Black Lightning

Black Lightning

Jefferson pierce is living with a secret. Once he was a superhero Black Lightning. Controlling the lightning, he was saving people and fighting criminals. But later pierce refused the mask. He is now the father of two daughters and Director of the school, which serves as a refuge for troubled Teens. But when in town there is a new dangerous gang, Black Lightning is forced to return to the world.

Seasons: 1 2 3 4
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Vin Maxama
26 January 2018 | 07:40

Recently, the TV series about a super heroes multiply like the rabbits, which left no control in an enclosed space, and frankly, the fruits of Sion activities in the majority characterized the phrase "Well kind of" and the characteristic cry of "Eeeeed" (all known CW). But not all so bad, the background of many secondary content there is worthy as "Gotham" or"Legion", which is not just saying that I'm a superhero, watch me beat the bad guys, and bring some uniqueness in the genre, whether it is excellent distinctive visuals or just evoke a great atmosphere of authenticity of the setting. The market is full of such creations and if you want to succeed, that should have at least some competitive advantage. Generally there is a feeling that the superhero generation series just came to change generation of detectives as "castle", "Mentalist" or"Bones", and Hollywood just carelessly decided to adapt to fashion trends, Yes, and the field of films, things are not better, though that people "Logan" managed to kill this a series of conveyor cliché movies. And now see what type can be attributed to this creature (who I cheat on the poster is already all clear).

The series tells us about the Director of the school in  the black area Ryan Pierce, who was once a superhero in the name "Black lightning" and fought all who dare to break the law, ranging from mafia ending malicious defaulters of penalties for Parking. In order to keep the family together, he decided to depart from Affairs for a while, but there that was daring gangsters-Teens take it in hostages 2 his daughters and comes a moment when you have to resort to its "Alfred", wear a "tactical" suit black zipper twinkling lights that can be seen for a few blocks to pull clear goggles, in which it does not know the patient is sick with Alzheimer's in the last stage and to strike at the gangs. No backstory, not counting the 30 seconds of flashbacks, just like says the chorus of the soundtrack of "Black lightning is back" here but...

Well, atmosphere of this whole just a classic film about a black neighborhood, white characters appear only for a fraction of a second and their only job is to insult the noble black people are, and the spores of the girls are characterized by intense overacting and waving the index finger in front of the face of the opponent. Effects on the level of classic "SIDEBA", from bumps heard the sounds of the 80s, some scenes are just absurd, like standing "Black lightning" on the roof of the hotel is literally in meters from COP you think zero response, probably luminous lights doing their thing. Well and lastly, about the main antagonist, which, when his first appearance created quite a menacing look, until the moment decided to open his mouth, well, but after his voice and gesticulate just want to ornot. Yeah and the soundtrack deserves special mention, even nowhere pop hip-hop not looked not place as here at the change of locations. The series is not that bad, it's just clearly not my format as any CW TV series it will find its customers, although the latter word, as always, remains behind;ratings.

As a result, the series can go only to the most ardent fans of "Arrow", "Flash", "Legends of tomorrow" and similar to which soon will join the series "krypton". All others are advised to be patient before output "Alienista" "a Modified carbon", in order not to waste your time in vain.

4 of 10

Odette Gerome
29 April 2018 | 11:11

Recently wrote about the Black Panther, as one of examples of unsuccessful attempts to combine blaxploitation and super-heroic action. Such attempts were few and the Panther is not the worst option. He is the worst — the series Luke cage. And here I thought that worse this crap — Black Lightning.

I am completely biased with love for a super-heroic theme and hope tried to watch this movie, but the movie was so bad that my view this one of the worst superhero movie ever. In addition to the inherent blaxplotation stereotypical ductility, which is not good super-heroic action (although narovskaya malleability made Batman great, so anything is possible) to Black Lightning has some nasty flow action component, which looks like not an interesting parody. Here is absolutely fresh and secondary plot, without grams of raisins and not charismatic and not interesting characters. Yes, myself character is presented, some unfinished and nepridumannye.

I don't know why it happens to mix these subgenres. Probably Directors too concentrate on the stereotypical gangsta black component, necessarily drawing hackneyed social issue of racial inequality. Super-heroism goes to the second plan, but because all that first, then it starts with some narrative and stylistic chaos and dissonance.

I hope that once kinodely can this, but until it goes all bad.

Seriales not recommend.

Roselle Sparhawk
19 April 2018 | 03:03

Really, accidentally or intentionally, the series was released concurrently with a Marvel tale. DS tried to give otvetochku immediately? Not understand.

Well, the tale of the Wakanda do not will — not because about.

But here in principle, with one side that will snag.

There is really a shown social issues of the black population in the United States. And not deliberately as PC in most cases. Again the main character is wonderful upsets their "advanced" daughter (well on it in order to avoid spoilers don't let) — prove the case.

The hero, if we ignore the superhero motifs, quite a have made a career of the American burgher family-oriented. Convincing. And Williams is a good — played quite a as Elba + charisma.

The appearance Remar — is also very nice. Odinochka to good old films.

On the other hand, family, social issues and a plume of conspiracy merged together in a very very mad frenzy. And a causal relationship is highly energized for the ears.

And the main antagonist is very comical. Obviously copied from the expressions about the white crow. Anyone seen I agree.

And generally seen can be described in one sentence — well, another superhero series. Yes! It all about it can say.

Despite good content, ideas, nothing unusual in this product is not. Although post and blame it did not sure.

A typical representative. PT.

What is the genre of Black Lightning?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Drama.
Who starred in Black Lightning?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III.
What is Black Lightning IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Black Lightning released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-16.