NCIS: New Orleans

NCIS: New Orleans

The history of the service of criminal investigations of the Navy in New Orleans, a city that is a magnet for military personnel on leave, those wishing to have tons of fun.

Seasons: 4 5 6 7
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Josselyn Netti
06 December 2018 | 12:32

It started the series really positively!

Captain Archer with enterprise in the guise of a unit Commander, the brave officers guarding the quietness and peace of the bustling city of US, where even the funeral will satisfied with carnival, looked a little unusual, but quite suitable.

Of course — not Thriller detective, where from the plot waiting for the dramatics, but the characters depth. It easy to show on about the police theme, and it was the first few seasons...

But seasons 4-5 in this is clearly beginning to be felt propaganda during the cold war, and in the worst expressions.

We can assume that for the sake of hype in the storyline interweave events from the news reports the BBC. Almost all of serials sin "Christmas" and"hellouinskie" series.

But when the hero of the show on a blue eye and starts talking about the attacks of the evil of Assad, personally, ease of all children or about 12летних GRU agents with "new" pocket, it causes some surprise.

IMHO it starts to remind posters of the confrontation between USA and USSR, where the hard-core Communists spying for worldwide and do not shun put a bug in the baby pacifier.

Sadness... I Want to see about the brave men with guns fighting "for all the good against the bad", and receive a bucket of Russophobia... Thanks... but do not need to...

PS: This observation can be attributed to the entire line of "marine police"...

Verena Stephine
25 October 2014 | 09:30

Another offshoot of one of the most popular U.S. television series NCIS appeared in the body of the broadcast this fall. NCIS: New Orleans — history of the Orleans branch of NCIS. New heroes are investigating crimes in the Navy, however, make it under the old scheme. Three operatives, a "computer whiz"- the criminalist and one woman is the medical examiner — that the entire composition of the main actors. the Stories are also in line with mainstream crime series: one crime for the series, an investigation without a special puzzles and intellectual cost, with sense of humor, shooting, car chases the victory of the good in exactly 42 minutes.

Outlining the positive and negative aspects I've noticed in the series.


1.NCIS for 11 previous seasons bribed his constant humor. Each episode starts with a humorous scene of team Gibbs to the workplace and ends the episode with a constant humorous overtones. New Orleans decided not just to continue the tradition, and to aggravate it possible. These are the cops kidding not only the beginning, but in middle and after I mean always. They literally go with smiling persons and as it is strange not looks bad. Include the series and do not see with a scowl, "law guardians," and positive group of friends. The show immediately tells the viewer: "relax — it's a mystery, but "good," here to kill people, but "pretend". Of course there are the dramatic moments, and "slezovydelenii" and just not funny. But in General, all positive.

2. Very interesting color scheme of the series. The actually used scheme CSI Miami, only the most bright colors do not yellow green, and blue red. The picture is very juicy, deliberately emphasizing tropical climate of Louisiana. Looks very positive, especially when for fall.

3. The lack of political, Patriotic, anti-terrorist and other pathos. In the main series was always a lot of politics, a lot of terrorists, a lot of "Afghanistan and Iraq", espionage and So in this time before us provincial, tiny in size and the state Department, the here all that is given very little space. And that's good.

Not like:

1. Very strange location of the operational headquarters in some hangar 30 years of construction, no protection, no security and even the basic transmission at the entrance. It creates a feeling of deliberate igrushechniy not severity. Not believe a law enforcement Agency with the regime of high secrecy can be contained in a place like this.

2. The complete absence of subordination personnel of the group. The head they called "King" and almost not cuddling with him, he he is not away to hug. In original NCIS Gibbs gives orders, not matter apparently the writers realized the image of "father", in against subordinates. Meeting with other military there salute, stand at attention and do not forget that they army. Here this point is very noticeable and exacerbates the feeling of not the seriousness of the situation.

3. And finally the most unpleasant miscalculation on my opinion — it's Scott Bakula in the role of the head of Department. Of course the series needs stars, and Bakula of course the star of American TV. Popular, awarded and etc. But 60 years and it looks 60. Now imagine in an army of police, the structure with years to the operational work of this character. Imagine a person in the rank of major or Lieutenant Colonel, who serves as 60 years and Navy run for the bandits with a gun... Alas, it is perhaps the most unrealistic moment of the film. This simply does not happen.

Well in General, the series leaves a pleasant, positive impression. Dynamic action, not bad actors (especially good fit in the role of CCH Pounder), the beautiful nature. The basic idea of NCIS — "easy police procedural" in the series is embodied fully.

7 of 10

How long is NCIS: New Orleans?
What is the genre of NCIS: New Orleans?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama.
Who starred in NCIS: New Orleans?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Scott Bakula, Lucas Black, Rob Kerkovich, CCH Pounder, Daryl Mitchell.
What is NCIS: New Orleans IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was NCIS: New Orleans released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2014-09-23.