The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

The story of a young talented doctor with a savant syndrome with unique abilities — an incredible memory and fantastic sensitivity to the problems of the flashing inside the human body. The hero becomes a brilliant surgeon, despite this, at the personal level, its development corresponds to the level of a decade child.

Seasons: 1 2 3 4
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Daveta Harpole
30 September 2017 | 09:57

But if in the first series (Dr. house) David shore was "human" doctor from the amazing "inhuman" view of people, the second draft about the other extreme — "inhuman", according to the definition of autistic, with the human desire to help. A sociopath, have experienced loss and learned to be compassionate? Autistic who wants to help? Is it possible that house and Dr. Murphy's — two sides of the same coin

It's insanely touching speech dedicated to fallen brother and beloved pet, had made a not all the arguments against his welcome to work, showing at this is different from other people face it thinking. "The day when rain smelled ice cream..." "In the day when copper pipe smelled of burnt food..."

Series about a brilliant doctor, thinking and not applicable as tells the system.

Does it seem that we have already passed?

Catlin Florencia
13 November 2017 | 06:15

If you want to relax from complex, intelligent, scary TV shows, a Good doctor you can see how easy, naive series. He sounds a bit like the old Latin American soap operas. Once it is clear who is bad, who good, the shooting is quite simple, everything is obvious, without undertakings. But there are moments of good.

Acting as you understand description, average. Weaker than all, perhaps, is the main character. Really don't know why. One and the same facial expressions, no changes, right better and not then this poluulybka. Just, there is an example of a strong game actor autistic disorder — Saga Noren (Bridge). But otherwise, the role it spelled out pretty good. The moments showing his difficulties adaptation. How stress is experienced and etc.

Alidia Moureaux
31 October 2018 | 08:08

The ship name — so it write. Good doctor = good show. Yes, not great but not failed.

Brief idea — a young man suffering from autism dreams of the work of surgeon because sincerely wants to help people and achieve this first sight, inaccessible to his purpose "help" savant syndrome. Sean Murphy — despite his diagnosis — brilliant and promising young doctor, with a phenomenal memory and thinking — he sees things as broken into parts in a time when we see — just the whole thing. So same with the human body. But complete with the talent in the field of medicine are as understand autism is related to the quality of a person — for example, excessive directness in literally "that I think I say". Sean do not know when people with him serious, but when the words just ironic; it doesn't understand why some things don't need to discuss with the patient his family — he wants to tell the truth, here so in all warning the truth even the bitter, right need right. In truth, there is nothing wrong with lying is not good, even in good. And do that this good? How to understand what it is a time when you need to lie in the name of this very good? He will learn, if not to lie, then just not to speak the truth, to learn to give patients the compassion, support, and receive hugs of gratitude.

In addition to it, by the way, in the team -there are several surgical residents applying for full place in the team of talented surgeon Dr. Melendez. Have their history, their story lines, but they a particularly memorable and interesting, they just filler for that would the series fit into the due to 43 minutes. In the first few episodes Shaun leads experienced doctors and in a stupor and excited and confused at the same time, giving one the one brilliant and innovative solution to rescue seemingly hopelessly ill patients. Surely such a guy can be a doctor, and still a surgeon? These are the most experienced doctors in the first series, give the impression of ignoramuses. You wonder they are just doctors? Who we trust them of life of patients? If every second from them — a terminal patient who they, deep and sad sigh, leave quietly die in the house. In the focus of the first few series — Sean. To the second half of the 1 second season — the role of Sean in the salvation of serial patient falls almost  no. Other doctor — interns, yeah and finally he Dr. Melendez literally "infected" with the genius of Sean manifest themselves not less talented and brilliant doctors — reputation of doctors has risen from knee length. So that the series should rather be called "the Good doctor". The figure of Shawn begins to get lost on the background of the other characters, although he — who is completely out of the crowd. But Sean, definitely, touching, sweet, heartfelt character that is not easy, but who just don't lucky. He is not guilty, that was born with it. But he is a fighter. He is willing to learn. To work. And become a Good Doctor, and even the most outstanding! To follow his thoughts, behavior, development, communication with the world, other doctors, mentor, and the girl is very interesting. Not worry just possible.

I am very far from medicine, anatomy, max, that I know where the main vital organs, as it works the circulatory system where are the most large artery damage which will lead to death of the expiration of blood. Alas, this chapel. Therefore, to assess with a certain professional standpoint, the show is not have no the slightest moral right and objective way. On how accurate their professional terms that they use, how accurate and realistic they behave on the operations, logical and reliable if their reasoning, findings, diagnoses... not know. Perhaps with this point of view, the series — complete nonsense. But me this case is no matter. For their operations I watched with bated breath. Scenes in operating for me the most interesting, fairly tense in the compared to the rest of the action and locations. Operators are not disdain big plans, opened the chest, in which the beats or not beats the heart of a patient and so on. Show all censorship, but and blood pour eyebrows — which is also nice. It after all operating and not the basement of a maniac with a chainsaw.

The Behavior Of Shawn. If in contrast professionalism series doctors, which for me this case is not primary little defines series, it here is the objectivity and the plausibility of the behaviour of Shawn — all I care about. On the course of the series, I constantly wondering: what is so maybe? Did he could in reality come to that conclusion? And so on.

But in General, again, the series seemed quite plausible to me personally. As others — don't know.

To call the series addictive is hardly a possible — you can easily go to bed on time putting the series on then — soap Opera night "Good doctor" is not happen. Addiction and based on the series causes. The characters are really mediocre, ordinary people, especially characteristic no. It You "Dr. house" — stunning charisma, high-degree of black humor and well-aimed sarcasm no one gifted. If You now nothing special to see mood morenike or just to all ofigitelno-quiet — view "Good doctor" — its the moral of the story was all is a Sean will leave You care for any way. But high ratings the series I still wouldn't give.

How long is The Good Doctor?
What is the genre of The Good Doctor?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in The Good Doctor?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Freddie Highmore, Nicholas Gonzalez, Antonia Thomas, Chuku Modu, Beau Garrett.
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At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-09-25.