Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0

Detective Steve Mcgarrett, a former naval officer with a lot of awards, and now a policeman, returns to Oahu to investigate his father's murder. He remains on the island, after the Governor of Hawaii persuaded him to lead the new team. The team will act according to his rules, with the support of the Governor, without bureaucratic delays, and with complete immunity, all of this is to catch the biggest "game" in town. To Mcgarrett joins detective Danny "Danno" Williams, recently transferred from new Jersey COP who would rather skyscrapers beaches, but is ready to fight crime, to his 8-year-old daughter felt on the Islands in the security; and Chin Ho Kelly, a former detective Honolulu police, which falsely accused of corruption, and who once was protégé of Mcgarrett's father. Cousin Chin, Kono, beautiful and fearless native of the Islands, recently graduated from the Academy and eager to prove that she is worthy of a place in the elite of the Department. Mcgarrett vows to complete his father's work, and members of the special squad Five-O, can, and squabbling with each other, but are set to destroy the crime in the fiftieth state.

Seasons: 8 9 10
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Leanna Josey
30 August 2015 | 12:28

Series-procedural COP shows — the most frequent occurrence on television, but also most poorly. According to its significance procedural COP shows are there and right after the soap operas. Start watching them can hardly not any of the series, call the main mythology, of course, is always present, but is moving at a snail's pace. To make series a series of "interesting thing" is quite difficult, so cult or just such a good show become rare. In the Treasury first, you can put "Dr. house", in the Treasury of the second — kolanowska "Suspect". Bad horizontal series a lot more. To fortunately, "Hawaii 5-0" to him and is with that the procedural COP show it fairly unimportant.

The detective is lame, the physics is sometimes like the last "fast and the furious", the mythology is so and did terrible. Where then, I ask the border that separates Hawaii from the status of the show category B? And it is exactly the scenic island landscape. The picture in series — feast for the eyes. But a lot more external view of the situation makes the atmosphere. Roughly speaking, in"Hawaii," you first check for the disclosure of crimes, and the relationship between the main characters. The constant bickering Mcgarrett and Danny, their funny conversations in the car, jokes Grover (the fourth season), the equanimity Kamekona do it show. Yeah and a whole "Hawaii" very good series, which promotes a lot of family and good, but in contrast the majority of such cases are not cause nausea. The atmosphere on the filming looks so fun bypasses this item even "Supernatural." Here always end well — in the family circle with a glass of wine in hands of the setting Hawaiian sun. Those shows are going to plus various genres television.

7 of 10

Neda Aeneas
02 April 2016 | 02:30

Thus, The "Hawaii 5-0". I with this series met for a long time and it I liked, but the degree of my sympathy is gradually decreased from season season, along with a drop in the quality of the series and in the series is developed on the moment, does not fit what he was in the first and partly in the second season. Gradually disappeared interesting and characters, the series itself has fallen into "Santa Barbara", in which entangled themselves writers. In General, the causes of negativity are understandable, but everything order.

The series tells the story of the staff of the special police unit of Hawaii. Frame, in which there is this command very wide — from the investigation banal robberies to the disclosures of international conspiracies and, I'm not kidding, the capture of nuclear terrorists. In General — room for a lot of the plot, but the writers use these opportunities not always successfully, what is especially noticeable in recent seasons. The same thing is happening with characters — in the beginning the plot revolves around the team 5-0 and their confrontation with former Colonel in the Chinese intelligence In the Fat (mark Dacascos), which has been guilty the death of his mother and then the father of the commander of the detachment 5-0 Steve Mcgarrett (Alex O Locklin). But then the story began to add a bunch of characters and storylines that stretched on several seasons (as absolutely stupid Stakeout Jerry (Jorge Garcia) for the counterfeiters or the flight Kono (grace Park) and her husband of the Yakuza which lasted the whole season and nothing really over). Here you can add completely delusional ideas of some of the episodes — spoil not but I arch nuclear terrorists, example, complete nonsense as from the point of view of the story, and the point of view of motivation of the characters.

Well as  the"cherry on the cake", the change of the main villain in the end of the fifth season.

In the beginning, the main characters resisted, above mentioned In FOP, which was clever, cunning and, in General, a cool villain, bypassing the characters in a few steps forward. Have it was his far-reaching plans and on a trifle it is, in General, not exchanged. After four seasons, a couple of stupid plot twists (which they say is not will), it win on the place becomes Gabriel Bancroft. Who is this? It is the brother of the late wife of one of the members of 5-0 — Chin's (Daniel Dae Kim), which also killed his father Rank blames for the death of his sister (and I mentioned on the "Santa Barbara"). And how would not presented Gabriela writers, the fact it is the street bandit, at all the parameters playing a really cool In the veil and, according to it presence are going to stretch like at least another season

And before go to praise (and praise, too have what), walk in one point which angered me personally — open hoplophobia as characters and writers: In series of series series a viewer's hammered the message that the weapons must be only in police but if the shot show NRA activist or the owner of the gun shop, then he either behaves inappropriately or helping criminals. I realize this is Hawaii, but cannot to kiss openly known place Michael Bloomberg associates.

Now let's move on finally to praise

Firstly, I want to praise the cinematography. And shooting themselves Hawaiian Islands, and action scenes. Filmed very nice, juicy and alive.

In the second — perfectly matched, the large, the music that perfectly complements the scenes.

Well, third — acting I mentioned in last, because with each new season, it is gradually deteriorating. I watched the show with the original sound and if the first seasons, the actors of the first plan, played well, by the time of this writing (the end 5. season), they just read put the scenario. Save the actor, but not always. Yeah and "natural," as in the same "castle" no (which is also for something to criticize, but  the chemistry between the members of the crew there well felt).

In the result: As one of my good friend — "serial end up either too early or too late." Here just the case when the creators do not managed to stop in time. From "Hawaii 5-0" was a potential, but in five seasons they managed to squander, and the story itself has lost all the remnants of logic began to spin around "family relations", Recalling not a good American series, and Brazilian "soap". Although watch it can not without fun, but if you look at the first season, then to do this already do not want.

Modesty Britteny
19 November 2011 | 11:51

- U you were a teacher who changed your life? The one who made you look different?
- And know was. Mrs. Torek, istorichka in the sixth grade. To meeting I thought the Cold War was on Alaska.

So, Hawaii — it is the teacher that changed my life. To meeting with them, I thought most of the series, which is going to live, it would be possible to reduce the ordinary film in half a — two hours, without the loss of any art or meaning. The more so almost each series of endless disappointment.

But this is different.

One series — this is a story, a holistic and unique. History, for a view which lose their sense of reality. Forget about that sitting in front of the TV and do not catch dangerous criminals in the fiftieth state of the United States.

- I Want to know my secret? I am afraid, too.
Have you get the gun. What are you scared of?
- Gun — is not the reason is not to fear.

All the characters — is personalities, not one and real, memorable, having a weight of the further development of events. Steve, Danno, Chin and Kona, so just height. It seems that they play, I live a real life. Attitude to each character changes significantly over the time of viewing, etc K. secrets, one for the other POPs out.

"Hawaii" please not only the plot, cast and his play, but still music, quality photography and well blended with the overall picture of sparkling humor.

Is the best boards on the island.
- The best?!
For what you paid, then and got. Board on trees grow up, brother.

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How long is Hawaii Five-0?
What is the genre of Hawaii Five-0?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Hawaii Five-0?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Masi Oka.
What is Hawaii Five-0 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Hawaii Five-0 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-09-20.