Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat

In the center of the story is Asian-American family living in the 1990-ies, which moved from Washington to Orlando, Florida to open a meat restaurant. This move is for them a cultural shock. In fact in Orlando there is no Chinatown...

Seasons: 4 5 6
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Adrianna Gibbie
21 November 2017 | 02:11

The family of Juana moved from Washington Orlando. For the first time in these people are faced with the need to socially interact with AngloSaxon — for the world capital of theme parks there Chinatown.

The family consists of six people. I would have divided the Chinese characters for front and support. To the title include father Luis, mother of Jessica and eldest son Eddie. Louis — simple weak fine biznesman — in short, typical American Chinese. He believes retro pub business all his life, but due to lack of knowledge in the field of Yankee culture are often faced with domestic difficulties. Jessica — power and a strong-willed woman Maoist (though increased Taiwan) school, which suffers from a complex of the winner, and why sometimes too demanding for against children and her husband. Eddie — a fan of rap and basketball, which aims to become hiphopera and regularly tries to glue that another girl — word, nota typical Chinese teenager. To the subsidiary characters are the youngest sons emery and Evan and grandma Jenny.

The pros of the series. First, a situation in which are the Chinese, quite original and interesting. Secondly, the era of the narrative — 90. second, the ideological indifference. In contrast the lion's share of the series 10 years, "the difficulties of assimilation of the" not contain progressive propaganda. It would seem that the series about American Chinese — so in each of the second series, the writer needs to teach the viewer tolerance, an-no — moreover, the creators refrained from the emphasis on race and ethnicity Juanes, so still dare to make fun of a cancer of American society. Particularly striking satire contains a series, in which the Director of the school for fear of accusations of racism, put two azita (one of the which Eddie, the other — an Orthodox Jew) in the audience included the documentary, calling for a tolerance.

Cons of the series. First, the design of the average series contains only two of the storyline. Such a scheme can cause a partial loss of interest to occur an avid fan of situation comedies. I hope in future seasons of storylines in series three. Secondly, half of Chinese characters are very poorly developed: the whole season, viewers really do not found out neither about Junior sons nor the grandmother of Jessica. And because the quality of the sitcom is defined by the triad "of the situation-jokes-characters": with two paragraphs are all in order, and the third is limping on one leg. Again, it remains to expect that in the future the writers will take up tight it is the shadow trio.

"The difficulties of assimilation" — it's a family sitcom, which, of course, not go in comparison with older brothers, "Malcolm in the middle" and"American family". However, even though I and I watched the show about Chinese family for once the aforementioned masterpieces, the nonetheless, the sense of indulgence is not experienced. And means — the sitcom was a success.

7 out of 10

Lurline Shama
22 December 2018 | 10:37

I don't even can you describe in words what I delighted that show. And it all began after watching the wonderful movie the "Crazy rich Asians". I really liked the main character of this film in performed by a beautiful and charming Chinese women American Constance Wu. Looking at her filmography, I noticed this series "the Difficulties of assimilation" and, given that I am a person who is very familiar with Chinese culture, I showed interest in the movie made the right decision.

The story takes place in 1995 the Chinese family from Taiwan moved from the Washington Orlando, in order to fulfill the dream of the head of the family — open your own restaurant. The head of the family — father husband Louis performed Randall Park, it kind soft and does not find fault with details of contrast his wife, Jessica, in performance Constance Wu. Jessica — leader of nature, very demanding, strict, believes all money family and saves, obsessed with clean all monitors, but all of course with love. The character of Jessica, I liked not know, but despite her whole the rigor and meticulousness in something that attractive, it can attractive Asian appearance, may all its quality is really appealing, but at least, Constance Wu played perfectly and in every episode I watched her interest. Also have a family of three children, each of the three children are completely different, each has its own peculiar quality, manners and behavior. In I think the cast of the film — this is a great advantage of the film, all the characters are very colorful, charismatic, and each in its own interest. I forgot to mention a family — the grandmother, the mother of Luis, who is a fan of Garfield does not speak English, but smart tricky.

The humor in the film is also on a good level, the film has a lot of references to Chinese culture, the more given that the family tries to adapt to the American way of life, references jokes Chinese culture was not enough, many of the jokes were stereotypical relating to the national prejudice, but at least they played was well and has not been shown disregard for Chinese culture.

Another notable component of the film — this is the nineties, there is no cell phones, iPhones and iPads, and there is an attachment, chips, videotapes and VCRs, rap, hip-hop and basketball. I also want to mention that the eldest son, Eddie was into Tupac, which is that was mad popular (although his music albums popular and now).

"the Difficulties of assimilation" — very high-quality series, which tells about the everyday life of the Asian family in the US, the show with charismatic characters and peculiarities of national culture.

8 from 10

Tonye Mickie
04 October 2017 | 10:52

From the eighties the genre of situational Comedy not just managed to survive, but not hurry to take positions demand. For more than thirty years. what sitcoms the light is not seen, but most often the screens go family Comedy devoted to white middle-class and poor black families with all customs, stereotypes, domestic and social problems. But our Asian friends often remained in side laugh stereotypes against Asians were only due to the few comedies in the vein of "Rush Hour" and little scenes great movie. And then, one day, ABC-TV became interested in the biographical book by Eddie Huang about migration of assimilation in the U.S. it a Chinese family. Slightly changing the composition of the members of the family and imagination, the scenario engaged a native of Iran Mohnatka Khan, has already had a successful screenwriting experience in other Comedy projects. Definitely, here is a very intriguing representative of the genre.

1995, USA. Family migrants with Taiwan leaving their homes in Chinatown for Washington dreams of the family of Luis Juan. Louis carries a family in Orlando, Florida, so as to open it's own authentic Western Steakhouse. What is Asian family in American city environment and lifestyle? And on what tricks they have to go to become real Americans, but not to lose your individuality?

The brightest and most important components of this series, giving rich scope for the Comedy of the plot, — it's colorful characters and humor built in mainly prejudices are often related to a real national lines and contrast the experience of two cultures. Chinese diligence, thrift, frugality, agility and other less interesting side characters are depicted extremely fresh and very funny. And the merit of the writer — only half the battle. The rest is perfectly complemented by the cast, a game which literally overwhelms the characters charisma. Yeah and the characters themselves are very interesting:

Louis — the head of the family and a real dreamer. The character is soft, friendly.

Jessica — a tyrant in the family: causes all to save, study harder, work, and is the world champion of trading. All he meant it affectionately, of course.

Eddie — eldest son and, probably the most "non-Chinese" Chinese in the family. Eddie is passionate about basketball and hip-hop. He even speaks quotes of the tracks of biggie, Tupac, Snoop and thoroughly imbued with the gangsta culture.

Emmeri — he and the most accommodating and friendly of all. Have Emmeri absolutely everything is it all love.

Evan — youngest a favorite of Jessica's. The eyes called" replacement mother" for his tendency to the discipline constant load and criticism of others.

Jenny — she grandma Joan. Loves all because of the cat Garfield. Grandmother is very wise and cunning. No English is not said, but everyone understands.

This color characters not can not to ensure lasting success. And minor castes are also not behind is making his Comedy, the contribution from neighbors of the staff of a Steakhouse.

The narrative of the first season strongly resembles the other, not less is known about the project about the childhood of Chris Rock "everybody hates Chris". Here as the story is told from the face of the child as the Central character of the story.

Following that catches eyes after characters and excellent Comedy script — the authenticity of the 90s, shows in the series. No cellphones, no selfies, laptops and other wonders of the 21st century. The most important thing in 1995m — NBA and traditional festivals. Computer — luxury, yeah and those days, the Internet is still not was particularly populated. And attributes such as the Super Nintendo, Air Jordan Tamagotchi vozvrashaet to pleasant childhood memories and the sense of ease — that You will feel at the time viewing.

Definitely, "the Difficulties of assimilation" — one of the best show in recent years in the genre of "sitcom".

+: The script, cast and a touch of nostalgia.

- Often used to "break in" for the genre of humor with the standard sitcommy scenes, but on the other hand, partly genre love.

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, Ian Chen.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-02-04.