Nashville — a place where the whole industry of country music. The main character of the series, Reina James — the legendary country star who sold millions of albums and head of the charts, which in its forty began to lose popularity. Rayna's producers offer her to go on tour with a rising star, but a mediocre little bitch Juliet Barnes. All this happens against the background of the race, which involves overbearing Rayna's father Lamar HAMPTON that once forced her to marry his protege Teddy Conrad, who now lives on the money Rayna.

Seasons: 6
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Talyah Far
28 July 2018 | 05:30

My review will be divided into several time periods.

The fate of this series is. The first three of the season the question about not closed was standing, but after the fourth there was something unpleasant — changed the channel guide at which went "Nashville", and you know if such circumstances often reduced itself staff. But the producers of the series don't confused decided to go for risk. Is June 2016. First, negotiations are underway with other channels on is to accommodate the project. Second, if other channels will reverse, then for fans have prepared with an alternative ending, all final storyline of the series.

I am in limbo. You need to wait. New season or just the end? So share your suffering review on two.

Part one. Four seasons

"Nashville" — this is a series about music and love that helps to create music. Even if you never listened to country — there's just not be able to pass by the most beautiful compositions. And also by a fascinating narrative covering the lives of the characters.

Yes, we — "soap Opera". From series series watching those who is asleep, who who will remain, who who runs away from — so on. Plus analysis of family relationships, past relationships, personal experiences, and also show the inside of show business. Round — so much drama! But whatever sometimes it may seem naive, even slightly feigned, on your honest eighty (well, maybe seventy) percent of hundred she — real. It's interesting. It is vital. This excites the viewer.

In addition, almost all of heroes is here — excellent singers. The series has become a creative platform for actors, who wanted to start a singing career, but for the vocal soloists, who wanted to test their acting skills. Passing the seasons flashed "stray birds" category — from Kesha or Christina Aguilera before the Elton John. And the series sounded amazing compositions while castes of the series has become famous finally, got a big fan base and began touring.

As many TV series, "Nashville" not have escaped that at some point the quality of the script and performances began to fail, and characters — to disappoint with its volatility. Even Connie Britton, lead actress of the project, complained that the writers with time chose to pay less attention to the musical component, focusing on the relationship between the characters. What well, despite it but also disproportionately large amounts of melodrama, the series is still not rolled into a complete boredom, and trying to keep alive, teasing the audience various UPS and downs.

And the fourth season on a given time ends ambiguously. With one hand, is hastily completed the line that happy — why who needs open finals? With another couple of unsolved problems, and among them — a clear reference to that the sequel should be. However, I contrast the loyal fans of "Nashville", with both hands that it out in the most alternate endings. Because it is better to put a beautiful point, than continue to suffer.

What will? Looking forward, we believe, we sing. June, 2016.

Part two. Suffer on

Right to show "Nashville" got another channel, so the history of the beloved (or resolubilize) we heroes continued.

The fifth season of the right to designate a turning point. Nothing signs of trouble, but what happened closer to the middle of the season, was not only a conditional restart of the project, but I was disappointed many fans. I with my part, I can say that this turn was a risky move and, if not perfect but that were met. In some sense after such a jump of the history of all the characters have been reassessed themselves and their actions (even the newly introduced). Definitely, this is already several other "Nashville", and love it can as easy as to hate. But here to watch still want.

Everything will be resolved finally in the sixth season. To meeting. August, 2017.

Part two-and-a-half. Completion

July, 2018. Last season on "Nashville" — brand therapeutic spectacle. Here not expected osprey unexpected twists and turns in each series (for all they are stashed in the finale), not will be a celebration of the furious competition in the music industry, not write a stack of new hits. But the sixteen series of all will be to teach, to heal and to forgive each other, consolidating the shared history of the characters a very wise thought: while we live in our hearts there is love, you can endure all that anything. Considering how many events have occurred over the previous seasons, to the time of separation was reached only by the most devoted audience, and because fans of the series such a conclusion would be a logical, well-made gift. Well and the final series turned out to be surprisingly beautiful and nostalgic.


Six years. Six years in the world of modern country music, among full of dramatic plot twists and turns, in the environment is extremely talented singers with big hearts. However no controversial there were some aspects of "Nashville" — quite worthy of a television family's musical Saga. And the path traversed with characters, was a big adventure, and creative contribution to the whole crew amazingly huge.

Perhaps it is the series, which can advise to all fans as good music and life-taking for the soul of scenarios about complex routine of musicians and about the inescapable diversity of human feelings.

7 of 10

Cecilla Harrus
23 November 2016 | 11:55

I want to write my first review and begin with love of the series Nashville.

Have seen it is on television and thought again, another nonsense and take you it seemed typical:

Rayna jaymes, a famous singer, whose the albums are losing popularity, I suggest to combine the tour with a young and the popular "asterisk" Julie Barnes and etc... I Think that all the story is only about it but one evening, came switching channels on the TV series "Nashville" and once tightened. My opinion immediately changed after watching the first three episodes.

The characters are written very well with all of your positive qualities and shortcomings, the actors are great. I did not expect from Hayden panettiere that it will strongly convey the image of Juliette's, I guess, brings me to my opinion that I saw her mostly teen films in the image of sweet little girls and did not take this the actress seriously. Perfectly played by Connie Britton, after watching the series, and wanted to look for her. Clare Bowen fine conveyed the image of Scarlett O Connor from unsure of their forces girls to strong women. Loved the game, Charles Istana (deacon), Jonathan Jackson (Avery). You can speak about not all they did 100%.

I liked that the series negative characters, everything here is shown a lot deeper than it seems on first glance. Look at the hero see why it or is it in certain situations, so did not otherwise.

It is not surprising that the series has won many awards and received positive reviews from critics. Well here the atmosphere of country music and show business.

Mostly in the music shows on for all series, we hear one and the same the songs, but not Nashville. Music and singing is awesome in all they are now in my play list. All songs performed by the actors themselves, and the lyrics were written by young authors. And the Duo of Scarlett and Gunnar can just fall in love.

Suggest not to pass this series.

10 of 10

Ingaborg Aubyn
24 September 2016 | 12:31

A great musical show. Highly recommended if you love the music, nice characters and interesting stories.

We are introduced to Rayna James, super star of the country whose albums recently ceased to bring past earnings. To rectify the situation her bosses label insist on joint tour with young star Julia Barnes. Both ladies don't thrilled each other, although not see: Rayna considers Julia a brazen day, and Julia, in turn, believes that the Queen of country music, it's time to rest, yielding to the throne more worthy candidate, i.e., her. 

Here to mix family Rayna in the form of power, the unclean on the hand of the father-politician, quite spineless, but an ambitious husband, and two talented daughters, one of which times a nice adolescence and begins to give parents a lot of inconvenience.

Rayna in team there is a friend of the guitarist deacon claybourne, from which in addition to alcohol dependence in the past a number of a bright love story with RD, with one hand securely buried by years of joint work and friendship and on the other, in between skips are the sparks that the mother is not worry,

This same a tense moment appears the niece of deacon — Scarlett O'connor with her boyfriend Avery, who wants to break into the stage for has undoubted talent. Scarlett herself is a very humble girl, loving and devoted young man, but to check is not only writes beautiful songs, but and sings just fine. Real talent will always find a way and even though Scarlett is absolutely not plans this turn of events, on the horizon there is a friend of Avery's, another one talented musician — guitarist Gunnar Scott, which perfectly composes music and sings.

Juliette's Barnes. Young, beautiful, energetic. Have a completely vile character and the CDA size of the Eiffel tower. And like it to be an antihero, but not all so superficial... the Girl broke of the bottom, from her undeniable talent (not wrote annotation about her "mediocre" singing actress Hayden of Panettiere better Connie Britton). She is sensitive to any criticism of her talent fast on the emotional explosions. But it is a true friend — her Manager, who devotedly believes in her like daughter, despite all of her freaks. And in the closet it turns out the mother is an addict, Yes, and even childhood cannot be called sugar.

And it is only the basic structure. According to the course of history will appear other interesting characters whose relationships on stage and life will be bundled together. These lines are not be overloaded, as often happens in soap operas, when the third season you truly get tired of the principle writers "but let's so will Zaventem to the audience it was interesting and then we will understand how to clean up this mess".

What is interesting and not standard at all characters from season season of growing, changing and develop — it is very nice to watch and makes you empathize with their problems also more. You know, without this feeling: "damn, I love the character, but he time comes on some same a rake, how can something?"

The actors are playing well and perfectly matched, but there is a secret ingredient that makes the series irresistible — it's the MUSIC. Here and the actors who do a great song, and the songs themselves. It seems that in each series is born hit, and not one. Even if you do not all of the songs in the end was moved to me playlist, at their execution the series was difficult to break away from the screen. Amazing shows and the atmosphere of talented people who live the music, breathe music, music helps them to grieve, to Express joy, to convey any thoughts and emotions. In the story also featured real celebrities, living legends and the value of industry.

And there's also a lots and lots of sweets that you like. And in the series is only 5 seasons of that is also a definite plus.

Look, don't regret it.

Of 9 10

How long is Nashville?
What is the genre of Nashville?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Romance.
Who starred in Nashville?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jonathan Jackson, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Charles Esten, Sam Palladio.
What is Nashville IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Nashville released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-11.