The Detour

The Detour

The story of a small family with two children, who decided to go on a long journey from home all the way to Florida. The path is difficult, but the heroes always optimistic — they believe in themselves and their way favors them. It seems they are waiting for long road, full of interesting discoveries. However, the trip turns out to be not such a good one! Positive attitude soon gives way to the decadent feelings, because the characters begin to pursue failure... one after another. And rebound from them!

Seasons: 3 4
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Language: English
Stacee Yuria
11 May 2019 | 09:48

No, this seriously?

This is that thing is called a Comedy?!

Look at the first series?

My period came unexpectedly to teenage daughter. Strippers (I soften, not calling a profession now maidens of the Royal blood,) who tell us what, how, where and why this girl. Then still tell parents, lively participation of small (age 9-10) son. The first series, hurry to love, everyone.

The second series will be interesting.

The vagina, the introduction of the penis back and excretion, up and down, the circle — this is a topic of family conversation, this direct quotations from this masterwork. All this parents tell us that the teenage girl of course his small son in the beginning of the series. Comments mechanics, which this time, repairs them the car off the nonsense issued by the parents.

This here is a movie, that such a pancake, eternal youth.

The performance of the actors?

Yeah, they play. You can complain about, well, Yes, let them, not perfect, but bearable. The operator, Director and other involved in this opus so the same did the job fine. I hope you don't think it saves the series?

Tessy Burl
15 January 2017 | 04:35

Perhaps the best Comedy series that I looked the last 2 years. A lot of jokes below the belt, with children can not watch. But a series of short while the kids are asleep, you leaping to laugh, looking at the Parker family.

In this series everything is beautiful! American humor is hard, tough and sometimes blunt, but but it is clear to all. Dad, son, a fool, a cool mom and cute daughter. And another sister of the main character, looking out for a dying cat.

In General, shown any (not just American), the average family, just the traits of the characters are exaggerated and protruding. Places — too much, but otherwise make fun of the peculiarities of the main characters and will not work.

The series need to look people family, this is definitely. Preferably, more and those who have grown children — then all the feature of this series you enjoy dignity. Everyone will see in one of the characters themselves or their family members; have your favorite moment or something very familiar in their own lives. Have us, for example, the story of sleeves the expression "every woman has the right to Europe" or"what is right — that's right!".

A great way to have fun, not going from home — the series is light, funny, unobtrusive. What it is late in the evening to relieve the brain.

Of 9 10

Sacha Gabby
21 April 2016 | 01:42

Degraded boss an unemployed head of the family in a deep panic changes expensive tickets on the plane, to gain some money, adding to the family budget, ridiculous ploys to mollify my wife with children to go to the long-awaited Florida to its not very good car, fearing to himself, and especially the admit that all them the road is paid for only in one way.

The wife with the kids from a sharp shake the earth moves from under the feet and goes round about the head, but not seem to ever since it was a friend, brother with sister, antagonists of sanity, set fire to the fuse, the fire which rise the charges of the explosive humor, covering all the madness carrying the expeditionary campaign in pieces of vulgarity and obscenities, burning bridges and utterly failing brakes, starting, as their broken-down machine, with slides an emergency uncontrolled descent to the foot of sprightly life.

Stepping over the threshold of decency and morality, this TBS Comedy series tests the endurance of his audience, testing their resistance to honesty and immorality of integrity that say doing it is people who do that appears to get rid of consciousness the mind, losing control of a and sinking into the unconsciousness of non-critical logic indulging in vices, stupidity in the mixture of those and other movements that cause at the same time and the horror, and laughter.

In essence, this is another variant of the formula "sex, drugs and rock-n-roll", where rock and roll — stunning idiocy of the provisions and characters that are not will run shame, no conscience, troubles, as usual, not to pass, that, coming one after make another trip to theatre of the absurd and a collection of thirty-three misfortunes, of his and of others too.

You will survive family, slipping on a bumpy road than surprise hyperactive kids in lexically disbanded the habitat of adult individuals, the history of which it would be possible call "Shameless", if this title had not got its the series sets the tone Showtime, where is taken as not so much the ideas as the essence of the mirror philistinism, as without looking at the idealistic standards of morality, violated her with a direct look arrogant insolence of those who the habit of silence, keeping the imaginary joy, as the dad, who is nothing in this life to lose.

How long is The Detour?
What is the genre of The Detour?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
Who starred in The Detour?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jason Jones, Natalie Zea, Ashley Gerasimovich, Liam Carroll, Daniella Pineda.
What is The Detour IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was The Detour released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-04-11.