Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

The series tells about the most difficult and dangerous work of firefighters and rescuers of the Chicago branch of Firehouse 51. Despite the everyday heroism of men and women, their great dedication leads to personal losses. The main character, Matthew Casey, a born leader and a true firefighter. However, a breakup with a girl forces him to take a fresh look at many things. In addition, Casey is always in confrontation with another member of his team — Lt..

Seasons: 6 7 8 9
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Norine Halla
24 July 2016 | 11:39

Watching the fourth season of the series. And think — well, when, finally, Chicago will burn to fire — so many fires in one square meter of quarter — this, perhaps, smacks of domestic terrorism. Although otherwise, the show would be nothing.

Overall good series. A huge plus is that show the ordinary life of ordinary people and we have doubts, monetary difficulties, clashes with snobbery and bureaucracy. Because of the idealized life of the rich mazhorchikov and careerists have order nauseated.

I like the character Matt Casey — a real man, to store in the measure determined. All seasons sincerely for him empathize.

The first two season was very worried about his relationship with Gabriela Dawson. But by the end of the fourth I sincerely wish that they broke up. Metta does not need such a friend.

Gabriela Dawson — at first glance, very kind, positive, responsive. But without the essence of her actions, I understand that it is a tank that will tracks your selfishness for any obstacles, and back not take a look. As in the head vtemyashit, so will, regardless of the feelings of anyone, not just Matt. Loves to be positive for the audience, her eagerness to do the right thing like an unhealthy fanaticism.

Absolutely not fit Matt. Just have to wait when he stop her ceremony and let — she has repeatedly done for any reason, which in the real-life ears pull.

Take last — the adoption of a child of a drug addict, with whom I'd spent literally half an hour, and now feels obligated to become his mother, removing at this is Matt. After all, he time is not enough... But who pushed in policy? Itself and yet. Now ready to jump and do everything ITSELF. Good riddance.

Dre Dyane
15 August 2013 | 05:16

Interesting, solid and talent SHOW.

Swallowed it as a boa constrictor by: 5-6 episodes at times. I watched wide eyed and with bated breath, but ... my brains are the show and not included. No revelations about people, life, world, or at least about the profession of fire — alas! — this show me said.

What he kept me at screen as many as 24 series (entire first season)?

First, action! In the first two series of interest rests almost exclusively on it. It right: the characters are barely familiar to the viewer, to that them as many (main castes — 11 persons) that give God, if only remember their names, not to start to worry about them. Personal life chapters. heroes, however, showed at once, but this in my opinion, there was a strong party of the first series: it was boring — better in the beginning was smaller.

The profession of fire, how it turned out, does not give a big but extremely large stage for exciting action! I even podelilas in the — well TV series about a fire so not enough? All detectives, the doctors show, and then this effective action: people on your eyes climb in fire!

Not, of course, I know that they are professionals and that special. the costumes and special. equipment ... but still — when chapters. the hero lights up clothing or when the other chapters. the hero hangs on level 5-6 floor barely clinging to some of the crap my viewer's heart really skips a beat ... and only when the heads of the hero will knock the fire, and the other chapters. the hero set foot feet on something solid, I finally, remember that it is necessary to breathe.

Second, cross-cutting themes with the 3rd series began a long-running intrigue: "a good fireman vs COP", then followed by another a few scenes (all — 3-5 episodes). Each episode ended, of course, "the most interesting place" — it is forced incessantly to swallow one series for the other: "Oh, and what is there?"

Well, then (thirdly) the writers began to depict the back-story of several main characters. The calculation was true: for half the season, viewers have managed to remember and and love the characters — now is the time to make the complexity and ambiguity in their images.

Honestly, the characters of the series — very charming, but still very often cardboard characters: a willing novice, a wise and experienced chief, macho-hero, macho, a womanizer, a Joker, a funny guy and etc...

Against this background, the most unexpected character looks the paramedic-lesbian: lovely and intelligent blonde girl ... However, I have a suspicion: the authors of the script from all forces constrained to remain in the framework of the vaunted American toleratnosti and to make this blond lesbian completely comical character.

I wonder if it already in the 2nd season to turn into an ordinary heterosexual, not resist the charms of the chief, handsome and womanizer of the series — the commander of the lifeguards of Severity, which is part-time and the best friend of our lesbian and they even — purely friendly, of course — remove one apartment.

Fourth: closer to the end of the season, the authors of the series began to squeeze out of my viewers tear. As a seasoned viewer, I was so tight, even internally chuckling over the techniques that I, as the viewer, were treated. However, sometimes I still began to be annoyed: the mental attitudes, the fraternal embrace, weeping heads. heroes had a tendency to excessive hang on screen: > IMHO — let a little bit, but still "pinched" writers with a melodrama.

Well, to be honest (with salt already at this point the negative to the end), under the end of the series really got me pedaling "family values" in the American way. Yeah and the heroic pathos I began to digest the already with great difficulty — I love the heroism and nothing have against heroic pathos (because the characters in his deserve), but when it give me huge doses, even I can choke on...

Well, 5-x (maybe it should have been done in the first place?) the series shines its custom and a variety of characters: someone catching look for "Dr. chase" (Jesse Spencer), something — for the hero of "the vampire Diaries" (Taylor Kinney), and for all other there are heroes for every taste — dark blond, white and black, young and old, serious and merry, men and women, hetero and Homo...

In GENERAL and OVERALL: good show: well written, spectacularly filmed, cleverly played. The truth — I times — there is nothing new about life and about the profession of fire, he I don't said: show it, just show ...

The series swings even on a purely social problem, although, in passing, picks up on my opinion, one topical theme.

For example, virtually all of fire somewhere else earn — and after that heavy, exhausting work, what we were shown!

- Why you want a job?

- Low wages — sounded series. ... However, and this fact of the life of a firefighter is subordinate to the purpose of pure entertainment: how firefighters are trying to organize their business — are just a couple of stories (and a comic or semi-comic).

Well, maybe for Americans to do business — it is a synonym to "live and breathe" and means — "all OK!" (?)

In this series has such a typical American aspect: all each other permanent suing. For 24 series on our heroic firefighters were filed several lawsuits! — the series is raped by the additional intriguing subjects. However, even though this problem the creators of the series decided a little update:

- See: we saved your Asses, risking every day their lives and us the court drag!??

It sounded, but not a problem. Must be to sue for the Americans same into "live and breathe"...

However, my Russian mentality is slow and requires — give me the problem, let me food for thought! ... Not given.

... Here is a typical American show.

So, if you want a good spectacle, not to encroach any kind of philosophy, but but neatly beating on the nerves exciting you a strong loop of twisted stories, then this — most it is recommended.

Hehe, I also going to watch the 2nd season: wow learn — the they all over the season ended — duh! — is also "the most interesting place".

8 from 10

Jacky Timoteo
31 January 2017 | 02:08

This series is advised to see a friend, I long could be collected to enable the first series, I thought that it is a little remarkable show, without a sharp turns... I used to the TV series the Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, where neither range direct trouble, suffering, who die each time. I was wrong. The series captured immediately, do not look looking up, worry about each character!

The fire brigade one of the Chicago is a model of masculinity, strength, willing to risk themselves just to save someone else, stand up for your honor, for the honor of colleagues, part! There are no bad or good each has its own destiny, with their skeletons in the closet, complexities in the characters. They can swear to each other, but they are always together, ready to support each other and help any situation. Great team, under control fair, demanding, but ready for all for the sake of its parts and its people, chief!

In the Series there is a place of joy, happiness, laughter, but and tears and grief are very touching moments when it is simply impossible to hold back that would not to shed a tear! Life series that and distinguishes it from many others. Just life, just people. Firefighters and rescue workers together hand in the hand go to save the life of the inhabitants of their city, they go, knowing that can not to go back, but they know another life, they chose this path! And the real heroes of our time! Of course, it happens that the saved die, they need to survive, this is difficult, but they work, vocation. Look and have no idea how they do this...

Special thanks to the actors, a delightful game, no exception. Real, genuine, awesome! Look 5 season fun!

recommend to view, take a break from the vampires, werewolves, unexplained, superhumans saving at 10 times 12 season of the world from Satan and darkness! Note a normal life, with human problems, where is, something to think about, something to learn. Don't regret.

"Never doubt someone's kindness."

10 of 10

How long is Chicago Fire?
What is the genre of Chicago Fire?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama.
Who starred in Chicago Fire?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Yuri Sardarov, Christian Stolte.
What is Chicago Fire IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Chicago Fire released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-04.