The Magicians

The Magicians

The young people in his early twenties studying in new York magic and discover that the magical world about which they read in childhood, not only real, but also very dangerous.

Seasons: 3 4 5
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Lauren Benilda
08 February 2016 | 09:50

With the first series, it became clear that it's a bad series, but I see the whole thing. Probably because I am ready to watch any kind of feces, if they are about magic.

The logic of the plot is not at all, in addition to the standard ties that everyone in danger and need to anything to prepare. Here you expand all it a little the nature of this danger, or at least world in which all the action takes place, but the writers apparently decided that most important the series about the wizard is show that they are people with drinking, drugs and sex levitation. And given that 99% of the time series.

Students-first-years can summon otherworldly creatures, and then they to expel, and the deans of the University are not can these creatures can withstand — ok, let it be.

The acting is missing a little less than completely. It seems to be playing more or less only one actor for the role of Elliot, but here hard to say for sure, maybe he just a campy gay, and due to this, slightly more stands out on a background of flat boring other actors.

Where is the series — is not clear. Is there some purpose to this story except to show the youth party in the new surroundings of magic — unlikely.

3 10

But stocking a large spoon in anticipation of a new portion of the magic of the Gigi.

Farrand Boonie
18 June 2016 | 04:24

Remember how at the beginning of two thousand to entertainment channels in night often twisted American room series about of the magicians in the modern world. Sparks, flying dishes, teleportation by mounting and the end of the world prevented white girls with the appearance of a top model no within the limits of 4-5 sets. So here, the creators of Wizards was obviously inspired from there. Of course modern audiences are much more demanding of the plot, and special effects were brought in to time, but three-meter touch of naivety and the hopeless stupidity which is literally stuffed with this is a masterpiece, it is sufficient to bury not only hope the reincarnation of the genre, but and any interest. The series is imbued with problems.

The characters are more like freak show. Seriously, there no one adequate person! All grimace, rolling eyeballs and struggling trying to prove to someone (to himself probably) that it and should be.

The cast is divided into two camps. The first sustain one emotion for over 90% of his screen time, a second replay is worse than in Burton's films, but the present paragraph occurs when in single frame and meet those other. There don't know to laugh or to cry.

The basic story plot is a shameless rip-off of Harry Potter. And I realized is with the first five minutes of the pilot episode, the scene on the bench and building dialogue, one in one in the Philosophical stone. A bunch of holes in stocks of pianos in the bushes and the possible interpretations are not causes nothing but heartburn. The characters are cardboard, and to worry about them it turns out. And so how predictable...

Well, finally, walk through the Magic. She's... hilarious and sad at the same time. That, Abracadabra your fingers that wizards are doing to create a spell of nothing but laughter calls and here are the results of not give that "wow" effect which you expect from magic. And it's sad. Remember the "Merlin", for the whole series of Merlin could koldanut one — it to a couple — three seconds, but how it gave emotions.

At series a huge problem with the logic of magic and structure the build. Missing what would any there was a hint of classification. Any student can make super complicated and dangerous spell, it is worth it read book.

To sum up I can say that it is very harmful and useless product that will eat waste your precious time.

Cahra Ephraim
28 April 2016 | 03:12

Hand on heart — until the ninth series, this was the most awesome, delightful series about  the"magic Academy", which answered absolutely all my expectations to the films of this genre and even a little pushed in the heart of Doctor Who. But here is the final, to be honest, I was confused by — I write on experiences the first nine of the series, and then that not much.

In fact, that is "Wizards"? It's fantasy trilogy by Lev Grossman, the first book in which may releases AST. A month ago, the publisher released the cover with opinion of George. R. R. Martin: "Compare "Wizards" and"Harry Potter" — still compare Irish whiskey and weakly brewed tea." Personally, I think the insult to Atlanta this genre as GP — not the best way to promote a new book, but Martin generally known Troll. In short, to watch the first series, I decided to the skepticism, mixed with curiously, — like, well, let's confirm my concern that whole the bravado and a damn not worth it. The first fifteen minutes really wasn't very interesting, and I even considered off And... then I sucked.

So, the series tells "about seventeen-year-old Quentin Coldwater who enrolled in College the magic of Brakebills. There he discovers that Fillari, magical world of his favourite childhood books, not only real, but and is a danger for humanity. Meanwhile, his life childhood friend Julia goes under the slope, when it do not take College she begins to look for the magic in the other place..."

After watching the first season I can say that compare "Wizards" with state is categorically wrong. If not to count the chips with the"magic Academy", it works in fundamentally different genres. Here not worth the wait gowns, magic wands and Ghost toilets — but you with a surplus will give a delightful atmosphere of the universities "ivy League". Brakebills — a prestigious us College, so there is sure to be a faculty of physicists (which, of course, the best cocktails and the most incorrigible snobs), some traumatic, but it is absolutely brilliant "the freshmen", a sea of booze, sex (in the number of same-sex) and humor 18+. In Brakebills are children hungry for tales, and have already formed personality, for whom magic — it is a tool of power, a way to solve personal problems... or a drug as for Julia, who failed the entrance exams, but not allowed to erase the memory of the magical world.

I think, if we what compare "Wizards", so it with "the Matrix", a reference to which scattered on the series is very generously. All the fourth series — detailed answer to the question of how to distinguish fiction from reality what to believe, if you see the cube is black, and all around chorus repeat that white. Still very pleased that final was limited to their own fantasies, and thoroughly backed setting by Aleister Crowley and traditions of Wicca (when we demonstrated the idea of "the spell may not be a request and prayer — you only need to choose the right God", I just squealed delight). And not mention the win-win about these triggers as the theme of growing up, teenage depression, first real love and first real loss. In this respect, the strongest series of, perhaps, seven — when the whiners of first-year salviahut in the Arctic to severe Professor Mayakovsky, who soundly suppresses vodka, but this for three days manages to make them decent people (never stereotypes the Russian is not were touching).

Brakebills — first to which unfolds the narrative. Second — Pillory magic land of fictional children's books, deliberately reminiscent of "the Chronicles of Narnia". The world there is a parallel to our own, and originated him is quite real and dangerous. To the ninth series Fillory us show retrospectively, in dreams magic the fainting of the protagonist. And that is starting from the tenth, the plot turns on the theme of confrontation with the Beast — the main antagonist of the season, hungry for power over Pillory and kill yourself her fairy spirit. Beast — not the Ice Queen of Narnia; it motives rooted not in the banal ambition, but one very old and everyday stories that happened in London the midst of the Second world... The interesting to follow the series — and more was my disappointment end of story.

I even find it difficult to articulate what it not so. Maybe the writers went too far with the gloom. Maybe too abruptly deprived of the audience here this high, but the solar atmosphere "magical University". But the last four series, in which the company is the main characters only fight with the Beast has left me mainly a sense of bewilderment and disgust. Too much blood, too much absurdity. But still — too hard a transition for the genre of "tales of terror", in you can wear down at the heels, seven pairs of iron shoes, seven iron to gnaw bread — all still not to overcome evil, because everything in an adult, babe.

My verdict? To watch, Yes. As low — for the first nine episodes, their great ideas, atmosphere, special effects and company's main heroes, to which stuck all my heart. Final — on your own risk. But be careful: in the end of each series suspended from such a powerful cliffhanger that does not to include the continuation.

Of 9 10

What is the genre of The Magicians?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama.
Who starred in The Magicians?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jason Ralph, Jade Tailor, Stella Maeve, Arjun Gupta, Hale Appleman.
What is The Magicians IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was The Magicians released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-12-16.