Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon

The plot is based on the relations of the two police officers, who became partners after a series of tragic situations in everyone's life. Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh would like to do without stress, but when the police service was calm? Heroes fighting crime and helping each other to solve personal problems.

Seasons: 2 3
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Taffy Petras
26 September 2016 | 01:49

So, it happened. Another reimagining of a popular franchise.

We have? we have a good script, good characters, skillful acting and embodiment the output is energetic, tightly coordinated action in the genre of buddy movie.

But about all order.

I am a fan of the original franchise, though, and looked all 4 pieces. Hence the release of this series to watch not planned. To view contributed to the good ratings and positive feedback from friends, have watched the pilot.


The cast is not possess the star names and only better, give 100%. Klein, Crawford successfully coped with its role, not expected him such a talent. Bravo. Damon Wayans — in turn, plays very well and his name is detective Murtaugh is not like Danny Glover, he more cheerful, cheerful, positive, with its actions are devoid of common sense and follow him a hero fascinating. The tandem of Crawford+Wayans was very explosive, the characters just complement each other.


The script is well written. the action is not miss it, sometimes giving the viewer a break in the endless stream of action and gags.

the Work crew.

Here above all praise. not often fails to meet the product, especially low cost that stands out of this study. gave it all. Cameraman, artists, stylists, costume designers. Looking to find fault, but does not work. All good.

The end.

Very dynamic, exciting action movie with good actors, seasoned with a dose of humor. On my opinion, this series is much better than the original franchise.

8 from 10.

Delphine Ferren
19 October 2017 | 12:55

How things, my dear, that there you for noise?
- Nothing special, honey, Riggs fired at the bandits from a grenade launcher!

The series "Lethal weapon" may have caught the the audience, who at the time of the video to holes through the fighters of the 90s. the Story tells of two police officers, Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh — the fate of the companions who were forced to fight against crime in the language of bullets and fists, so in criminal Los Angeles is difficult to survive otherwise. Not to say that episodes of the television series kept in a strong tension or bring something new in the genre, but if you consenting to the tape of Shane black John McTiernan and other Directors, who understood the successful action movies, it boldly go behind the viewing of the movie series "Lethal weapon". In the key to a successful Thriller, like this in the actors are charismatic, compelling story and a proper combination of these components, and here this is no problem arises. The remake was a success.

Story structure of the series is simple: the city is murder, robbery, even God knows what, how often these things no one is taken, because Murtaugh and Riggs have prepared to act as the other stereotypical cops munching donuts, washing them down with caffeine. And although the series is not deprived of the primitive, he fact that the heroes commit the most dangerous case, where involved with violent gangs and hired killers, forces us to empathize with the actors. Thus, the creators make pressure on the perception of the progress of the investigation, but not how much of the story sokolovac it combines. In addition to the whole, the film is not devoid of fascinating landscapes, high-rise buildings stretching to the sky like giants, yeah and beautiful girls don't rarely are flashed in the frame, all as Dr. Nostalgin prescribed, that patients are plunged into the world of the 90s. Add to all the aforesaid good sense of humor, and appears one reason to watch the show after all, the role of detective Murtaugh was played by Damon Wayans, who knows the secrets of the funny and serious at the same time the image that you want to play.

Matt Miller demonstrates good project where his protagonists and antagonists live in modern 2016, but true to the code of the 90s. the TV Series is mounted on a strong chemistry between Murtaugh and his family, Riggs and Murtaugh, they superiors. In turn, Klein Crawford not trying to play better than Mel Gibson, no, it Riggs more closed in myself, less impulsive, however, this does not stop him to be Martin Riggs, who lost his wife in a car accident trying to get to the truth. Police-daredevil no. one faithful companion like a guardian angel should be a shadow, and saving it from the enemy's ammo, because together is better.

Cynthia Jeanette
29 October 2016 | 11:54

Who know that the most crazy days for 30 years service detective Myrtou will start right after the exit to work. after the hospital due to a heart attack. And all because of this new partner, nut Texas.

As correctly writing criticism, any buddy movie rests on that is called chemistry between the partners, in most half of it success and charm. And thank God is all right. The main couple is worthy drags on a load of middle-aged genre, then the matter arguing who are Starsky, Butch Cassidy and the main pepper in a pair.

I remember when the news broke about the remake I wanted to forget them as a nightmare, but still, the Fox was able to do something to restart the rather good modern version of the adventures of Riggs and Murtaugh. Yes, this version Riggs not so crazy, but in the world today let Gibsonesque psycho to arms? And state of ecstacy and pain, disguised jokes, Klein, Crawford plays brilliantly. With Murtaugh did it happen I wonder the role of invited Damon Wayans (which is generally nifiga not looks at your 56, I in the beginning I sincerely thought that a couple — the same age), who once cut through the leather trousers for 600 bucks along with Bruce catch the villains in the cult film, also filmed for scenario Shane black. There is in this a certain irony, and beauty.

Daring the series is also not take it not so much procedural, no realism here. even does not smell, but is that action Comedy from all the trappings: lots of laughs, car chases, shootouts, jumping from the roofs without any consequences and other incendiary tinsel. I think, thanks for mcg it's: Human Target, Nikita, Charlie's Angels, Chuck, it Means war — the man knows how to shoot such things.

In General, I am delighted waiting for each episode with the terrible force

8 from 10

How long is Lethal Weapon?
What is the genre of Lethal Weapon?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Lethal Weapon?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford, Keesha Sharp, Kevin Rahm, Michelle Mitchenor.
What is Lethal Weapon IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Lethal Weapon released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-09-21.