thought perhaps you had to take another actress. The actress, whose demonstration of the emotional side heroines, would be more subtle and less demonstrative. In short, not a poseur like stone. No. Only stone and fit. Needed the character looks successful but completely helpless inside. Pretty on the outside, but in the depths of old maid. Hence the hysteria, and the caricature heroine. It plays life smart talented writer, but it is not is. Rather soon she thinks is not. How many examples of interesting, worthy of all people who don't get this, we know. They are victims worthless characters who like dogs can sense this weakness. Olivia lake is simply pathetic. So it should be. She the victim. The rest of the cast coped with their heroes too well. I note Jennifer Ferrin, actress informed me unknown. She performs the role of the engine of the plot and investigation. There are in it some sort of a frightening magic major plans. Hypnotic beauty. She is suddenly a kind of alter ego the Director himself. Loves art, but sees it is technical perfection.

There is however one "but". Almost all characters to the end is not revealed. Their line hang. We seem to see their dreams themselves. Some of them literally look at yourself side. The finals of each of the stories we are unknown. Actually as unknown the finale of the whole series.

Picture. All gimmicks applied. And unusual dim light, and the effect of a hidden camera, and out-of-focus shots, and very large plans. At this interactive effect paramazian with the usual filming. Sometimes it works, sometimes inappropriate. All that I didn't hurt, although I felt the desire of the Director or operator us Wake surprise.

Result. Good, a product. Technical. The however, remember the phrase heroine N. Mordyukova "you're a good man, but not an eagle". So here. So in all the work of Soderbergh. True, fashionable, not stupid, but not a breakthrough. No insides, of revelation. Can certainly true it is just a "pioneer" in new areas of art as he said. I think otherwise. To quote, albeit not exactly Wilde: "There is nothing more dangerous than to be fashionable. All fashion comes out of fashion". Soderbergh has become hostage to this eternal race. Maybe it would be better sometimes just to stop and say something "by itself".

Avrit Wickham
16 February 2018 | 12:15

"Mosaic" was originally created as an interactive application for your a viewer can follow the development of plot with several points of view from persons of different characters, finding different keys, to roll back and fully immerse yourself in occurring. But then Steven Soderbergh decided to make the usual linear version for TV. So it turned out six-part mini-series. The Russian audience of an interactive application not available and appreciate all the delights of the new format there is possible (although similar attempts to create a movie where the audience have the right to choose how the story unfolds or on behalf of observe the events date back to 60 mi).

"Mosaic" — not only the name of the series, but the name of the charitable Foundation, which is headed by children's writer Olivia lake (Sharon stone). Enjoy it is brought a couple of series, then it disappears mysteriously and series existential crime drama turns into a detective.

The first series differ markedly from further, even the narrative style of shooting: too slow tempo shots, the game with color unusual camera work (they are, incidentally, made himself Soderbergh on how and a number of his other works) makes us to watch secretly for life Olivia lake and surrounding men. In further Soderbergh is experimenting less with form of storytelling (similar, by the way, talking and some of the characters of the series), but still is clearly visible that the technique for it is more important than the essence. Perhaps this wine not only the Director, but and the screenwriter (ed Solomon). In fact, well playing actors, and in principle, a good disclosure of their characters characters, them managed to build strong detective Thriller.

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How long is Mosaic?
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in Mosaic?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Devin Ratray, Maya Kazan, James Ransone, Paul Reubens, Frederick Weller.
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At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-11-01.