Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery

For 10 years prior to the stories in the original series "Star trek", the crew of the USS Discovery NCC-1031 embarks on a journey to explore deep space and discover new worlds and civilizations.

Seasons: 1 2 3
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  • Language: English
Ferdinande Inkster
14 May 2018 | 11:13

lo! How many beautiful faces! How beauteous mankind is! And how the good
That new world, where there are such people!

All smack, smack. I liked it, very nice, feministyczne and tolerant. Pleased special effects — another portion of computer graphics and rubber individuals it is always a pleasure. And care what. importantly — scenario. To whom it is needed at all.

I am glad that the tradition of the Old Track in it raises that are relevant to the moment, and social themes. It is evident that a bright future for women no obstacles build a career in the army (because we all know that women are more vicious and aggressive, and so in the armed forces of the place), legalized gay marriage and the Terrans are ready to spread peace, freedom and democracy all retarded space by force of arms.

But there are certainly about tar. So the topic was not disclosed xenophobically relations, my opinion the main character (Michael) had to seduce a new imperators Klingons and thus to show that xenolitica love is stronger than any prejudice and aggression. And after the second series they had to fight and only for pen by space sales, choosing the curtains. And 20 series. So would be much pacifistic and more tolerant.

Also not right, that captain — man. Leadership positions should only be women, otherwise it agenstvo and backwardness. However I am glad that this ugly dork for this is paid.

Well that raised the theme of "space dispute" and do alternative scientific theory — panspermia. (For those in the tank let me explain: the engine uses the so call the cosmic controversy, according to "scientific" theory of panspermia are the basis of all life, so as life is supposedly the original property of matter. For details of Wikipedia).

Yes friends, not correct that the viewer always impose this godless theory of abiogenesis, completely forgetting about the other theories. Hope in the following series will disclose the theory of creationism and flat Land. So tolerance does not offend the feelings of believers.

In the TV series perfectly reveals the characters, even given that their names are almost not mentioned. You remember call the main Mailsi friend? Here I don't remember.

1) the first two parts is a wise woman-captain. She captain wise, because in the man would not so came out. Well and of course she's character. It is very feministyczne and tolerant.

2) Then there is captain crazy. He crazy for all men are psychos, and they should not be captains. Very similar to the Star Wars, when the captain is crazy zyrkaet — one in one Anakin Skywalker. at which is beginning to go the roof. It is also very feministyczne and tolerant.

3) men are acceptable only if they are gay, so the bad guy in the TV series, of course gay. It is very femini... well in short, you understand.

4), and even the Klingons should be minorities and they cool devotees of the war. Well and combat friends of course. After all, the Klingons don't so bad and hence they have the best must be a minority with a different skin color and female.

5) and the main — character. If you're a masculine African-American woman, confusing sexual orientation with a male name (because Vulcans are idiots, I don't have on earth's customs and of course the earth will call a female a male name, but they are idiots because it is ruled by men), then you're tougher than any crazy captains, you the most intelligent and this is acknowledged even by yesterday's enemies and of course you're on the shoulder.

And of course, happy best friend of the main character — neighbor the room Mailsi is a typical best friend of the main character, blunt, shy and loyal are they doing. A pair of women of all not what they are going to kill all the Klingons, the Empire Terran of Xenophon of the parallel world and all. By the way it is a typical archetypa lesbian couple — Brutale and stenasa, so that awaiting series of the Brazzers.

By the way Imperatore Terran is a separate issue, it certainly can be trusted and we should take it with in a brave new world the new star trek and be sure to entrust it with an important military mission. And care what. she's a psychopath, a murderer and even.. . cannibal. She woman her definition can be trusted.

And snack, let for forgive the boyfriend of the main character. However, he can forgive all. All I'm sorry because the main character it like.

No strength to write more, because the tears welled up in my eyes.

Star trek that with you've become...

Marinna Gavrielle
24 February 2018 | 12:48

If brief — Brave women save the galaxy, dust is a pillar, the value of a sine can reach four, and men nervously Smoking in side time of time shudder. A number of brave women on one cubic meter of the Federation is directly proportional to the speed of light in vacuum. Here wherever you spit, be sure to get in a brave and bold woman. On the entire series no one (NO ONE) normal guy. It ALWAYS good gay, or a deceitful villain, or a psychopath with a split personality.

So, just for instance... the Soldiers — female, cadet — the woman, XO — the woman captain — the woman, the Admiral — the woman, the Emperor — woman. The men in the series is better not to appear trampled. At women only brave, but (unlike men) and very good. After they are brave to kill all of hell, they immediately, without lost in the goodness of his soul, cry over the tragic fate of a space cockroach. Although I think, judging by the trends of the series, this was tarakana. Well, or, if you — female cockroach. By the way, is also very good, it only kill in case of danger.

When this cruel Klingons, almost all entirely male. These terrible beasts, ate with the Klingon parsley human captain (Yes, brave woman). Do you think it? And that no, guess who makes the Klingons to end the war and is a leader? Absolutely true — brave Klingon woman. And no nails!!!

Will go with men aside to smoke, I in the galaxy to do nothing — the emperors not take the homosexuals are not roll, and cockroaches I don't really like. No life, from me or prosperity sine is greater than one, well, what's the man good?

Evangeline Hefter
10 October 2017 | 02:41

His first Star trek I saw as a child, and it was 25 years ago.

And so I already do not child 21st century, released a new series of the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery.

First, very pleased with the picture — gorgeous graphics, great scenery and costumes. Of course, technical progress is the 21st century contributed its mite and technical progress of the century 23 — we see holograms of the internal conveyor and even the Shuttle from Wacom — technology, which in the captain James Tiberius kirk (and the events take us 10 years ago we see what happened on ZF to the events of the Original series) once it was not. But I think it is a definite plus though these innovation break Canon, Yes. But! Did he is a genre of fiction, and the principle of Gene Roddenberry — Our goal — to boldly go where no foot of man — must limit the viewer within habitual vision of the world, not allowing to look beyond the horizon for the usual forms of things and events? The more wildly to hear criticism in the address of the series based on that the show is not white women held officer positions, on Board there are people of different sexual orientation — in an age when people are looking for peace! contacts with other civilizations, stereotypes have to stay in the past. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations — the basic principle of Vulcan philosophy, without whom people have nothing to do in space.

Discovery is not the enterprise is primarily a military vehicle, such as once designated captain Gabriel Lorca, the newest ship of the Federation, for which conduct experiments of varying degrees of dubiousness and have a brand-new type of the engine, which allows you to move in every point in the universe in seconds.

The team is highly heterogeneous, and each has its own character. First officer Sarah, kalininets who feels the approaching danger, naive and inexperienced cadet Tilly, an engineer and a developer of technology for the new engine Lieutenant Stamets, which is clearly not like, but have to work under the strange while warriors Lorca, bold and inquisitive Michael — all shown in the moment, the characters memorable and interesting.

The plot thickens with each series all more it's certainly not the naive and artless Star trek as we used to see. He darker, more violent, more Mature. Here we clearly show the opposite side of the Federation, that was previously left behind;the scenes.

Of course, if you want you can find any inconsistencies, mistakes, but let's be honest, unless they was not old series?

I hope that series will continue to show the claimed high standards, and we will see new worlds, new discoveries will be over something to think about, and perhaps even change something in yourself.

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi.
Who starred in Star Trek: Discovery?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Star Trek: Discovery released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-24.