Modern Family

Modern Family

Jay Pritchett met the stunning Columbian Gloria when she's in a bikini was feeding him cocktails at the party, which he had made on the day of departure of his first wife. Now Jay and Gloria are married and Jay struggling to keep up with the young beauty-wife and her son Manny. In the family Claire Dunphy also not going smoothly. Her husband Phil — just wonderful, but he believes that "in a Board" for children than their highly embarrassing. A son Jay Mitchell and his partner Cameron have just have adopted a Lily, adorable baby from Vietnam.

Seasons: 9 10 11
IMDb icon 8.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Diana Felix
03 December 2015 | 09:38

The series always pleased with American humor, though, and in a political sense to United States I are negative, it should be noted humor and their lame still, attracts! I liked the main character Phil Dunphy: always keeps the tension in any situation and if who can bring the family in relations after a quarrel or to help the wife and kids just difficult moments or thinking order — the father is always nearby, plus everything Phil (tai Burell) has a genuine sense of humor (really, a lot of episodes where I just was not has fallen from laughing his game). Honestly tell me all the characters were like, have all managed to create their characters in each visible realistic game and perfectly visible how actors skillfully taking on the role of the season season, adding new traits and development. So I like actress Sofia Vergara, her role is interesting in that the heroine is always trying to keep on mind your beauty, you always want what would it drew attention and said what she today is extraordinarily beautiful. But here are just compliments of this kind does not always happen, that a couple of angry character and again begins a series of fun through her ability to make everyone nervous, until she will understand the verbal in incorrect behavior "victims".

All the seasons (currently 7) do not will be forced to miss not only the fans, but and just person who doesn't want to watch the drama and tears, or the opposite of horror. Series Comedy and each season meets this requirement of the genre!

Dyan Orian
14 April 2016 | 01:08

I came across the series one channels he quickly got me hooked. On my opinion is already a fairly good indicator of the series, after the pair viewed a glimpse of the series I started to watch it from the beginning and through all published at this time series.

The series is filmed in a rather interesting style — mockumentary. Characters periodically explain their actions, thoughts, and feelings format non-fiction films: sitting in front of the camera and like answering question commenting on what is happening. All so blending in the story itself that causes only positive emotions. To here is not need to know conjecture think, what was the motivation or a hero, why did he did etc.

The characters here is surprisingly good. Jay Pritchett is married to the young Colombian Gloria (and no, she it not because of the money, and love), from which has a son of the first marriage, Manny. From the Jay is the daughter Claire and son Mitchell. Claire is married to Phil, have three children: Haley, Alex and Luke. Mitchell — poof, he lives his partner Cameron and together they are raising adopted daughter Lily. Here about this a large family and is the narrative in the series.

In "modern family" have I have a few favorite characters, although I sympathize with clearly to all. Phil Dunphy leads the list. The realtor, who loves his children and acts as a "good COP" in my family. He supports all their endeavors, he is ready to get in the helm of any venture. As correctly says his wife, he is a natural-born cheerleader who always inspires everyone around him people. He is interested in tricks, jumping on the trampoline, pulling the nest of ducks in home to grow for many years plans to fix this step on the stairs. This character for me is so kind and enthusiastic that I look at him smile and it I never annoying, although it fact. the big fourth child in their family. But at the right moment he can show you that kind of hardness and severity that even his strong-willed wife is afraid of him.

The other two my pet — Mitchell Cameron, a family of homosexuals. They are raising two adopted daughter Lilly from Vietnam. The characters seem to me to be very funny, their life is presented as the life of a usual family, with that the characters themselves are a bunch of stereotypes about gay people, but made it very easy and relaxed. For example, Cameron is very emotional and sensitive, he did not scruple to shed a tear for any reason, he is interested in fashion and well-dressed, choosing only stylish clothes (by the way, quite usual), enjoys music and sometimes sings in musicals. Mitchell also not friendly with activities in the childhood was fond of figure skating. Together was a good tandem of two opposites (the characters are they are totally different), for which I personally like to watch.

All the other characters I like me, too. Claire (Julie Bowen) — Phil's wife, a modern woman, who after almost 20 years of marriage and 3 children, manages to look at 30 years. She strict, principled, down all from heaven on earth, but does it with a bust. It is a perfectionist who wants to do everything is perfect, but thanks Phil have she is hot sometimes to relax. Their children of all so different, that observe they were always fun. Hayley — obsessed with image and the popularity of the girl which has a lot of fans. Alex — nerd, obsessed with learning. All her life consists of books, but sometimes the family is able to involve her into something else. Hatch — all father similar Hobbies, views on life.

Jay Pritchett — people with severe principles, not loving to Express your feelings and feeling awkward when it do others. But he loves his children and they help, though, and makes it often behind your back. To his family, he also loves providing her a good life, without knowing special care. His wife, Gloria loves him in response, showing her love for her. A hard life in Columbia's left on her own imprint, so she is skillful with weapons, knows how to pass a lie detector  & able to handle people. Her son first marriage Manny — an unusual boy who loves music, all the beautiful, he enjoys cooking, dancing and stylish clothes. Gloria supports him, protects from all that trouble, as and Jay, who took it like a native.

All the actors do an excellent job with their roles, yeah and they are chosen on my opinion, perfect. They really believe it is hard to imagine that they are actually not a family.

In the series very nice and light humor, without gross jokes lower the floor. Himself the series is very funny, looks at ease, all characters cause sympathy to themselves. Also the characters are not stand they develop each season, grow, change their lives, make important decisions. To the way, despite the already large number of seasons, the series roll down and holds the bar. I definitely appreciate this series and will watch it to the end.

Of 9 10

Nariko Jon
21 June 2013 | 05:31

As expected to the movie page, only green reviews. That says the high quality of the series. To  the"American family" I already got a long time, sneaking in the list of the best of the series. But it all worked — the time, willing to engage in a serial Saga. And still, when the hands come from me it I never sorry.

The series is just wonderful. It very family-friendly, so to speak. There are no below the belt jokes, which can be found now almost everywhere. Though the series and raise the topic missed for discuss openly our society, as the issues of the LGBT community. All shown this harmless key that just there are people can realize the strange world of does not different from"natural". Well, that there are series that help to break down stereotypes in this relaxed style. In addition, the series is replete with great jokes and cautionary situations with morality.

Characters as if writing for a specific actor. So all fit in their roles. What proves once received Emmy Julie Bowen.

In the end, we have a great show that will help you a pleasure to pass the time.

How long is Modern Family?
What is the genre of Modern Family?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Romance.
Who starred in Modern Family?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ed O'Neill, Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
What is Modern Family IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.4.
When was Modern Family released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-09-22.