Dr. Jason bull is charming and audacious founder of the successful firm's litigation consulting. Together with his team, using science and intuition he is trying to understand lawyers, witnesses and defendants and to build scenarios of trials that would help his clients win.

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Kirstin Court
09 June 2017 | 03:51

After watching the first 4 series, I began to think, not end if this viewing of the series. But was able to overcome this — and wait until the end of the first season (second is will?! it is interesting to see whether he well sir, as first...). The last of the series — five or six — more interesting — possible to force more fascinating stories. From the first half from I rarely happened to nothing I could remember, except for the overall impression. Well, well, let's talk about the perfect.

Dr. bull can be positioned somewhere between Dr. Lightman ("Lie to me") and Patrick Jane ("the Mentalist"): from first took (almost) a scientific approach to"reading" people — on the subject of cheating whether or they tell the truth (although this is a problem: what to consider the truth; see least "Rashomon"); from  the Mentalist — ability to manipulate people. Moreover, manipulation — this is the main skate Dr. bull: "scientific" somehow not convinced. But if "Lie to me" was really interesting to watch Tim Roth depicting Dr. Lightman, it from the cheerful gouging Patrick Jane Dr. bull took only a smile (from the Cheshire cat remained one smile); to unfortunately, the smile doctor there not be anything, but the desire to not read; other explanation I found, as he smiles for any reason.

He specializes in bull — trial en masse; the challenge — to help the client to win in court. For the doctor bull involved in the jury selection, simulates the process of the court yourself the lab using a "mirror" of the jury — i.e. people, reminiscent of specific performance of a real jury. It builds the judicial process so that to affect the decision of the jury in he needs (and clients) key: i.e., the fact, engaged in manipulation of the court.

On the bench I would be attracted to Dr. Bulla of responsibility for disregard trial for the discrediting of the judicial process and for the illegal use of technical means in the courtroom. But then show "dead" would be completely (however, in a couple of series of doctor Bull was denied presence the use of technology — be fair). Assume that series — this is an easy fantasy on trial.

And there really is a problem: whether the court is so impartial, independent enough to be able to trust it solutions and no doubt the jury a whole. Perhaps this is the only positive thought that can be drawn from series. Everything else — the individual scenes loosely connected, without a cross-cutting theme (for example, in the "the Mentalist," it was red John) and for no particular masterful acting.

On topic I was reminded of "Justice for all" with al Pacino.

So in summary, not very interesting, very likely, does very well played. The average series, it is to 6,5 (as he and evaluated). Put 6. If you are interested in justice, you can see.

Kasey Orbadiah
04 February 2017 | 05:30

a Series of people their internal conflicts, and destiny her turns.

At the moment from a lot of detective series, but Mr. bull is different in the first concept of the series, in the second an original idea, our attention is drawn not to the victim or the accused, and the jury.

The series touches topics that opens different people with all sides, but at the same time shows us how to know our tastes, views, professionals will be able to predict our reaction, our choice.

The advantages of the series refers to moderate the love line, so a gradual disclosure of the characters. Pleased with Michael Weatherly, with his role was done on 100%, it character sorry some of the scenes in other admire his mind. So of the cast stands out Freddy Rodriguez, friend me for the TV series the Night Shift, the role of benny Colon revealed it in a new way. Its character charming and interesting.

Music haunting nice to hearing so the height of the same camera work.

Looking forward to second season.

10 of 10

Honor Tallbot
01 December 2017 | 03:24

Very long came to writing this review. With one hand attractive the main character, which is fun to watch, with other — a large number of disadvantages, such as a scenario plan so in terms of personal rejection.

Of the downsides of the script:

1. Half case sucked out of a finger. So the case of the teacher, tweak test student, have just crossed the line of stupidity. After all, it was clear that neither under any circumstances justify otherwise you'll find that to forge the final tests legitimately, if there is a "valid" reason. Or case  'harmful' Council (2nd season 4th episode)... I don't know, in America more did, but for the Russian audience is "clinic".

2. A number of characters crookedly written. So the lawyer Jay. PI. Nunnelly as approved — the best in the Affairs of the Ministry of justice and the FBI the case against cloud service too could think to translate a line of defense with the lines of the Constitution on personal. For this great mind not necessary. But no.. the best in its field tupil to stop,

3. To the end of the first season it becomes clear that the mirror the jury needed only to give the office of solidity in front of the employers and lip service to us (to the audience) of the brain. At least the series they nothing to decide. If the beginning of the first season on them once relied and has set up the strategy, it by the end they moved to the category of props. Cases are resolved either under the pressure of the facts or competent line of defense, and the whole point of a jury has become a Director of the glow of the atmosphere in the style of "bull, we lost two more!". Well, lost lost to end will be unimportant.

4. Bull engaged in virtually no preliminary information gathering. No, I wish he showed an unscrupulous businessman, then it would justified after all, all the time pushing that he's mortal. So why it first signed and then begins to read the Treaty?

From what I personally disliked:

1. Team Bulla, — all sort of East American patriots, ready to give the FBI the personal data of citizens on demand. Disgust for its correctness. Female characters openly richnote: laceration of Marissa, if you mention when she almost "flies coils"; when the cable is not agree with the position of the firm, made a displeased face and sent the bull in far from; when Danny almost fell down on the job and bull in rage confronted her about this, stood up in wronged "position". In the end the Bull.. the boss.. had to apologize to them, so they worked.

As with this team can be something to achieve?

2. Diligent obrasovanie controversial issues (e.g., racism) in forensic "science." What you there is not said, it is clear that there is racism on a subconscious level and the blacks will defend blacks, white whites (unless of course they brains affected by tolerance). In General, in this series I try not to dig deep, that's why the series of harmful advice turned out to be so smooth, although the Russian point of view this process should be a sentence all their rotten judicial system. However, these thoughts arise and after watching 2/3 of the series.

Why, after all, a review of grey and not red?

1. Bull.

2. It may still mean to the whole idiocy of the judicial system, so nakedly?

3. Good dialogue:

"Rule number one: customer — the enemy."

"They already up here!

All know how to behave?

We will be completely indifferent. In the office will be ruled by indifference. To the end of the meeting you are you going to beg for emotions."

5 from 10

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Comedy, Drama.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Michael Weatherly, Freddy Rodríguez, Geneva Carr, Jaime Lee Kirchner, Annabelle Attanasio.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-09-20.