The action takes place in a small town in Iowa in the 1930s There almost simultaneously arrive young pastor calling on the poor to oppose the rich, and a dashing scoundrel employed by these very rich men to thwart the plans of a pastor. No one in the town knows that these two were brothers.

Seasons: 1
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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Valencia Sherrard
14 November 2017 | 12:09

The great depression is considered one of the most difficult pages in the history of the United States. As aware of official documents and testimonies of ordinary people that have survived up to our days, the economic situation of the country has reached its lowest level of the those were possible, this circumstance threw US a good thirty years thing, it was tantamount to catastrophe. The great depression caught not only the United States, but also other countries, faced with impossible credit commitments and other problems, driving the industrial, intellectual and social base in the impenetrable atmosphere of stagnation. However, the US desire to be a leader among equals has led to that their site closed the largest number of enterprises and ordinary people had hardly not beg on the streets for the banal food. Not have contributed to the normalization of the situation also the Dry law. arisen for the Wake of the great depression and limiting consumption of intoxicating substances. people are deprived of their normal earnings and the opportunity to iron out the stress after a fruitless labour days, all often rebelled against the government, if not out in the open, by visiting underground bars whose the network has grown in America.

Western cinema is just not could leave so fertile for creative thinking themes singing not one ode to the great depression, it badly romanticaroma. Crime gang of al Capone and other gangsters found in the eyes of the public a touch of legend, causing an attack of genuine nostalgia. Direct witnesses to the fact that was in country the time in a hurry to speak to one of the parties involved in the opposition to the mass public on both sides of the legal fence, but time tends to heal the most severe wounds, and now criminals flaunt on the pages of books and feature films with her head held high, while the police have become more likely to stay on the positions unattractive minority. But pleasing and that the voice of justice and doesn't have been muted on the root he was allowed periodically to Express themselves and to remind the audience that anarchy and chaos still has not led to prosperity no one country. And if the government's decision to raise questions, to deal with their manifestations need through a healthy dialogue, eliminating any unnecessary conflict. The there are still a lot of disagreement since the great depression, it was simply impossible to resolve with simple words, though at times were desperate daredevils running with a smile on gun believers in Holy what a higher power and steadfast beliefs will help them in a difficult situation.

The events of the series "the Curse" takes place in the 30-ies of the last century in provincial America. throes of economic crisis, the country barely handles call of fate, and if the big cities the situation is possible to keep under control, in the provinces begin to operate its own laws, not with the constitutional rules and the Holy Scriptures. The young priest Set Davenport (Killian Scott) is not able to supervise how the powers that be scoff at the families of poor workers who are forced literally to beg their employers every penny, decides to raise the level of social justice by way of hot sermons and practical advice, inciting in ordinary people, the fire of justice. However, this is not like the rich, continuing to refill your Bank account against all economic odds. Instead of having to lift the country out of the depths of debt and General decline, the businessmen care only about yourself and their profits. And when they were made by an ordinary priest with the speaker's skill, money bags and decided to go against him creeley Turner (Logan Marshall-green), a man with a dark past and no less suspicious of the present and the future. Pluck inspired by the initiatives of the priest, the Brits are gradually approaching him to look in the eyes of someone who hates and broken will forever. But the Reverend Davenport not as weak as it might seem. Times it took justice all it is due, so will go on the selected road up to the end against all odds. Even the tricks of his nefarious brother.

Recent years in the entertainment industry revealed that the TV series that were released on small screens, is able to give odds to many full-length movies. "Damnation" applies to both the time for those projects that attract the attention of the public with the first minute thanks to high-quality technical execution of productions and also a serious dramatic work with characters designed to find with the audience common ground. In many ways, the success of "Curse" on American soil was based on well-chosen historical basis. The great depression, prohibition, gangsters, and the treacherous dealers continue to haunt the minds of the public not so long ago emerging from another economic crisis and with alarm look at the next day, in which stability is not guaranteed. Of course, the modern financial turmoil is not have nothing of the past with what happened to 30 x how public morality has moved forward, except for the blatant display of mass riots, and the less "Damn" is not difficult to find Parallels with the present. what the series only adds extra rave points. Heroes and villains of the American heartland remind us that every bright side has its antagonist, and if the time has not stop it will lead to irreparable consequences.

At the head of the history of the "Curse" are two completely different people, each of which believes only in the truth. Davenport and Turner like were born on different planets, but by force of circumstances they are inextricably linked with each other. The situation in the wild hinterland, discouraging their obstinacy, it and then tries to push the characters heads together, but the confrontation is a deep character. Turner nothing should let Davenport a bullet in the forehead, only it's not guarantee the disappearance of serious mental injury, tearing at his soul. Before our eyes unfolds a complex game, which is simply impossible to complete for a single move. And even where official law prior to the ugliness of corrupt and no one knows whether him to Wake up in the morning in good health, some principles are fundamental. The story told us in "Curse", trying to show those the verge of the great depression that rarely come across on screens. And therein lies the true value of this series, incarnate our eyes dusty America, tangled in itself, as if creeley Turner and with those believing in amendments to the best, like Seth Davenport. The data components of a whole refuse to as time to dock, but sooner or later the inevitable will come. Just how to know. what is the ending of this story will be for one of the leading characters of the series.

In the end I want to say that "Damn" is an exciting and tense spectacle in the best traditions of classical paintings of the Wild West, gangsters and the great depression. The creators have managed to recreate the historic ambiance and place in the center of the narrative a serious character. Therefore it is necessary at the time to postpone Affairs and to evaluate this work with my own eyes. An eventful and dramatic you view.

8 from 10

Lena Ormond
13 November 2017 | 07:29

This series tells us about the darkest days of America all-consuming "great depression" of the 1930-ies Yes and those places she was given a particularly depressing echo, but in the rural hinterland of the Yankees. But for some, the poverty and unemployment, and for other good opportunity to earn money. That is why the local banker is artificially lowers the price of the roar, the most giving the opportunity to earn the artisans and farmers.

The story centers on a father (Killian Scott), wandering from city of city trying to ignite the flames of revolution from the local people, after all, who as the Holy father has a good ability to influence the minds of ordinary workers. With the other side is worth the Pinkerton Turner (Logan Marshall-green, which unfortunately, he lost his role in more than a worthy series, "Quarry", which has been closed the company Cinemax), so called a "scab" is on track of the Holy father, leaving only death and destruction, he also is some kind of "Yan" for the preacher trying to keep this extremely unfavorable balance for those in power, maiming, killing and intimidating all who is ready to embark on a way of the capitalist magnates. So to we moved the infamous "Swede" (Christopher Heyerdahl) from "Hell on wheels", here it plays the role not an exemplary Sheriff of the town of don Berryman, who profit from bootlegging and sponsoring so required in such difficult times of prohibition of alcohol all the local regulars of the underground bars.

The atmosphere of the heartland is very realistic displayed in Siem creation, poverty and unemployment having a negative impact on the situation in town. Yes, so be called "wild West" and looks a bit our bruised, but is no to what extent does not spoil the atmosphere in General. Acting without all the exclusion of more than strong and compelling, but is not surprisingly, we need only look past the works of these masters of the game and all will become clear. I would like to mark Marshall-green, who exhibits extremely noticeable similarities with Tom hardy, as external and rough, laconic and cold-blooded killers.

Suggest the series to all fans of films and TV series about the wild West, such as "Hell on wheels" or the"Deadwood" that will be not disappointed with this sorcery and the oppressive atmosphere of those southern towns times, except that just not be missed decadesago duels with"peacekeepers", and also to all those who missed "Quarry" with its extremely unbalanced postvetnamsky killer or those who is waiting for a new season of "the Son" the best bond of all time and peoples — Pierce Brosnan in the main role.

8 from 10

Hedi Zitah
27 February 2018 | 04:36

1930s, America was gripped by the Great depression. In a small town in Iowa declares a young pastor Seth Davenport (Killian Scott), support local farmers and with wife Amelia (Sarah Jones) to help them in the organization of strikes. In response, the bankers and big capitalists, for whom the strike the peasants turn into losses, is sent to deal with the problem of scab creeley Turner (Logan Marshall-green). Have it soon becomes clear that the Minister of the Church on the business is controlled gun is worse than quote the Scriptures, and Fink does it half-brother.

Ended in late January the first, and as it turned out, the only season of "the Curse" marked another, even a modest milestone on the way of revival on the small screen of such a genre as the Western. However, in contrast predecessors channel USA Network showrunner Tony Toast decided to cross cowboy game with a crime drama and deploy the action on the backdrop of one of the most important periods in US history. Therefore resulting in the output of the product like more on the unofficial sequel to "boardwalk Empire", the last action of the season which ends exactly in 1931. Here only terms of script, characters and directing "the Curse" is at once on a couple of heads below, is clearly not reaching the best examples of the genre.

Although the show starts is very lively. The authors do not shy away from the naturalistic, even a deliberately ostentatious violence, blood vengeance, and the first episode and even ends with a scene of the crucifixion of one of characters in the door of the Bank under the invigorating soundtrack. Ko all this must be added serious social issues and giving melodrama "float" brothers, on connection, which up to time to one time no idea. However, for viewing not feeling that all — in total or individual elements. — we have seen before. When the sixth of the series pastor goes to Rob the city Bank, the stolen money to save the peasants, laid the farm almost not same Bank, all finally becomes place. The complicated relationship of brothers who found themselves out of law, and the charismatic Sheriff (Christopher Heyerdahl) have them on the tail; the economic crisis and a Bank robbery in the name of saving farms — here's and criminal Western with a severe social bias... Yes, it's almost at Any cost, transferred to scenery 30 years! But even if you ignore the inadvertently climbing in the head of the Association with pozaproshlogodnie hit by David Mackenzie, the "Curse" all still appears quite predictable story, a difficult to predict most plot twists. For a couple of episodes to finish us, of course, tells with using a series of flashbacks the story of the quarrel of the brothers; in each of them, of course, would be for the soul of a complicated love story; Fink damned capitalists, of course, ordered in the end to kill the pastor; to the final brothers, naturally, will have to forget old grudges and unite against a common enemy.

However, the problem of "Curse" is not only called the feeling of deja vu. The thing that show too seldom chosen for the limits of Iowa, remaining provincial drama centered around, in General, parochial problems. In the same "boardwalk Empire" among the heroes were many real historical persons, and in the background loomed even such figures as John. Edgar Hoover and Joseph Kennedy. Similarly, in the "Sharp peaks", for instance, occasionally appeared Churchill. In "Damn" is all the characters are fictional, and the powerful of this world represent some shady figures in expensive suits, from which really does not have time to memorize any names, entities. Given that a subject of study for writers in, among other things, kind of like is the class struggle and movement farmers ' rights, it would be useful to show these events nationwide, not limiting the story to one town. However, such a large scale show somehow alien.

The final episode is expected give the viewer a few good staged action scenes and heartfelt monologue, with which the priest-agitator will turn to the congregation. But even an open ending is not to save the show from shutting down (and who when saved?). We can only sympathize a good actor Logan Marshall-green, who's for the second time in a row is not surprising. lucky the projects: year ago he has performed the lead role in other promising criminal retro — "Mercenary Quarry", which also was closed after the first season. 25 January, the same fate befell "Curse".

Verdict: strong genre show, however, is not able to seriously surprise or to offer some original screenwriting and directing moves.

6 from 10

What is the genre of Damnation?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Western.
Who starred in Damnation?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Logan Marshall-Green, Killian Scott, Sarah Jones, Chasten Harmon, Christopher Heyerdahl.
What is Damnation IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Damnation released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-28.