The series tells about the lives and adventures of the cheerful and ever optimistic teenager Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and their friends from Riverdale. The action takes place in the modern world, and the main characters decide to explore hidden from prying side of life a little peaceful town with all its eccentricities and dark secrets hiding behind the festive facade.

Seasons: 2 3 4 5
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Jobie Ellingston
26 February 2019 | 05:25

I'm 17 years and I got the idea to diversify their evening wear films interesting exciting series. Got on YouTube, the selection series for adolescent found this product. After three day, I watched the first season, rated a 4/10 and make recensio.


1. How does show for example all relationships Madhu gg should be the exciting topics of the social group. And from here emerges the first and the main disadvantage of this series that I feel with first series. It is the series for adolescent, and for little girls, which for life images can forgive any sins. Guy bored on the 2nd also series.

2. Acting. I have seen a lot of quality films and therefore I can say that the emotions that the characters give for certain tragic moments-baby krepleniya. The only actor I liked this category is COLE SPROUS. It a telephone conversation with mother his emotions in that moment touched me.

3. This item is not can each viewer of this series, but for me it has been negative. "Clever twists" for me was the most predictable and boring. It was just a couple of moments when I didn't think the ending of the episode.


1. In this picture there is not a few of the pros, but by their nature, they are so small that highlight in separate group of pointless. This series will bring the viewer's morality, he will tell you that such friendship, but the funny thing is that any man to 16-17 years already be familiar with these foundations of morality through education banal parents. So what I liked I decided to refer to plus COLE SPROUS and the method of narration of the author. As I have wrote above, after 2 series you want to stop, so you understand those who made the series, but I personally it was very much fun to follow the story through the novel, which was written the character of "Cormorants". Only this fact is not give me off this series.

It's not a bad show, there are worse, but on tselenapravlenno view it does not pull. You can watch it if you have some spare time and passing the 10 seconds by using the arrows on numpud(as did I).

4 out of 10

Evy Gilberte
04 February 2018 | 12:13

Start with that show me recommended have many times, but I can not have decided to watch. All time had removed him as they say, "tomorrow." And already after watching a few episodes of the first season, I was disappointed that didn't do it sooner.

The plot will be brief. The story combines in itself drama, mystery, crime and intrigue begins almost with the first series that in the first and in the second season. On the entire story to us reveals the many dark secrets of the town of Riverdale. Many things were taken from the famous thrillers of the 90s and 2000s, such as "Creek", "When a stranger calls", "I know you did last summer" and other this is very encouraging, so how the implementation of these "fishechek" on the highest level. Some series are even named in honor of these films.

The atmosphere of the show worked out perfectly. The combination of neon color with beautiful scenery and a perfectly chosen soundtrack, which you definitely will be looking for or sasamat is something. Immediately felt, so to say, the mood is quiet and"innocent" city.

Finally, we turn to the actors and their characters. Castes in the series is really very good. Every actor plays its role is beyond praise, as main and the secondary characters. Lily Reinhart, Cole Sprous, K. J. APA Camilla Mendes perfectly embody the main characters on the screen, showing the character and mood of its characters, which really want to empathize. Almost all characters of the series have their personal secrets, drop on the duration of the narrative, which may surprise the viewer, in the features of the "second side" Betty Cooper. I would like praise Cole Sprouse. After so long inactive, and in film Cole doing her role better than any other promising Hollywood actor. Yeah and throughout the series he was slow down the momentum in the acting as a charm from Kamila Lily so and pull.

So we have a good youth series, the which is present a well-crafted plot, diluted with vivid characters and atmosphere. I hope that further seasons will be the same as first the first half of the second season (the second season came out not fully). If you fan of such films as "Scream" and others like him or you just a fan of exciting stories, then this creation you should like.

And, almost forgot this show you will notice many references to other series, films, comic books and works of literature that will undoubtedly be very happy.

10 of 10

Daffy Bacchus
13 May 2017 | 01:38

I will be as brief as possible.

Plot: is well thought out from the first series up to the latest. No lapses scripts in the end of a mystery (murder Blossom) unwound like a ball of string. In this series clearly wins on the background of "pretty little liars", with which are so often compared. Devichih snot is almost there. All quite raw and natural (although, of course, and every picture there is exaggeration), so many real human emotions and fears. In this is the main advantage to the rest of the youth series, where too much melodrama and too little talk on the subject.

Actors: acting here on top. Although I might say that in the beginning of the series, the actors sometimes don't hold up, but as the shooting was noticeable how much improved their skills ability to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Characters: a Couple of the characters are still not fully disclosed, but should be noted that that it seemed simple in the beginning of the series (Yes, many of the characters were the personification of the stereotypes of melodrama for teenagers), under the end has found a new paint. Characters are opened with new side and develop. I liked to see a transformation of the simple teenagers in the people with own stories, sorrows and experiences. I should also note that in "Riverdale" characters constant and don't make decisions that would be don't have it kind (which often happens in poor-quality pictures).

Picture: film is great, the scenes always show the emotional content of the scenes.

Music: always adds the tension in the right time, no complaints here.

overall, the show turned out refreshing and unique: dark, intense and mysterious. Under the end of the season, it lost any "vanilla", which was common for first episodes, and it remains only pure water drama/Thriller. The series keeps in constant tension and captures the viewer's more every batch. With the courage to say that the series only teenagers, but like many age (as a minimum) to 30. Very happy that the detective is written so cool story thought out and solved new parties, and what each series of the series is just getting interesting. Looking forward to the second season, he will have "darker and harder".

P. S. Please don't forget the series is based on the comic book: naturally, this affect the story many details in it. No matter how serious not trying to do it still based on the usual comic.

How long is Riverdale?
What is the genre of Riverdale?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Who starred in Riverdale?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Marisol Nichols.
What is Riverdale IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Riverdale released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-01-26.