Will & Grace

Will & Grace

Will Truman and grace Adler — best friends and neighbors that are ideally suited to each other: they love the same things and understand each other, but will never be able to tie a romantic relationship because will — gay and grace is straight. Will — a successful lawyer from Manhattan, beautiful, charming and sympathetic causes. He recently broke up with a friend who was for a long time together. Grace is a beautiful girl, too, has his own business. Both like to watch French movies, spend the night playing poker with friends... They have always been friends and both want love. But they long ago agreed that they would not flirt with each other. After another spat grace breaks up with her next boyfriend and moved to live to will. Can wholly ignore the gay charming roommate?

Seasons: 9 10 11
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Dayna Joli
30 January 2011 | 12:46

When "Friends" captured the Russian audience, it was difficult to think that far the ocean may go something not so below quality and humor. "Will and grace" came to us much later — efforts of cable channels... Not hurry, it worked my way up... Translated the first seasons, created a certain audience...

I remember a couple of years ago, I tried to start watching it, but the first series much hype not called — the sitcom as a sitcom, it seemed to me on first glance!

But in the winter departed the tenth year when the main stream series went on hiatus insidious and the view was simply nothing, had in every way to Dodge! Here "will and grace" and became the "twists". Moreover, remembering the first impression of view, I, nothing waiting for started right with the second season. And in this moment something strange happened! That whether Christmas miracle I decided to be ahead of time, the second season than first — land air, but the fact remains — from the first frames, with the first joke, the show captured so that came to my senses I to the middle of the sixth with a thought: "What the hell is this nugget so long "collecting dust" and escaped eyes?!

The series is truly magnificent! What humor actors the story that... the humor... and the humor again! Here he is a little different than in other sitcoms: ifOmost similar Comedy tries to stick to neutrality, then "will and grace" go a little further, sometimes extolling cynicism and really sharp jokes! We are not talking about some vulgarity or provocative, just if "Friends" only a small percentage of the humor was aimed at ridiculing each other, then here (especially in the first seasons) is almost the main way to amuse the audience! Moreover, it is not easy to laugh, but and make it to not felt like joking hero meant evil subtext! It is just about the very good friends, who strongly pick at each other, but at the same time, give the viewer a sense of exactly what love!

Plus everything is quite bold on the subject of homosexuality, so carefully erected in the forefront! About alien sitcom was about the nannies of both sexes was about marriage and the family was about heterosexually relationship was, and that's about the gays, as far as I know, no! Who could think it is such a touchy subject able to stay on the screen eight long years!

The main character will — gay, his friend Jack — gay, their friends — gay none screams the lack of tolerance of heterosexual, no one to be insulted! The events of the series gradually develop, dedicating the viewer in new new life moments of the characters.

The first three or four seasons — just extravaganza and carnival of humor! With every ten to twenty seconds it is impossible to refrain from laughter, which is a completely different way: from antics "just Jack" to delicate and the cynical remarks of will and grace!

Do not forget about Karen Walker — just boulders! Original, and it shows, this character is not have carried at least a modicum of meaning, being just a way of transformation in the life of the cleverest jokes of the writers!.. Gradually, however, Karen, and other heroes beginning to take the images, the characters... getting to the sixth season of true personalities!

... It to the sixth season the show loses a habit to laugh of the phrase to phrase, moving to a fascinating story and related series, full of, at times, serious drama!

"Will and grace" — the creation of the television, which deserved for so many years loved the audience! Which left a mark in the American broadcasting network and remained unfairly unknown beyond the boundaries of the States.

If you decided to find the series attracted, for example, the name James burrows (Creator of "Friends") in the list of Directors, then the suggest to do so: view the pilot, and then from the first series of the second season!... As far as I know, judging by the experience, "will and grace" — the miracle, the significance of which is not floating on the surface, and needs a thorough search!

In General, if you are a fan of "Friends", yeah and even sitcoms, are tolerant to homosexuality and the cynicism, the "will and grace" the series, which are worth fighting for even if the first episodes are not be impressed, you know, — next will be only better... and funnier!)

... If you believe the phrase "Laughter prolongs life", then this show needs to make you are almost immortal!... One only has to suffer!

Of 10 10 -.. . and this indescribably small!

Type of review: "to umopomrachitel positive"!

Peria Seymour
11 March 2019 | 07:45

Remember to courtyard the March 2011 year. Then in my life was a heavy period which I am trying to remember. I think I learned the Wikipedia page of Britney Spears. Reaching her filmography, I saw unknown to me up to this point the TV series "will and grace". So sometimes the treasure we find is completely random.

Most of all, of course, was surprised by the huge number of guest stars. Among them are listed Madonna, cher, Matt Damon, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Douglas, Macaulay Culkin and many others. I was puzzled: "How do I could miss this show?!". I quickly found it and in one fell swoop looked 7 seasons. "Will and grace" turned a difficult period in my life joyful and carefree, spreading all in its place.

Talking about the sitcom, it is necessary in the first place to talk about the main heroes.

Will Truman — a gay lawyer, performed by Eric McCormack. It is frustrated husband grace that has become her best friend and a fine example for others to follow. grace Adler — the best friend of will, a Jew, an interior designer, considers himself a "singer". Played by Debra messing. Jack Mcfarland — actor, dancer, waiter, nurse, teacher of acting and many more anything. The role cuties gay Sean has performed Hayes. And the fourth main character who is my favorite in this series, — Karen Walker, brilliantly played by Megan Mullaly. A spoiled rich girl and alcoholica with the screeching voice of the series turns to laugh-out action.

It is also worth noting the secondary characters that complement this great series with his presence. This maid Karen Rosario, mother of will and grace, friend Karen and Beverly Leslie and many others.

It is worth saying that with the series I met love through 5 years after its official end. This one of the best series that I have seen. The jokes in the series similar to a great barbecue where strung on a skewer a variety of different ingredients one by others. Here, watch is there some sort of a joke-little flashes, from you almost not ride the floor from laughter.

When 8, and how, then, thought the last season was over, NBC decided to shoot a special episode of "good night, grace", which is actually a documentary. Then it was clear that this is the end. Set, dressing rooms, trailers no longer will belong to the company of the series. And Debra messing said in an interview: "in the Fall I'll probably sit in a car me the habit will want to come on set."

The series is over, but love viewers — no. So after 11 years after the last series "will and grace" has resumed. And failed 9 season, it was extended on the 11th(!). From it follows that in this life there is nothing is impossible.

I advise everyone "will and Grey to view. By the way, if you don't know the time, the series ranked second after "Friends" among sitcoms.

10 of 10

Sarita Frayne
15 February 2011 | 06:02

Incredibly popular in America and a few ignored in the world series "will and grace" is a celebration of life with a serious problems, and mind-blowing jokes.

The series raises an important topic — gay apparently, this attracted such a number of guest stars. Of the series a series of his presence you will please Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, Britney Spears, Sharon stone, Patrick Dempsey, Andy Garcia and many... and many others.

The relationship of the will and grace simple, how to inspire both and select them for much, particularly on personal life. On the entire sitcom in one or lesser degree of them have to sacrifice their freedom of choice, their happiness. They at a constant crossroads, no matter what they pair, they constantly jealous of each other to friends one-day, friends, and even their own spouses.

This tele-project personally, I kept on a lot to think about. Society is trying hard to us to prove all minorities — this is bad, but unique "will and grace" show the everyday life of gays with their feelings, joys, with their interesting and unusual(in the same time, ordinary) life.

Humor — this is a separate issue. 8. seasons of almost continuous laughter. Laughing at yourself, stereotypes over money lack of money, over and relationships.

Start to watch the show and I think he will always occupy a worthy place in your heart.

How long is Will & Grace?
What is the genre of Will & Grace?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Romance.
Who starred in Will & Grace?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally, Sean Hayes,
What is Will & Grace IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Will & Grace released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1998-09-21.