The Flash

The Flash

When Barry Allen was a kid, more than anything, he wanted to be a superhero — one who exceeds the limits of the human body and uses for the benefit given him strength. When Barry was eleven years old, he have learned that people with extraordinary abilities actually exist: his mother was killed by one of these people. Growing up and becoming a forensic scientist, Barry did not discard thoughts of superhumans and continued to look for evidence of their existence, which is not the best way affects its reputation and communication with colleagues. However, one day his efforts were rewarded...

Seasons: 4 5 6 7
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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Deana Byers
10 October 2014 | 05:50

That is not so a contemporary flavor? My review was the first negative under the Gotham (and quite objectively), and under the new masterpiece from the CW have two negative reviews. This should be corrected urgently. The review will be based on the first of series might not once compared this wonderful series with a series "Gotham."

So, our hero Barry Allen. Despite that Barry is already been hero several episodes of the second season of "Green Arrows" for those who the reasons, not love the vigilante in the hood the story begins again from the beginning. Respect for the comic book story of Flash, the flirting with fans by other ways — whether sign on a broken cage or suit flashed in streams of lightning — all reflects how the creators can not all the same, that they do. With the first series we receive an explicit request for all season from the beginning, we see what it all will go. In contrast the negligent filing of "Gotham", the characters are revealed as not just a set of scenes with their participation, and smoothly on the basis of the needs of the possibilities of the plot is not blister eyes and not incurring in unnecessary moments (Hello Riddler from "Gotham").

Caste of characters is excellent — all the characters are on their places, not mention the father of Barry, which (another nod from the makers of the side of the fans) plays a former performer of the role of Barry Allen in the classic TV series "the Flash".

This review, as and a review of the Gotham written after viewing one pilot episode, but what two series, which are built on the comics one and the same publisher created under the guidance of Warner Bros., as absolute premieres, though, and have a basis in the form of a giant 75-year history of Batman from the Gotham (once again sorry for the mistakes in the reviews) and two-seasonal "Boom" in  the Flash call me completely different emotions. And the only issue that I wonder after watching the Flash — why not make Gotham at least half so interesting as this series?

10 of 10

Willa Hashimoto
08 July 2015 | 06:29

I serial foodie. I love the series, but mostly I'm not something super-popular and hyped as the wheels of the tram. If the show me I watching it, but in a rather free mode: a series of missed, the series fast-forwarded through, skipped through the season and things like that; often I missing three or four episodes and all. The more — superhero theme. All of Marvel successfully passed on "Arrow" I tried to plant two of a person, but — did not work. He genre as such I never liked: I think its too stilted and formulaic. Strange to see such words in a positive review, but...

... but Flash exception. Not even know why that I him, but he rushed straight to the top 3 of my favorite shows, sharing the first place with only "Doctor Who" and shifting "Sherlock". Not can you tell me why I love it. "It's light, dynamic and fantastic," — a feature I heard from recommending me his girlfriend, I this totally agree. Although not delude ourselves into thinking that this is a naive superhero tale in the spirit of the comics years 70s, there — even here there were moments that break through to tear moments after which I felt an absolute explosion of brain (and this is I have not finish). It is the series, which will either take over the soul first episode (if it from "your" movie) or it will be a long time to swing and gain momentum, and in the climax will give it that eyebrows will rise question marks. The highest rated series in the history of the CW, surpassing even the incredibly popular and pop "Supernatural" (no offense) and aplause stylish "Arrow" — this some.

Actors I like all with the exception of Daniel Panabaker (which is weird, normally people hate candice Paton and her character iris). Thomas Cavana at this project, he was overshadowed by Grant Gastina (which, by the way, was surprisingly good, though I hope it is not pinned). Graphics are gorgeous, though, action scenes sometimes outright failure (don't want to judge, but the fight Barry and Oliver have caused my only gesture #hand-face), but such is not so much. All focuses on human relations, faith in people, faith in yourself, faith in love the end. Plus I love the theme of travel in time, turned here at an unexpected angle.

I think this is a movie will appeal to those who "the topic", if you know I. Well but if you like and I never notice the superhero genre, but you want something crazy-insanely-enchanting, you suggest to take the risk. Perhaps delay like me.

Michaeline Margaret
12 November 2016 | 12:22

Sometimes on a summer day or night I come to the railway station and waiting for the train to giving back to the city. And every time my attention is always attracted to the spectacle, from which it is difficult to look away: appearing from around the corner of the train, the arc rail with increasing noise grooving to platform.

The first season of "the Flash" — this fiery path and turns a fantastic locomotive part, sail on rails laid by the authors on cross — elementary not a particle — location.

In the cockpit of three engineers: Barry Allen (Grant Gastin), Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdez) and Dr. Harrison wells (Thomas Kavana). All the actors play well, but seen this Trinity Stanislavsky — instantly let to dance.

Barry runs. Escape — if you have the enthusiasm — always more interesting than to go. Have one that guarantees him my sympathies. And he likes saves people.

Cisco comes up with and design, inspiration — his Muse. And what a range of feelings when he comes from research and engineering of the rapids of their inventions and faced with real world with sister of Leonard Snart!

Dr. wells inspires, directs, sustains and until then keeping his secret.

The composition rushes in rails from all forces. We must not tarry: along the tracks winding along the Central city, hardworking police officers trying in vain to stop robbing banks, avenging their oppressors and obdelava other cryogenic-gold case of superprotonic.

Instead of the dining car to the composition of the attached particle Accelerator with a sealed compartment, in which dwells the magnificent five meta-humans, the boarding pass which was printed in teamwork with Starlabs, and validated personally by the Flash.

At the light of searchlights the head no, no, Yes  — handy — look, felicity and Oliver Queen of the neighboring Starling city.

By the end of the season the speed of the train increases proportionally to the acceleration running of the Flash, and think the wheels of cars here-here will come off in rails attempt to overtake and to reveal the Secret.

But the crew of the Magic part — while in front is laying sleepers for the next seasons — don't forget to slow down, inviting inside passengers — fans of the fantastic travel.

...Here it is, Magical composition — unscheduled flies to another platform.

Doors in the car apart.


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How long is The Flash?
What is the genre of The Flash?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in The Flash?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh.
What is The Flash IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was The Flash released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-10-07.