The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The series tells the story of the family after the Sheriff as "zombies" — the epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe. Sheriff Rick Grimes travels with his family and a small group of survivors in search of a safe place to live. But the constant fear of death every day brings heavy losses, forcing the characters to feel the depths of human cruelty. Rick tries to save his family and discovers that an overwhelming fear of the survivors can be dangerous meaningless dead roaming the earth.

Seasons: 8 9 10
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Alicea Raleigh
01 April 2014 | 06:45

What would you do if you when he awoke in the hospital after a long coma caused by a gunshot wound, found that your world PAL? You are on the long corridor, calling on the help of a nurse, gradually to you realize that anyone has long been no, that everything is destroyed, in the nose hits the smell of decay, and he came out of hospital, you — Oh God! — see long rows of wrapped corpses. You can't imagine this? What well, true, but here is the Sheriff Rick Grimes with this had to be face to face.

This is one of the first scenes that you will see, deciding to watch the show "the Walking dead". I should add, I personally love zombies, zombocalypse in particular, began with 2007 viewing the third part of "resident evil". So that zombies, my opinion, the most adorable monsters, but in "the Walking dead" the main role is played not them. It is the real fight for the survival, psychological Thriller where with your own eyes you can observe the gradual change of the human psyche. In the result, the main issue becomes not the walking dead, and people. Season by season, we see kindness and humanity in the main characters gives way to cruelty, selfishness and bloodlust. Maybe it and no wonder: the world that we know disappeared, no the purposes for which we Wake up every morning, work, home, kids, study. All that it is important now, when the sudden outbreak of the infection took over the world — to survive. And no matter how you do.

We show how Rick is desperately trying to find his family as encounters a group of survivors, fighting back the enemies from outside and inside. A group was formed from completely random people, not United by anything. I would like to mention Daryl, brutal arrow, always keeping the icy calm of Dale, the elder, seasoned by the years, yet have not lost the remnants of humanity and kindness, and Maggie — a brave young girl, on the care of which left his father and sister. But everything the characters are interesting, no matter negative or positive. Each can or to love or to hate. I sympathize with everyone, because in a zombie world, lost someone close, everyone can understand and even justify. And that I like it very much. There no clear heroes in this show is surprisingly subtle open those side of human nature when he realizes doomed, but still struggling for the survival.

Lovers of blood and meat — they are in a large number. In"Walking" the horror, the gut-blood chilling action and drama so the combination of harmony thought there on the shortage of any component. In General, look. Definitely. And if you after reading this, I think that the series — primitive zombie massacre, I not than to speak with you. This much more. View and make sure. And imagine at the same time that you did. So, for the prevention of depressive thoughts.

From additional pluses — the series was released recently, still removed came out just 4 season — and judging by the ratings, beating all the records, the 5 would still not last.

Stephani Jessy
25 January 2017 | 04:43

I've heard a lot from friends The Walking Dead, but a long-delayed viewing of this series so I never liked movies in the genre of "Zombie Apocalypse". I was interested in the series after playing the games The Walking Dead from Telltale Games and then I decided to review the Walking. I thought finish 7 seasons not be able to, but was not so. The show was interesting and exciting.

In the beginning, I thought the TV series nasty because of the abundance of blood, guts and other filth, but it zombie Apocalypse, where without this.

Well thought out script, no illogical plot, all the series smoothly to others, the seasons can be seamlessly intertwined, very carefully introduce new characters and do not forget to reveal old, there is not completed items, all clear. Stunning makeup, good acting.

From the title I think this show is about zombies that eat brains and people they are saved, but it really is no way. Series about the relationship between people in groups, how they react on the situation, the choices they doing a dangerous situation as handle conflict change in a post-apocalyptic world. Someone honest, someone goes heads can substitute in order to escape...

The characters are very bright, in certain irritate you, then you for them survive followed them. About one character think it is positive and the other negative. But then change their opinion of good it becomes bad on the contrary.

The authors have done, that time to kill their characters like strange as it sounds, it and creates an atmosphere of Apocalypse that you could die at any minute, and do not know will come for you tomorrow or not.

In the series, raised philosophical questions, the reasoning of the characters, to some they may seem boring, but I a man who loves all sorts of movies and books introspective liked to follow their reasoning.

The walking dead — this series shot by the motifs of the comics. The writers some points have changed and introduced new characters. But because of this, the series is not was bad.

8 from 10

Merrilee Rodie
06 March 2012 | 02:17

This is the first on how I know, the series about zombies, the series, and not a movie. This probably the first reason for which is so many fans, the second reason probably is interesting plot, intriguing twists and events and the third reason — it's makeup. Really very high quality and terrible makeup. Seen people try. All the reasons for I love this series very much, but I made called all three on my opinion is the most important. If you seen this show you understand me, if not watched, then run to evaluate the pilot. If you same Amateur zombie movie as I or just a fan of quality horror, you gotta love this.

I would Like a lot to say about this project, but I until this, tradition will try to highlight three main themes that I liked to describe all the details to entice You, dear viewers that have not watched "the Walking Dead"

so. First.series Is the first zombie series that I saw. At first I was very upset when in the first season reviewed all six series and found out that the episode was closed, but then read somewhere that everything will still be continued, I was very happy. So as I have grown to love this series and its characters. Each series is interconnected. The plot develops gradually, from series series, letting the audience get bored and quit watch this project. On today there is a second season, has emerged 10 series, and to be continued. The creators have promised to shoot a full season of 20 or more series. Let the first season was nothing of the series, but and such a short time I managed to love and hate some characters. I mean, almost each they have their own sad story, after their lives were changed forever. Relations characters each other, very different, everything is changing every episode, so boring not happen ever.

Second.Yes. This is a terrible and shocking makeup. I as I watched the movie on the creation of "Walking" and was a bit surprised how so simple. From what products and substances can create terrible makeup to anyone. From series a series of work proffesionaly. And it is noticeable, especially when someone kills a zombie and its guts or brains spread out on the ground. In General, methods of killing "Walkers" in the show a lot, the viewer is constantly surprised. In my nothing scary. And most importantly the feeling when you viewing is very real. All so well-set, and events and people's attitudes and even the bearing is a zombie that seems that it occurs in real-time and people do somewhere are suffering and trying to survive.

Third point.Acting is great. All actors in this project, I see for the first time. So watch doubly interesting. They are so well accustomed to your role that they just don't believe. Especially their tears words. They really really showed what people would be live in the kind of environment where around every corner is danger. Special thanks to the children for their excellent game. On my children, namely children and not teenagers sounds like every day to see around monsters, zombies, even knowing that it's not true everything is just a game. But children are great, and mind not show that im scared, scared just in the right moment.

In General are watching this series, not will regret. I hope he you'll love it as well as and me. Thank you to all those who worked with the creation of this project. With looking forward new series.

10 of 10

How long is The Walking Dead?
What is the genre of The Walking Dead?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in The Walking Dead?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Chandler Riggs, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan.
What is The Walking Dead IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was The Walking Dead released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-10-31.