The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience

By day Christine works as an Intern in a major law firm, and in the evening turns into a call girl Chelsea. In her 20 years, she is well versed in psychology and know their value. Surrounded by older men she revels in her success. Are the call girl to the realities of the double life?

Seasons: 1 2 3
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Erma Clorinda
21 April 2016 | 02:06

I have to say, I didn't watch the previous versions of this movie series, not saw the main role of the unforgettable Sasha grey. I stumbled accidentally this, via Kinopoisk. Well and away we go. First one series, and then a 13-series and season. It looks easy, the more if to shake candid moments, which is the third of a series, it is generally deal with this series quickly. I loved the story — a double life. I love all the complex, incomprehensible. The main thing in the show to draw the audience in with the first series, well, then go here I caught this is bait. To the end of the season already not was already there was a double life, not was a student-excellent student, was insatiable gorgeous woman facking everyone, well, as all, all who was like at least two bucks, less it did not take. In the General was an escort. The actress I'm not to know of the series, although I watched "Mad Max", but it is there can't remember. Does it with its role? According to me so-Yes, I like not even know, what it should be. Well at least that she annoying — that's good. There and there is nothing to annoy, the heroine without emotional, showing she emotions sex, because her like it. In General, to choose to look look no matter. To find out what new to itself is not work, fans of easy porn — recommend. And watch I, wind of the series, if only you very interested in the story.

Halley Colon
09 August 2019 | 05:42

A review of the 1st season.

When free time galore and see a little, what you have to pass the time for viewing of this TV product. Title "Girl at the call" on the hearing for the eponymous 2009 film by Steven Soderbergh with now former porn star Sasha grey in the lead role. After it turned out, the product is 2016 — this is the TV version of this film that, apparently, was overlooked by me of mind between 2009 and 2016 years. Here in the title role Riley Keogh, as revealed — the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, daughter from his first marriage to Lisa Marie Presley — former wife of Michael Jackson and Nicolas cage. Olya-lya: I think the king of rock-n-roll would turn over in his grave and see what does it short serial of television industry. This product belongs to the cable-satellite companies such as HBO, mastodon and one of leaders the world production of television series. And for me the mystery of why she took such a subject might suspect that the answer lies in the different predictions of spectator response, but still such — where better to remove something bad about the sex than do not affect is so popular for people topic, so as not to to lose the target audience.

Enough has already been written by those who also watched this episode on that is "gray, depressing, pathetic, not bright and etc"., I just want to add that I think of the adjectives "static, boring and insanely stupid" in because according to the authors, the main character, being selfish with birth sociopath for her opinion, doing it not love to sex(!) and hopeless need money, just because she "is" like. Hmm.., according to me as this is the same as is chocolate the love him, but because like the process of absorption. I assume that could not correctly interpret the intention of the authors, but so I and interpreted on the basis of the motives of the main character.

The first and perhaps the main question arising upon early viewing of the series — to someone which he was filmed?.. I understand, why, what those who were taken "50 shades..." — promotion romanticizing in 1 bottle theme BDSM, but what message was pursued by the authors of "Girls..."? Understanding the motives of girls in the field of escort services? So they are no smell in sight. The call for beauties to do this in any reason? So serran — it is promoting prostitution turns out, though elite. In General — a lot of questions, answers zero.

Let us all to understand why the main character, Christine, she also Chelsea, she also Amanda and St., fictitious names of escorts? According to the semantics of the escort — is support, and prostitution — trade body. Then why it escortsite, and not a whore? Why, when it call a former boss and lover, when you than, in fairness it should be noted, absolutely deserved and honestly, it douses his face with water from the glass front coffee to visitors? She is a prostitute, and not escortsite, and even the word "elite" here belomestny. In than the elite? In age? Her 20 years and she is a student of the 2nd course of faculty of law at the University of Chicago. She clever? Of course, it does it is not even because of the thrust to unknown, and curiosity — is not a component of the rational mind? But is in casting slut in 1 turn on the test on IQ? It beautiful? Controversial statement: pretty face (the actress is very similar to the mother, it in turn is not an attractive woman), luxurious thick hair on the envy of many, absolutely absurd figure without elastic priests and a flat stomach, protruding ears, bad skin. She kept, unfettered, able to hold a conversation, cause in the client trust and manipulated via proper compliments? Oh, yeah — is only the alleged dignity of escortin, and our heroine ends up meeting with each client that is having sex here and it turns out that or the escort is lexically beneficial for TV series formulation or disguise (somehow) prostitution, or in USA other laws understanding the mechanism of action of this business.

And all exactly Kylie Rio 27 years was entrusted to play the role of a 20-year-old girl at the call. Curious, who has participated in the casting such a provocative role? If additional scenario, the Directors and the main actress, would have escaped the series of allegations of vapidity and bad taste, not brought to the logical end storylines, one-sidedness, absence: how pleasing eroticism, deliberate sexuality, the rigidity of the narrative and the desired genre dynamics? Where the risk of this profession, the exigencies of the plot, the climax and the denouement? Instead of all this stupid dialogue, third-rate actors, inappropriate assessment (urgent school Whether Strasberg!), the scene, devoid of any meaning (going to the gynecologist/cosmetologist, prolonged chewing of lettuce from the bar and wiping vagina in the toilet...), not sexy sex in standard positions inherent in the occupation lexicon; static naked body almost in each series. Plane at all. To on her. In reviews film "Girl call" appears the statement "spiritual plane" of the main character that to the protagonist of the series, then she's evil, closed, deceitful, calculating, selfish, cunning — all simultaneously synonymous true.

With horror watching the 2nd season, and only in order to understand the whole "devulcanizing" the Orgy is over.

Rozanne McFarland
12 April 2016 | 08:50

One Frenchwoman wrote a memoir, "I — ballerina". Now listen to me. The important thing is that you need to know about me, I — whore. To accurately identify a person of my profession in world of girls bikinis women in calling boots, you need to look for a woman in a designer suit. It easily recognized by its outfit, as the ballerina of his gait and the elegant turnout of the legs. In hotel where I go, I need to immediately determine where there is an Elevator. To look confident. To go fast, not drawing attention. Be fabulous, but forget. And you still need to know not the real "I". In contrast ballerina my profession my life. It is my Role. Maybe not the most important one. And certainly not the role of statistics... this Is the beginning monologue of the heroine of "Secret diary of a girl at the call", film still in 2007. I only lightly browned monologue, added a few otsebjatina, which do not change the philosophy of the beautiful miss. Surely the authors of the series the movie closely watched. Took a base, changed the shell. Refused to the word "whore." Conceptual. Their girl call intelligent, deep, attractive, business, truly, "the woman HH1 century", which is a kaleidoscope of circumstances pushed to cycle of male temptation. About this film, although he's remake of the famous film by Steven Soderbergh, but is as they say, is another story. However, without the analogy is not necessary. The film is Soderbergh delivered relatively recently, however, the creators of the tape had to be removed in the title role in the popular States porn star Sasha grey. If it was intentionally, or not have happened any other choice — I know. But in the TV series 2016 the founding fathers have gone from this option, clicking on the role of the heroine, a young woman that looks is absolutely not relevant to the subject of the study. As it agreed quite respectable actress Riley Keogh hard to say, I suspect — don't agree it (or something similar), the film would not exist. Here here is the main point of the series — being determines consciousness. Whores like know not born. They become, often as not against their will. But if yours?..

The movie in something innovative. First of all — in the rate of feed of events. In innuendo where would still a few words to add, but better not to stay, it is better to wrap a bitten sandwich in cellophane and eat it at leisure, savoring. To think the episode after the finale, Recalling what he saw. So is it that "a Girl call" I looked immediately after meeting with the applicants on"Oscar"-2016, and I can safely say — use the authors other nominations this technique (rate and the ruthless scissors to installed), their movies would come out on new level of perception. The situation in some ways resembles our "Interdevochka", but — in a different way. There is the basic meaning of life earnings to the currency of prostitution, here — it in life of her heroine work in a company she is an Intern, studying on the law faculty of the University, all is it carries, the rest — attempt to diversify the life of a workaholic in the skirt. Well, cut some money, if the opportunity comes, where do without it. Student and trainee — without the help of mom-teacher (as the heroine Elena Yakovleva) is a full warranty draught in wallet miserable vegetating on a rented apartment, where the sword of Damocles is hanging over head day fee for rent. But not even this is important. The situation is quite walkable, live well so many thousands charming female students sportswomen, Komsomol and simply beautiful, avoid shopping with their own body — but our heroine dives into the world of seduction as if by chance, accidentally, as if entering a strange room with a curtained window in the full confidence that a few minutes later she will come out and forget everything, what it in the darkness happened. I there was with him the police reports of the Moscow elite brothels — where did the girls of model appearance, which is not were no Ukraine or especially Tajik, but were women of the Moscow decent family. And when the major, with red lack of sleep eyes asked one — as out what you, fool, in life is not enough, she indifferently shrugged shoulders: all there are just enough, but how is it... so that happened, she did not noticed, as. By the way, fans of fine literature is unlikely to like profanity of the film — (I in number), but can not recognize it used metered-dose and only where in other words, it seems not necessary. Same as and scenes of intimacy. But in the family circle is better movie not to watch. Although the film is not without claims to respectability of the business life of the heroine, and the episodes looks very good. As and the heroine herself. Sharman.

Well, morals? And no. The series is similar to the task before us is not intended. He dissects anatomical body phenomenon, and so you, the audience, explore it on the subject of diagnosis. The disease is, out any doubt. And the diagnosis of her on the surface. How banal it sounds, all depends on prevention, define the word EDUCATION. The education of little girls and young girls. They teach in whole school — Sciences, nano-technologies and even optional the basics of sexual life. Not teach the main — how to be Women, Bereginya, future Mothers of future civilizations. All that's recently in Russia. Was the Smolny Institute for noble maidens, a hotbed of morality. And all was the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Then the world collapsed — a series of wars, revolutions, terror and emancipation. Hostile whirlwinds rasporediti of smolyanka in the world. Many have ended their lives in poverty and slums on the land. Skills educational process in the cradle of the young women lost. It seems, forever. The girl at the call — today is very few people are surprised. And still the series is worth a look. The benefits of this may twilight, there is. Remember, than has ended "Interdevochka"? There was the man who made the young lady an offer which it could not refuse. And took her with him on the edge of the world, where there is no refund. Feat? Of course. You have to give then a medal "For salvation...". However, the Scandinavian and well without a medal. And because, you guys, come on! To lady challenge, charming escort honored bags — for medals. Orderly and with the song: one-two, one-two. The Nightingale, the Nightingale, the birdy, kanareechka plaintively sings... So here thoughts climb in the head after watching this movie, officially released on world screens a few days ago.

How long is The Girlfriend Experience?
What is the genre of The Girlfriend Experience?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in The Girlfriend Experience?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Riley Keough, Paul Sparks, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Briony Glassco, Sabryn Rock.
What is The Girlfriend Experience IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was The Girlfriend Experience released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-04-10.