The action series is set around the most precious and mysterious relics of Christianity — the Holy Grail, completely lost in the fall, the city of Acre, the last stronghold of the Templars. The existence of the Order now under threat, depending on whether it found the Cup of Christ. The Grail quest is sent to the leader of the Templars — the brave sir Landry, in order to prevent the destruction of the Order.

Seasons: 1 2
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  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Kellyann Schwinn
15 January 2018 | 09:53

In the field of historical dramas like and 5 years, it still dominated by the never-ending epic of semi-mythical hero on behalf of Ragnar Lothbrok and his legacy in the culture of Normandy countries. But sooner or later, every story comes to its logical conclusion, it's not people, not gods eternal with the clock of their life traces the sand of history slowly but surely wash away the waves of time, and that means it's time to start a new historical franchise, in order to continue his fascinating way of knowledge, though the authenticity of the entire event and is in question. Well, may omit the prism of the reliability of what is happening, because  the Vikings allow themselves not little improvisations, and rather focus on the main tasks of any series, and the ability to lure the audience in this case, all not so simple...

The series "Fall of order" starts with the scene of the siege of Acre and attempts of valiant knights to rescue the most famous artifact of all time and peoples the Holy Grail of dirty paws "the Gentiles", but unfortunately the ship with a priceless heirloom goes to visit to Poseidon, as with him the Cup itself. Some time later, the narrative is transferred to the medieval France, where now settled the order. The main hero of this strip is a Templar at the name Landry in performed by Tom Cullen, who in certain circumstances (no spoilers) becomes the new master of the order and know that the Shrine is not quite been lost, and that means the valiant Templars must find with all the honors to her back on the "rightful place".

As in all these serials most of the screen time devoted to court intrigues and conspiracies, but here in the problem is, in "the Fall of the order" they everything is pretty dull and predictable, all we have seen hundreds, if not thousands of times. Love, revenge, betrayal, all so same old serial field, as it and the Holy Grail. Yes, the actors are good, well played all roles, but by God, no between them, chemistry, in the brotherhood they are each friend, but old grudges remain, whether an unjust injury that ruined the whole life or same misunderstanding comrades, but the giving of these emotions is extremely sluggish and not demands the screen, something like: "it would be Necessary to revenge, Yes, too lazy...". Well and of course battle scenes, no doubt, costume designers know their business and doing it all one hundred percent if you look closely, you you can even see how hard the actors waving swords in gigantic arms, but God, this CGI in the background, he just kills the whole atmosphere of ruthless battles and reminiscent of modern, extremely cruel torture. Well and finally, what does not use and this the kindness of the knights Templar, ready to the dishonest assistance to all the oppressed and the oppressed peasants, and about burned towns, villages, raped women, chopped the most subtle ways "heretics" in stone as would not words...

As a result, we get absolutely the passing show which you can pay attention only if you are an ardent fan of historical narratives or just turned it on the background the History channel. Comparing it to the same  Vikings; he is inferior in almost everything but main problem is the story itself, Ragnar Lothbrok us loved for his simplicity and persistence, which he paved road from a simple bond to man myth and the protagonist of the legends of the Normans.

6 from 10

Suzann Cathyleen
23 February 2018 | 12:35

the Fall of the order tries to be a historic series, here it only the authors familiar with history of the word at all. Not exactly so they hear about certain historical facts, but does not understand the context in which they happened, well, or simply don't want to use real events. Quite a strange decision for channel named History, but disregard source material still does not makes the show bad.

But to what makes the series bad, so it's boring plot, all of intrigue which is easy to solve in advance. Well and of course the extreme simplification of characters, each of which can be described in just two words, and it will be a complete description of its personal qualities. Heroes are needed here only for development of the plot, and it's boring and nonsense.

Visually the series is based very very good, well-chosen costumes and the scenery work well on immersion setting. Dynamic and pretty tough battles on the swords are of genuine interest, it is a pity that the style of fencing is absolutely not suitable for described the era. And then the creators was desire to make a qualitative product.

For that would be a good historical TV series Falling order not lack of reliability and for fantasy it too banal and boring.

5 from 10

Bettye Emma
31 July 2018 | 11:20

"I do not might have come to cake" — exactly one of characters in the original English. On Russian language this phrase translated as "I could simply go to a Cup of tea". Indeed, it is difficult to go to a Cup of tea in the early fourteenth century, when the tea is not even brought in Europe. In this case, the claim to the interpreters does not negate the claims of the creators of the series. The team of creators includes in yourself with a dozen Directors and writers, for which genre of historical drama is not is the main. The question remains that inspired by the TV channel "History" to gather such a team and all allow to capture the fact that viewer result received screen?

And if you look with the motives of the producers, Directors, writers and artists — very problematic. understand that was on screen — much easier. The viewer is invited to watch "historical" TV series, is more like a detective elements of drama, adventure and Thriller, inverted in the past. The middle ages in the series — no more than weak not really interested in the creators of the backdrop for this adventure series. Chase, conspiracy, intrigue, poisoning and even attempts of terrorist attacks — just in the series is so much of the viewer is absolutely not can focus on characters in their characters.

Themselves heroes of the series — clearly collective images (as in the bad sense of the expression as possible), enclosing itself features many historic figures scattered in time, but in this case robbed of their historicity and of the self. Queen Jeanne creators obviously gave the outline of Joan of Arc (why not, — both Jeanne), and Queen Elena in the frenzy is more like the image of Mary the Bloody.

This kind of series is often a sin against historical accuracy, but the series rarely removed so bad. Madden is not so many historical inaccuracies, as the fragmentary representations of the era. Sometimes the creators try to convey the essence of the era in its entirety: the piety of the Templars, in which you believe, the relationship between the king and yards, king and Queen, between the Templars and the Pope. The people of the Middle ages did have a slightly different Outlook on the world than us and truly believed God — what we, the modern audience, sometimes it seems naive or the affectedness. The characters of the series then start arguments about life after death, on the importance of faith in Christ the sound like they from another era. In as a small example, — phrase of Philip the fair "I have France!", — which is clearly associated with the eighteenth century, as neither what kind of absolute monarchy and the identification of the king and the Kingdom the XIV century speech and be could of than Philip remembers Beautiful in other series: "I called the nobles on all over the country, but it it will take about two weeks."

The creators of the show literally blew up the space-time of historical epoch, by removing the series of all the men of the Capetian dynasty, Philip IV also allowed Jeanne to rush to the rescue "native of Navarra", introduced some of Luis Catalan, the son of some Queen Helena, made England a true rival for France (although it is known that the English king took an oath of a vassal to Philip IV) mix all dates, causes, and consequences, with all it's cliches about the "assassin" (for East, we know from American movies, in addition to talented artists, killers and nothing no).

The plot revolves around the Holy Grail that in the series are presented in the form of bowls, from which saw Christ the last supper. However, here is not without anachronisms. Instead of trying to show that the Shrine is meant for the people of the Middle ages (but in the time is know the most important things often former priceless), the creators of the series to drive the viewer in the idea that the Holy Grail — is like the real "fifth element", which, according to the laws of the narrative of Dan brown, must be hidden and under the protection of the "elite". Of course, all is not just — and the entire series is the protagonist is trying to find the Holy Grail, to which will be later, isn't only. On all the way it will have trials, conspiracies, betrayal, murder, and all supposed to meet on his way the protagonist to fulfill the purpose. However, instead of guns — swords, bombs — Greek fire, instead of "the fifth element" — the Holy Grail.

Overall, the series is difficult who would any it is recommended for viewing. If you fan of quality historical films — this series is clearly not for you, because nothing except the characters and events (much twisted) from the history of France beginning of the XIV century, you for not will find. What same goes for adventure and drama — in series that the other was very unconvincing, as if glued constituent parts of other movies and books well we are known.

What is the genre of Knightfall?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama.
Who starred in Knightfall?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Cullen, Pádraic Delaney, Simon Merrells, Olivia Ross, Julian Ovenden.
What is Knightfall IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Knightfall released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-12-06.