Gwendolen Babbette
16 February 2017 | 01:09

I thought that only Russia and Ukraine removed a terrible series with a primitive script, but no, it turns out, in America can remove even worse.

Children's adventure ends in the little boy's hospital bed. Only after 12 years Holden suddenly comes out of coma to find in his ability, which he puts the real danger.

Let's start with the plot. At first the show I can even watch (15 minutes) then starts utter nonsense, which is veiled under a fantasy. After 12 years the main character comes out with a coma, attention, PUMPED up, right? The main character fell into men hop, in 12 years wakes up and pumped up.

Okay, let's say, it so it was necessary, but then all the story is heading for the skids. Me with work enough for 2 series. Actors are chosen very badly. Not only that, the actor who plays the main character, not handles the role, he not even trying to do so. That they grimace for the camera (because the game, it can not be called) looks so ridiculous that I want to laugh on serious issues.

The dialogues between the characters are boring and again. They are completely devoid of meaning.

Intrigue, which try to keep the writers, as well as the story — no. Special effects and graphics the series leave much to be desired.

I suggest to watch this product.

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Ivory Thorma
19 January 2017 | 05:27

Immediately warn — I only got through three series of this project, so my opinion will be complete. Please understand me and forgive...

The plot — teenager falls into the nasty strange accident and falls in coma. He comes up after 12 years, and it all in order, even no atrophy of the muscles that a lot of surprises doctors. Hero reunites with a loving family, but not for long music played... Already in the first series appear the villains of some secret organization. It turns out that the young man now has supernatural powers and the villains don't wait to use them in their wicked purposes. But of course, you receive a spokeswoman for the good of the secret organization, of course, a pretty girl, so that stamped "intrigue" to begin slowly and not very fun to spin...

Watch the show and think — Oh, I already it is somewhere seen! &Nbsp;however, the novelty in this project 0.00 percent, all the plot moves and the characters sparty of the other films and TV series. And well if a rip-off, in the end art in General little stories. But it still and filmed poorly. Tedious, too long, not effectively. It happens that the case can improve the actors. But unfortunately, here the span. Not only that, their characters stamped and boring, so still talent GD obviously cheated these actors. The guy in the main role in General, tree-tree, not believe it never.

Yes, to be honest, we would have an entire season to see how to know if the writers will continue to be at least one non-trivial twist. But honestly I don't expect to live forever and can't waste their time.

In fairness, the series are also good for killing boredom, if you really really nothing else to do. But we have a much more interesting alternative.

4 10

Enrichetta Mintun
29 January 2017 | 10:56

Recently, I watched TV series "On the other way", a genre which — mystery, fantasy. The plot is simple, boy name Holden Matthews falls into a coma that lasted 12 years. After his "awakening" he finds his superpowers that make him the main target of mysterious people. He will have to remember that occurred years of coma, and also to adapt to adult life.

Start with those values, which I have been able to notice. Intrigue — that in the first place motivated me on watching this series. However, I think the guys went a little overboard with the intricacies of the plot. I also liked the idea of the life of the mind in the coma, this is a phenomenon because of its obscurity conceals in itself many riddles and mysteries, then which side is revealed to the writers of the series who may be of interest to fans of science fiction. It is worth mentioning a really nice soundtrack, good acting(except the main character), I would say that is a spectacular show. Frankly speaking at all advantages over.

For me more disadvantages than advantages, at least they just outweigh.

The first and most fundamental minus, perhaps, the main character. Berkely Duffield, who plays Holden Matthews not have been one emotion, no charisma, he has to his movements were no dynamics in the overall speaking on it is unpleasant to watch, to it is difficult to get used to. He hero revealed, its behavior sometimes it is unclear what causes more questions.

The plot is interesting in the first 2-3 series, but it too slow and quickly becomes bored, gets boring. Great idea, but its implementation is a failure. In the series a lot of excess, without why he's better

Monotonous dialogue between the characters does not bear absolutely any sense, they only a repeat of the series series.

Special interest series in General I do not called. I think the series to view recommend would be did not, however, particular fans of science fiction he can enjoy.

How long is Beyond?
What is the genre of Beyond?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Beyond?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jonathan Whitesell, Burkely Duffield, Michael McGrady, Romy Rosemont, Jeff Pierre.
What is Beyond IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Beyond released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-01-02.