Black Mirror

Black Mirror

In recent years, technology changed our lives fully, before we had time to recover and to question them. In every home, on every Desk, in every palm — a plasma TV, computer monitor, screen smartphone — black mirror of our existence in the twenty-first century. Our relationship with reality changes. We laid on the altar of Google and Apple and worship them. Facebook algorithms know more about us than our own parents. We have access to all information in the world, but in my head only enough space in order to perceive the 140 characters of a Twitter message. In "the Black mirror" shows a General concern for our modern world.

Seasons: 3 4 5
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  • Language: English
Maddie Burwell
03 February 2020 | 12:27

First of all I want to say that the series similar in one series, reviewed by me earlier (and they are very much).

I will not describe each series but agree with saying earlier that the series was not created to show us how modern technology has integrated in our lives.

I think the main task facing the designers was the opening of the social problems of society, there can be a long list of problems, but I doing this, I will say this, the show reveals how personal issues(problems), so and problems of society (it's our consistency, our victories and defeats in against this system).

Personally for me the series is just gorgeous, each series is addictive, BUT in each series there is a lot of sense and after watching every episode you sitting do not think about the series, and about themselves and projecting all events on myself his experience, spending analysis in General, see all your mistake side it seems to be see the solution, BUT again the question of moral education.

In each series shows the tremendous work of psychologists who are in contrast the feature film, not show 1 2 the in this series take a specific moment of life and no matter what reflect each of heroes, I think everyone will find a piece of yourself when you view.

Most importantly, after watching we understand some things we already made this will not return we are this series its important to understand that we fix what errors do not should make!

All pleasant viewing

This storyline earlier, I have not seen!

Afton Dickinson
27 October 2016 | 04:44

Kingdom virtual mirror

the film shows the black underside of our current digital reality. If you are a smoker, you are facing cancer light and danger to society, the world which is entirely virtual?

"Black mirror" is hardly a series in the usual we value. Apart from the lack of the center line of the series the series is absent here and the unity of one cast. It is a separate self-contained blasting your consciousness paintings, each series — unique, separate, short film.

1 episode 1 of the season... start with the second..

The most scandalous and memorable is the first episode of the first season... Could I could go back, I would it was not looking. Because it completely stands out from the overall picture of this topical-brilliant series.

The first series, the function — SHOCK. But poorly designed... the actions of the intelligence services... the super secret police, was akin to actions and the guard of a suburban supermarket, so well as and the actions of the rest of the tops of the Parliament, whose actions were one more absurd than the other. The villain also presented unrealistic Almighty, in as argument action up to the end is not clear. Not clear the actions of the Prime Minister. In General it looked silly, unnatural, dirty and awkward. What can be said about the rest of the series.

Series wanted to show the potential of the global web, from not hide with the help of which you can do almost everything, affecting facts people. In fact the series has caused a bad feeling and a lot of questions.

With all my sophistication in the film industry and ability to predict many of the plot twists, here is almost works. Each series nugget that carries great meaning. More relevant and topical series on the moment.

The series shows the major sins of the 21st century to what they are. Shown the near future with the most sometimes cruel side. for some reason, talking about the end of the world or a terrible picture of the future, all can you imagine the movie "day after tomorrow", "Armageddon", "Oblivion" or"Resident evil". But everything is much easier. All the worst thing comes with us and is coming tomorrow, we create THEMSELVES. And I say not about Skynet of the"Terminator", I'm talking about the human mind, about human perception of the world and society where he is. About his crippled attitude to simple truths and things.

This is the most poignant and relevant series of humanity in the genre Thriller-drama, which I would recommend to all!

10 of 10

Rubetta Tarrsus
10 December 2016 | 02:45

The prosperity of Netflix, allowing the service to order your own series — perhaps the best that occurred cinema twenty-first century. We not only got a new format when the viewer does not have to wait for every next episode in a week, so C. otherwise the series will drop a rating and it will bring less profit TV channel with advertising, but and received an abundance of quality content, due to the simple fact: a subscription to a bad one can make not will be. It is difficult to say whether the Netflix to replace traditional TV, but I am sincerely grateful to them because they have managed to do, in including and a green light to a third season of one of the most interesting experiments in cinema in recent years.

Film 1: "Decline" — meditation on the theme of the excessive popularity of Instagram. The social system, are shown in the plot, allegorical reflects current trends; to unfortunately, let such a society and it is impossible, but with reality it has much more in common than we would like. recall users of social networks "My world" 2ch trolls users and other t p. sites, placing them photos lowest rating and causing a storm of anger until threats of physical violence. Yeah and many employers have checked the accounts of the applicants in social networks. The problem is exaggerated realism only that I have it is too strong disgust, completely overwhelming any other emotions from viewing; I just not physically able to empathize with the main character. Moreover, it is shown an alternative similar way of life in the face of marginalized and mutual foul insults... well, not many attractive.

Movie 2: "Play-test" — story of testing a horror game with augmented reality. These games are now on the peak of popularity in the fantasies of gamers around the world in including and I was happy to take part in something like that, so that there is problems with empathy already was not. I would also like to mention the very good special effects, especially the spiders — turned out really cool. Lying is not will anything really terrible or crazy here, so C. do not holds the timing, but there is an interesting final.

Movie 3: "Shut up and dance" — a rethinking of the process of blackmail in the digital age. In principle, the paranoia with built-in the technique of the cameras do not so and fiction, so C. it supports a large number known in the IT industry personalities. I admit, to watch until the end was easy to associate themselves with the main character I do not worked. He goes extremely stupid and illogical, almost the entire plot, myself not the most pleasant character. However, the final episode is just perfect for it I the writers, of course, applaud. If you will be bored in viewing, try to see end — it's worth it!

Film 4: "San Junipero" — a lesbian love story with a hint of nostalgia, exploiting the idea of digital immortality. The film starts out amazing, perhaps it is the best embodiment of a bygone era in the format of the series. Technical quality and style of the film is impeccable in each items. Initially, I thought the idea is similar to the TV series "Westworld", but no. To tickets are almost perfect the picture, has a huge potential that is attached is very simple and formulaic story that much oil overall impression.

Movie 5: "Men against fire" — meditation on the theme of extreme eugenics with nigger in the title role. Perhaps this is the worst movie for all three season K. except for the story of the protagonist it completely incompetent. The story itself is, in General, is simple and linear, but relatively good. The problem here direction of the universe. Directing frankly mediocre; is the first episode about the war, but the action scenes here are euthanized, no speakers, like actors on anyone, but not military etc. With the universe is still worse, so since the viewer does not explain anything, it just throw to inadequate absurdity of the world and trying to convince us that it is a reality, but the events on screen — is not just ridiculous, it utter nonsense that cannot be taken seriously.

Film 6: "Hate people" — as opposed to the previous episode, it's best my opinion, a film for all three of the season. Finally, I saw exactly what expected series: deep linear plot, involving different problems of the society and just a little complement the actual reality. It has everything: from small drones that mimic insects, to government surveillance of citizens and thoughts on the problems of communication in social networks. And all this is not just present on the screen, but is organically woven into solid, interesting story with a very bold ending, which leaves a very positive impression, skrashivaya the shortcomings of the rest of the season. I would also like to draw your attention to the quality of the special effects, it is flawless, i.e., it is, in fact, quality self-contained feature film with a decent budget (best fiction for year I, in General, is so outright not able to recall).

Overall, the season left a mixed impression, but because six episodes of each other does not bound to put the arithmetic mean somewhat wrong. To unfortunately, the last time, the moderators removed the rating inside the review, so have a choice me in General, anyway. Let me just say that the last episode that deserves the maximum rating does not guilty the mediocrity of the fifth, which is not draws on anything above a five. As a result, the viewing, of course, highly recommend, and myself looking forward fourth season, and hope the writers will be even braver, T. K. acute problems in our society lacks more...

8 from 10

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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama, Best TV mini-series Movies.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Daniel Lapaine, Hannah John-Kamen, Michaela Coel, Beatrice Robertson-Jones,
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At the moment, the rating is 8.8.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-12-04.