The series tells about her cousin Superman and her own superhero career.

Seasons: 3 4 5 6
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Josefina Laureen
31 May 2016 | 05:11

Not to say that something I was waiting for this series, but was hoping for the best. With the start the show throws in a gallop, for the first series there is so much going on, okay if there is something meaningful. We just dumped a ton of it.

Melissa Benoist good, but Kara herself was a frail. I understand a balance must be struck to hero it seemed the Almighty. What for to do a series about this device supergirl and not consider beforehand what will be obstacles, opponents and other factors. Nah it is easier to think on the go all the Eris.

I would like to mention Jimmy Olsen, in principle no nothing special, except that he was a Negro. NEGRO CARL !

Was an interesting moment when one of the characters put two and two together and figured out that Cara there's Supergirl, moreover, it glasses removed. And then I had the idea well now here is something interesting. Yeah they are dreaming. This move quickly drained. Why was this course ? Just to warm up the audience. Personally, I just pissed off. Another one interesting point. Have Melissa Benoist has a scar over his left eyebrow. How you can guess the scar got Cart Supergirl. Makeup easily would correct this omission, but no us now only points of magic, but and scar. Someone can say that I prikopalis. Not deny me, but still the scar is a distinctive feature of the person. By the way on the scene of the scar helps to identify the victim. Duck why does should I ignore this distinguishing factor ?

Going further, as I said earlier you need to strike a balance so the character is not seem invincible. In this situation, it difficult.

Now I want to compare a Supergirl (With) with a series Smallville (T).

We all know that for Superman's only weakness is the kryptonite.

Green mineral

T: Meteor shower of fragments of his native planet Clark flew at him. Hence, went to the first problem. And because of the fragments in all of Smallville and Metropolis are very much the way or otherwise, Clark was faced with him.

From: All problems must not from the kryptonite, moreover he is particularly on it is not available and no effect. Other kryptonians were wearing a small device to neutralize the effect of kryptonite. The only thing that neutralizes the effect of kryptonite is a lead. And in order to fully neutralize him the need to smear that principle impossible. Even if to close on it eyes, why punishment is not can do the same device.

T: If Clark acts near green kryptonite he is capable of doing truly incredible things (and this is that he can't fly). Powerful jump topright to the rocket to go in space to neutralize it start to go back. And in General Clark many times a closed hydrogen bomb, a nuclear bomb. And whatnot. it happened with only the clothes suffered.

From: Kara Bednenko barely how he got up on the rocket when the explosion occurred she has lost consciousness and spent a few days in fluorescent lamps. WHAT ? The battery's dead ? She came on earth 13 years;some have lived on earth for 10 years old for her body's has accumulated enough energy to maintain abilities. Apparently the Chinese Cart battery.

Red kryptonite

T: It possible impact if it nakhoditsya close to Clark, lies in your pocket or his piece fell inside the body.

From: was Dedicated beside her now lasts indefinitely, until to take some action. Although again green works in immediate vicinity.

super Speed

T: Clark is not able to fly, but not bad but used his super-speed in which the whole world samarel. In this moment, you can do everything anything, even 50 people to rescue.

From: Kara is not use this ability, although it is it made life easier and helped save many lives.

From all the above we can conclude that the writers do not have soared. Look no interesting, the dialogue is banal, the characters make lousy. Ability to work obscure laws (now the writers want we work, and if you want some are not working or are not working correctly). Wanted to make not such a powerful hero in the end ruined at all. At the slightest wound it runs the fluorescent lamp.

If you have tried to work on history and characters more thoroughly, in some schools it was possible to close my eyes because there is nothing is perfect. And in this situation, it disadvantages blemishes climb from all cracks. Hopefully 2 the season will correct the situation.

4 10

Sande Waddington
26 May 2015 | 03:52

To start the review I would like with a little background not about the show if no interest in read the introduction, skip to the third paragraph.

And I would like to start here what. The story is started more than ten years ago when DS-shnik on a couple of Marvelously violently sold off the rights to all superheroes to anyone who was interested in it. In that period came such series as "Secrets of Moulvis" and films "Daredevil", which is not was a huge success, but was popular within a certain circle of spectators. With then a lot has changed. When Marvelous smelled money and began to stamp their merry movies packs, DS-schnick still not out your period of sales and had active in only a few failed projects, like "Superman Returns" or"Green lantern". Then it was decided on the creation of a trilogy about the Dark knight it has had success. The darkness and realism in the world of superheroes was in new to the lovers of the big screens, brought DS a certain amount. In addition, Marvelous rowing money with a shovel with larger screens I forgot about the small. Then the CW produced the TV series "Arrow", in which he remained gloomy atmosphere Kolanowska knight, though the connection with himself a knight does not have any. And is also have had some effect. However, CW, famous for all the same jaunty Smallville, not could stand for place has released a cheerful teenage "Flash", taking the previously mastered the audience. And again, success! Far side note that Marvelous the time, managed to clinch a soap Opera about the organization SHIELD  & grim Daredevil, taking the same Flash and Arrow series niche. Then CBS thought success is that would take his superhero its poorly developed territory. Such a territory they considered "girly teenage society". In already surely fixed to the millions of series about vampires (especially) vampires, all the witches of the "Secret circles" and other substantial meaning weak acting nonsense, and here superheroes is not yet been (or almost not exist). And any superhero can there stuff? Maybe Batman? Her need girl, then Supergirl!

And now to the fact.

The series, according to everything is designed in first to adolescent girls. And therefore we are waiting for love experiences with the evil boss, dozens of fans, just waiting if the heroine in look at the character that will be in it "really" is in love but will be permanently in the friend zone, while the heroine met with dozens of guys don't understand that he is "the one," some secret organization of "good" and evil company "bad", evil is a relative and so on. Well and time this superhero series, the character will be different every time to save all, in rare cases, receiving "horrific" injuries, but then recovering. This situation of Affairs becomes clear first series. All the above characters at once declare yourself act on strictly prescribed patterns. The acting is pretty weak, the plot in C grade, the battle is based on computer items detail antipasti and frequent close-UPS with outstretched arms in the style of the notorious "up-Up-in-the-sky!" popular in the second half of the last century. Supergirl does not associated with original movie "Man of steel", which is downright a lot of questions. In the first place because that movie all the time there is a reference, and the series itself in turn is connected to mentioned earlier, the Flash and Arrow, on which references yet at all. With one side is very cool. like a big universe, but with the attempts that the universe to create DS-schnick accumulated more stocks. In particular the Flash and the Arrow never spoken Superman or about the city of metropolis, on the talk in our "girl". He also the series may appeal to fans of either violent superheroes or Teens, or fans of the 26-year-old Melissa in quite Frank at times costumes. In General, according to the pilot episode, the series will be weak. On I think 5 10 will be the most honest assessment.

Antonia Liba
16 July 2015 | 10:07

Supergirl, the better it is not to translate, or misfortune for the Russian citizen.

The "pilot" Supergirl was a quick "origin." What good, after all, these long rocking the boat in other series tires. She knew immediately that and why.

Let's start with visual style. He is good, not more, because it is a driver.

Somewhere we have to work with graphics with practical special effects. And I noticed some inaccuracy. In because the budget still TV, is a skillful juggling between the special effects (CGI) and practical effects (real destruction and other).

Pilot not is replete with plot twists, and even has some cleanest in the first minutes of the series, but it's docked a beautiful transfer of the maiden of joy that she was again and saves people. And all seen. It cool. Because then you identify yourself with it. I would say a resounding words, everyone would like to be "the telly".

Selection of standard characters: a goat head, a boyfriend, a helper at the shop, mom and dad, bad guys.

The music is standard for a hero of the series.

Summarizing say: I would the life of the series, I wonder what it will do later, but we don't said what universe it exists: there where the flash, arrow and atom or where only superman.

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood.
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At the moment, the rating is 6.3.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-10-26.