The Lion Guard

The Lion Guard

The young hero of the African Savannah will become the leader of the Lion guard, consisting of the most strong, brave, fast and sharp-sighted representatives of the pride. It Cayon needs to determine who will occupy an honorable place in the ranks of the guards. Instead, following a long tradition, stop your choice on the lions, young Keeper invites you to share this important mission of his friends, whom he considers the real heroes. From now on, to protect the rest of the pride will be fearless badger Bang, decisive Cheetah Fuli, friendly Hippo Beshty and Heron-intellectual named It.

Seasons: 2
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Lisha Opportina
02 August 2017 | 12:33

I learned about the show suddenly. Of the video Commander, where about the show did not a very positive opinion. And I decided to look and...

Nothing bad I saw.

The important thing is that you need to remember when sitting down to watch the Keeper the Lion, is the animated series orientirovany for children are not over 10. In there in excess of nicest adult, violence low, all carefully and with love. In series, we show the adventures of Kiona(Kiona) and the lion's guard, which follow the Great Circle of Life, a great philosophy. A typical superhero series, on first glance. But peculiarity is that Pride Lands to protect not people with abilities and a team of kids. The most formidable, brave, fast(th), sharp-eyed and strong.

As I haven't heard enough "Horror, spoil the child","the Avengers 2,0!"

But you know, I liked this TV series! I fell in love with its characters, songs, landscapes and in General, such a childish atmosphere. Yes, the cartoon has its own schools and problems with logic (hyena the size of a lion for example), but I said, the creators themselves were aiming for children and got there successfully, on my opinion.

7 of 10

Leela Finnigan
30 January 2017 | 02:48

Usually all bad well about the movies said and me, but here I will overcome my laziness and put in a good word "Guardian Lion".

I'm a big fan of "the Lion King" and pass else one of the series of the explanation simply does not could, despite the dismal ranking on KP (5,75 at the time of writing the review).

Almost finished the 1st season (left 2 series 1 of which came on the screens) I feel free to refute this gray rating.

Lay the shelves:

Connectivity with the rest of the movies. This item has caused my greatest concern. From the brilliant "the Lion King" is a good continuation in the form of "Simba's Pride" and suddenly appeared, the younger brother of Simba's daughter, well, not fit into his plot.

As it turned out, the writers have found a good loophole and one series even tightly bound the plot of the series and the second film. Of course, there are serious issues, but the series has crossed out what is happening in the full movies.

the Plot. Here you need to remember that the target audience of the cartoon — children 2 to 7. So the plot is not overloaded with tragedy and deep meaning. What is happening in the screen is standard for children's series — friendship, relationships with the surrounding world, the ability to take responsibility for their actions, to apologize, to stand up for yourself, believe in itself, etc., presented in a soft instructive form. Of course, the most "selfish" moment — is the relationship between predators and victims. We will not show as KION (Simba's son) or his girlfriend-Cheetah hunt and then feast on a Gazelle or Zebra, but and to hide this fact, especially not be — so, mentioned in passing. Have an adult such naivete will cause tenderness, especially given that half the season the Keeper of Leo only does that saves zebras and gazelles, but it has a logical explanation:

A) the laws of cartoon — must protect the circle of life (to raise more animals than needed — it means to break that circle);

B) naturally enough, the lion co. will chase predators-strangers, protecting their flocks (albeit not entirely disinterested);

In) in the cartoon for the 2 to 7 is a place of cruelty.

The rest — all pretty standard.

Dash. Quite on the level. The characters do not move the cardboard, as in the old computer games, have them creepy wax "of tridente". A serious blunder are the bright eyes without a black pupil have 2 main characters — Cheetah and Hippo, and in close-UPS is manifested excessive PixelNet Mord.

Places in action-Packed scenes visible computer, but in General, the eye quickly gets used, look nice and not even without pleasure, backgrounds, and nature made quite accurately.

Music — this is a separate fat plus cartoon. New, original compositions in African style, fun, catchy songs in each series — all adds credibility to the action, uplifting and tightly binds the series film.

Cognitive side — a lot of new animals, plus some interesting facts, but all in a modest volume, which is not creates the impression that watching educational transfer for preschoolers (even in doscale hate could they).

So why the movie such a rating? Do I have only one explanation. My peers who watched "the Lion King" in childhood, revisited it as adults, came to the conclusion that it is not have lost its charm so K. truly is a masterpiece of cinematography and not just for children. And then they I decided to watch the sequel in a series for preschoolers and began to judge him the same criteria. Of course, he let them down. Friends, well, not to measure all under a common ruler. There are different genres and different target audience. Yes, there are masterpieces that blur these border, but it is rather the exception. Sometimes you need good cartoons for children and sometimes — serious movies for adults.

My verdict — a great BABY series. Yeah, he is naive, Yes, there are logical inconsistencies. But he was kind, instructive, beautiful and interesting. On my opinion, it fit in family "the Lion King". Of course, he can not qualify for equality it but the creators never this marking — otherwise it would be on the channel Disney Junior in the first place. Therefore, to judge the "Guardian Lion" with strictly to consider how he nice and interesting uncles and aunts about 30-40 feel stupid.

I had fun and good mood from viewing, laughed at the jokes and the banter and a little returned in childhood. A fun rhymes to still sound head.

Of 9 10

Bernetta Feliks
23 November 2019 | 02:08

I admit at first I treated this animated series is negative. The thing that initially I thought he was shot in the style of Land before beginning of time, where all the characters are not grow do not develop as say some of Netlandii from Peter pan. But giving this series a chance I understand how I was so wrong. And today I want to give it due.

1) Characters. Personally for me, every character is charming and charismatic. And throughout the series, our heroes grow, unfold, develop, make mistakes, make decisions, and etc. And I am personally happy with this situation.

2) Music. Not going to say which songs are good and are not very (to put it mildly). Just to say that everyone will find a song at the taste. And them there a lot. As one for the series really is. And the music I was satisfied and even took for himself a few songs in the playlist listen on mood.

3) Humor. In General, the humor was fine by me. I even some of the situations and jokes were laughing in a loud voice. There were of course getpositiony jokes, but he served more or less humane and even evoked laughter.

4) Visual component. On my opinion to expect from of this series the animation level of the original cartoon is pretty silly. So as this series is designed for viewing TV young children. And personally I find fault with the animation desire does not arise. All pretty bright, dynamic and pleasing to the eye. A greater not necessary.

5) Voice. Though the animated series and designed for children, all I prefer to watch this series in the original (although children probably our dubbing want, but not me). Yeah and generally, all due to the universe, the lion King personally, I prefer to watch it in the original. So think there is struggling in the choice of actors and this show is not exception. And sounded really good despite the that it's just kids. Really disappointed that the only the entire original cast, there is only one who voiced Pumba from the original lion King. Well, other than irritate they might as well get used. So that voice I was pleased so well as above.

Summary. If you still decide to watch this animated series, then my Board — not look into the original cartoon. Otherwise it is likely to ruin all experience viewing. And do not forget that is only just a children's cartoon series. Which he is aware on what the audience. But that he child does it doesn't aggravate. On I think he has the full right to existence. He gave me a pleasant experience view and allowed again to plunge into the child.

10 of 10

How long is The Lion Guard?
What is the genre of The Lion Guard?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Animation, Family.
Who starred in The Lion Guard?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Max Charles, Diamond White, Joshua Rush, Atticus Shaffer, Dusan Brown.
What is The Lion Guard IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was The Lion Guard released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-01-15.