The story lost its memory of the girl who is at the center of an investigation after he was able to get out of a canvas bag in times Square. Not having the slightest idea who she is, the girl doesn't know what do many mysterious tattoos that covered her whole body. When it turns out that tattoos are a sort of road map connected to the case to the FBI.

Seasons: 3 4 5
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Madelle Kopans
06 March 2017 | 04:41

The series "Blind spot" has in its Arsenal the trailer, after which there click on the play button, almost not possible storm action with the detective portends a sight to see.

Girl wakes up in a bag times square, the dazzle of its lights and views of the police are waiting for anything but not only a naked female body covered with tattoos.

The memory is absent. Tests and tests can help to establish the identity.

To the questions: "what, where, when?" the answer is not experts, and a tattoo that covers the skin of the main character. To solve puzzles will be the gallant officers of the FBI, in led agent Kurt Weller. Each tattoo is decoded, displays the agents on the impending crime against humanity and occasionally the United States.

The series is built on the template system, found the familiar logo, name, address, and etc. have prevented the death of millions, Jane got the piece of memories and on these rails we now 23 episodes. On 4 of the series begins to pall, and the idea is to pull the stop valve, once you receive over and over. Computer graphics in some places sparse and angular, the battle scenes are dynamically staged, the screeching of brakes, the screech of tires, a fire show — pleasing to the eye. To save the series could be cast, he is really picked up't bad everything seems to handle it, but the frightened eyes of Jane, and a constant surprise Kurt spoil the experience. The series seems to be gaining momentum the writers tighten the knots of events, but to keep the viewer on 23 it fails, in any case, I'm not found.

Not the reality of the situation, and idea that I that have seen to take precedence, not pick nonsense the illogical actions of the characters patience is not enough and to save your time, I press stop.

Chere Farlee
26 October 2015 | 01:43

Recent movies and TV shows are spending all more and effort create stunning beauty and the intrigue of the trailers, is meant to entice us, the viewers, on or see other cinematic masterpiece.

Some of them are really indicative of the final quality, many — deliberately exaggerating. And there are those who deliberately introduces its viewers in error. Although, I can admit that they actually believe their product is the best, exciting and a Golden globe for the palm branch in the huge beak of a white dove. So be it.

However, this is not affect the ultimate perception of the series. And it's the perception in my case it turned out very negative and disappointed by the trailer, resulting in the best times of the end of the series.

Just specify that I haven't write review the TV shows after watching only one episode. Never. Always waited at least a couple of seasons in order to get a General idea about the author's ideas, often draws up to the end of the first season or even later.

The only exception was the TV series Bones, is disliked by me with the first frazierwall series. But even there I have protocel as much as 4 series of unbearable suffering in hoping the first impression is deceptive. And even there did not dare to write a bad review — in the end, silly pathetic movie too, someone like not me to tell everyone has different preferences.

However, with the Blind Spot of such a Nietzschean mood creators like purposely tried to crush on the root. The lack of understanding and shock — perhaps the greatest response first second of this action. Well and, of course, disgusted.

Because good intentions have turned the creators of the extremely paranoid, extremely illogical, sickening pathos action, spiced with disgusting acting of most of the characters and the overall scenario as "nonsense" (so as not to use profanity). And the only bright plepoe a spot in this story — Jamie Alexander. But even a dazzling beauty and undeniable acting talent is absolutely not save. On the contrary — in General, a grotesquely mocking the background it looks beautiful Snow white in the filthy shack seven drunken have not dirty dwarfs, i.e., in General not place.

But let's start at the order. The opening scene is known to all, was originally no spoiler not was. The girl is found in the bag the heart of new York city. One. Naked. A scared fragile girl naked, trembling, standing and crying in the middle of the square, and fifty armored men frightened to death, threatening her all the available types of firearms, yell at her for several minutes at this illuminating its entire the brightest spotlights. Even in pseudo-minesweeper found the gun for belt — why it him in the middle of the square, chock full of downtrodden, heavily armed police — is unclear. In General, the scene to sickening disgusting and paranoid. However we offer a accept it is natural and the only possible pattern of behavior. In the time (and recall, this is it was after 30 seconds the beginning of the 1st of the series) wanted to spit on screen leave a session. However, I was his chagrin, the house and not the cinema, the screen was my had nowhere to go. So returned from his Nietzschean approach, decided to give the Spot a chance to get out. Outset, chances are there were plenty of all of them Вlindspot quite successfully failed.

Then, actually, everything was on the rise. Paranoid experiments on the more frightened the girl, interrogations, medical examinations, more like a torture — "all order of things," tells us series. Well, well as well.

And then there is him, and him alone. Grand. It is a Hero. Well, or something. Something brutal Neanderthal with an active lifestyle, designed to be the catalyst for squeals of little girls. In mind paranoid, civic duty and brutality. All the rest of the space filled by the beard, aka the iceberg under the surface of the water, filling all the place where Homo sapiens to be the brain. Every act silly, unreasonable, thoughtless and, again, absolutely brutal. Insult amnesiac girl? Please! To question is not  - English speaking students — as well. Give it a store. No! Re-offer — the threat to lock up the "wise men" in machine has a run threat. The scene of this interrogation took 10 minutes 3 attempts in the between whom he rudely chased Jamie-translator of the apartment. Hmm Oh. When he with a gun, pounced on the girl, just barely straying from two psychotic men, I thought that is the height of stupidity.

But no. On — more. Because IT — love interest of the main character. Why? The writers are so said. And Jamie, which is constantly insulted, humiliated (and, it is our Neanderthal patient) is gently pressed to the man who has just yelled at her, holding the gun to her face. And for a reason. Truly is considered to be among "good" writers — beats, then love. He — good, gentle and loving character. Well course.

Actually, all the characters are presented so the same clumsy and terribly simple. Someone lets go of a stupid and unfunny joke — Giggles. Here woman-head — the tough, confident in himself, cares about subordinates. In General, living people don't like at all.

Characters from itself does not represent anything, of acting by anyone other than Alexander, nor is demonstrated. Yes even if it was — all pales before by the action on the screen. Here 40-kilogram girl with the position of the hand beats two men, here is the paranoid pathetic dialogues without any sense, and that a suicide bomber. We are probably first going to give stupid and unnecessary orders to each other and to yell at subordinates, then lose it out of sight, let you go bomb metro will continue to watch, will again lose, then there will be something dramatic and we rescue hundreds of people from the explosion. Amazing!

When brutal Love Interest Jamie Alexander (sorry, this is the way not able to remember — probably protective reace psyche injured) missing in the hands of the bomb in the tunnel under the ground, I seriously expected that he will swallow it whole, then burp smoke after the explosion. And you know what? It would be far preferable and more logical than the original story. Not think if we ignore the pieces C4 half a meter from the bomb, then they will explode. This same explosive. And if it is the epicenter of the explosion, then it the definition should explode. At least in sane reality.

Everything else, in fact, corny, ridiculous to insanity deserves special attention. Scenes cruciani naked and screaming a La ACE Ventura, all these "shoot-don't-can", "mystery", a paranoid secrets...

We have a great adventure Jamie Alexander in the country of the complete lack of logic and presence of impenetrable stupidity.

5 out of 10

and 7 points for DMAE Alexander. Most work will give -2 for caused them mental trauma.

Hatty Concepcion
26 January 2016 | 07:41

Another representative of a number of detective series that just clogged the airwaves. Why not if a people wants and, most importantly, hawala? Here and multiplying of cheap imitations "cool" crime narrative. Not to say that in the murky soap water it is impossible to catch a big fish, there are "pike", like a "no Brainer", but for the most part, fish is very unsophisticated, and"Blind spot" is exactly of this segment.

The most interesting and mysterious action concentrated in the beginning of 1 series, and unfortunately, there well and ends. So, in the center of the city find a huge bag... like and want to write a corpse. But no. With live naked girl, all whose body is covered with tattoos. It can't remember who she why it looks like. What a beautiful box criminal mysteries has provided such a beginning! And how sad... no, no, not is over. Still going on.

The investigation of crimes, the key to which is enclosed in tattoos, is pretty weak, predictable and very derivative. No no original plot move, rotate, or puzzles that would bring this series of sad category average performance in more or less an interesting spectacle. Alas! All that we have seen, I moved it is much more interesting and convincing.

What to the acting, it still more sad. No Sullivan Stapleton, nor, even more Jamie Alexander is not have a talent that was able to revive their cardboard heroes. They walk, talk and portray action. And all quite clumsy and boring. Not impossible even to sympathize with the "good" heroes in their troubles, because everything is planned, slightly marked, there is the same crumpled, and plot hobbled on.

In the end, we have a very mediocre series that can watch either the fans of these third-rate "stars", either fans of movies of this genre. But that, and others enjoy nothing special. If very dull — view. But only if it is VERY boring...

How long is Blindspot?
What is the genre of Blindspot?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Blindspot?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza, Ashley Johnson.
What is Blindspot IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Blindspot released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-09-21.