Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods

Frank Reagan — the head of the NYPD and Patriarch of the family of Reagan, which he manages as diplomatically as controls the police, even when dealing with politics that plagued his overly bold father, Henry, when he was chief of police. A source of pride and anxiety Frank is his eldest son Danny, a seasoned detective, family man and veteran of the war in Iraq, which is sometimes resorted to questionable methods to uncover cases. The only woman in the family, Erin, works as an assistant U.S. attorney in new York, a single mother, which serves as a compass for the law brothers and father. Jamie — the youngest of Reagan, recently graduated from Harvard and is considered the "Golden child" of the family. But he decided to follow family tradition and refused to work in a prestigious law firm to become a COP. His decision to sort of support his girlfriend, the beautiful Sydney, aspiring lawyer. Jamie's life suddenly takes a sharp turn when he is offered to participate in the internal investigation, which does not even know his father, and which can affect the whole family.

Seasons: 8 9 10 11
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Mamie Gene
09 April 2011 | 11:34

Accidentally stumbled on a and series seeing the role of famous actors, I decided to see.

Despite what a police theme filmed for a large number of films and serials, Blue Bloods looks good, in many respects thanks to well-chosen actors, according to him a little and go

1) Donnie Wahlberg in the role of detective Danny Reagan, on whose share falls the investigation of most serial cases. What regards, Donny from us, it is not popular his brother mark Wahlberg, but all his participation that I looked at me pleased and in this series he plays perfectly.

2) Bridget Moynahan in the role of the Deputy attorney Erin Reagan, helped Reagan with a legal perspective. Beautiful Bridget Moynahan decorates the series, so since it is practically the only female character present in every episode.

3) will Estes in the role of a rookie patrolman Jamie Reagan. Will Estes in spite of what he will 32 perfectly played the role of a younger Ronald Reagan.

4)Len Cariou in the role of burnout in police retirement, which regularly provides family life wisdoms and stories.

5) of course Tom Selleck in the role of police Commissioner Frank Reagan, decisive not so many criminal cases, how many political Affairs. It is difficult to imagine in the role of head of the family, instead of someone Tom Selleck. other, so it fits role.

6) we should also mention the Nicholas Turturro in the role of Sergeant Anthony Renzulli mentor Jamie, even though he not included in the family of Reagan, but it related most hilarious moments in the series.

It is an interesting series about the police, worthy of viewing.

8 from 10

Agretha Conlon
21 August 2011 | 09:06

Let's look at once. Despite what I would I recommend this series to all who loves stories about investigations, cops, and it usually, this series put them a row impossible. Of course, the object immediately — but all is there is the most of the investigation, but if there is a main story line about the mysterious murder of Joe and society of the "Blue knights", is not the original story, again White Collar fastened about the same. Another thing that if not look for the sake of investigation, we can easily observe that each directly related to the history of a single family member in which reveals its identity. Consider that in the first season we just met. Hence a mysterious end. But everything order.

History is unlikely to the ordinary, but the less — is a family to which have the third generation is in the police. Moreover, grandpa — former Commissioner, father — current, eldest son have a detective, the only daughter in the family, it is the only exception is — Erin Reagan worked as a lawyer. And the youngest is just turned on track the police after graduating from the Academy. (Here, of course, and took the name of the series). Actually, this time starts all the history. Yes, it may seem that there are a bunch of minor details, some family facts: mother died, and Jamie went on a lawyer all too quickly, confusing and unclear. Maybe someone from make out the features of each of the family members, but it's hard to understand who who have. Soon enough we understand actually the main characters — Yes, those who is the law, and who is in background — Danny's wife, daughter, Erin, and, how strange, grandpa.

This series is firmly tied to family relations of the Reagan family. Each series contains in itself the dinner scene — their traditions — where they be sure to discuss the current case, which is often one on all. Not know how likely is it that you can talk about the plausibility of consistent engagement and Jamie Commissioner Francis in every thing Donny, but help Erin ceases to seem strange almost immediately. Not know I about how these lunch help in cases — Yes, most likely, after all, are only in that lunch again connects the entire family and only with the efforts from them turns out to something to come, although it may seem that it not so. In any case, obviously we not shown. But this complication would have been impossible without cadastrial reference to family history — for example, the death of a child, which is close to the problems of Francis, which he lost a son, and it does not matter what the Commissioner engaged in the usual case, and well if once, so each time, as if testing heroes on the strength, particularly unstable Danny.

While the series is not devoid of humor and not specializiruetsya on crimes. They often don't contain the three links in the investigation. But here to argue and swear in this — sweet deal. And humor — I talking about the antics of Danny Reagan, I would say it is not jokes especially from his nature is such, quite interesting personally for me, but if you take the little episodes of street patrols and Rizolli Jamie, that they make one smile, especially myself Raisuli. It is not the main character, but still, remember more, and Danny's wife. The series is not leaves a grave impression that so here in the crimes of life and is that the characters do not personal life at all besides work (see, "the Mentalist" for example part of it and perceived), and it is not even allocates a single district for their actions, here you you will find a clear link between cops, detectives, the Commissioner, the media and politics, occasionally mixing with law cases, often with a fence surround of the case.

About every character you can write a lot, but will mean the word until their very not see. Rarely have the actors really get to be whomever they play (and if Sami that plays Nikki, this is to do difficult it just plays a normal teenager, I think), but if you before I saw someone from them in other serials, for example, as I'm Donny and earlier in various series and movies the cops, here they are very different. Not think that will explain without examples, enough that I say they are the Reagans, to the end. By the way, if you need a range of standard detective from a bad COP to a sympathetic kind, brave, Danny colorfully puts in the first series of one person directly about the toilet.

The final meeting and impression each remains of the end of the last series, and if before the series always gave some kind of rapid transition and intrigue, then this is not the case. What do here's family life. Where behind the scenes there is a feeling that they live. Where despite fairly simple and familiar to us business — drugs, kidnapping, trafficking in organami, the mafia, the murder of a COP and so you will never say who guilty because they don't show. It is the series for training deductive abilities and placing them off. Rather, it is and really first and foremost the story of a family that is just starting.

I put safely 10 out of 10 for the first time seeing family relationships in solving crimes

How long is Blue Bloods?
What is the genre of Blue Bloods?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Blue Bloods?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Len Cariou, Tom Selleck, Will Estes.
What is Blue Bloods IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Blue Bloods released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-09-24.