The series tells about the Vikings troops of Ragnar. He rose to become king of the Viking tribes. Norwegian legend says that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the God of war and warriors.

Seasons: 5 6
IMDb icon 8.6/10
  • Country: CA, IE
  • Language: English | Old English | Norse, Old | Latin
Xylina Winchell
27 March 2014 | 01:05

Wake early
if you want
another man's life or land.
No lamb
for the lazy wolf.
No battle's won in bed. (C) The Havamal

Scandinavian theme always was one first my list. Whether mythology, Saga or true facts.

The story of Ragnar I was interested in more since the masterpiece of Harry Harrison "the Hammer and the Cross." And if the work we more interpreted post-ragnaroka fate and his life of Ragnarson, then "the Vikings" tells the story, directly related to Lothbrok (or Leather trousers).

Of course, the novelty of such master series as Ciaran Donnelly, who worked on such masterpieces as "the Tudors" and"Camelot",just gave about itself to know and with the same pilot the series was chained to a screen.

Start immediately with a beautiful Intro to the film, accompanied by an atmospheric "If i had a heart". Thank you for the track, to still listen to often.

So how I have mentioned, the action swirls around the lives of Vikings in one of the most legendary Danish kings (in our language" the Supreme rulers") of Ragnar Lothbrok from the kind of Ynglings, about the run varvaskim the raids that terrified the whole world their brutality and confidence. Artist Travis Fimmel on my opinion is just brilliant accustomed to the role matter what, scrolling through his devichinskiy period, slightly weevils as of such a seemingly slaveykovo guy he became the present leader of the Vikings.

Captivated me and Lagertha (Katherine Winnick) — warrior beautiful wife of Ragnar, which, when all of your feminine wisdom and love for family, suddenly can turn into a tough war, a patriot of his people. To watch their relationship is a great pleasure.

Can't make a note of the Gustaf Skarsgard, by his role as sly and brilliant of the boat Builder Floki, probably something which is a terrestrial prototype of the God Loki (so I in any case, thought). A very interesting character turned out.

In General, the selection of characters here just cheers, make-up, costumes, scenery, music. From just so look North.

Battle scenes filmed dynamic, realistic (which is rare), somewhere very badly, somewhere fascinating and beautiful.

Virtually no stupid dialogue, dilatory, in contrast to almost every phrase, whether it is addressing One or the Torah, whether the parting word or the word spoken with an insidious grin — could easily be a quote.

Nice to hear the names already know you the characters in the book, to observe the their formation, victories and disappointments.

I can say that the series only the first season I won't less "Game of Thrones" and can more.

Of 9 10

Franny Jara
12 April 2014 | 01:54

Incredible, very interesting and forcing to wait for each batch, calculating in reverse order, watch, TV series.

Grabbed my attention with the first series, and captured with abundance of special effects, which there very much (and, quite right) a bit, not some crazy fantasy, which here, too, just barely, and professionalism some kind of impartiality that Lee. Have not seen for such series, so as not tormented slowly unwinding storyline for half spoon of the series series, and showed such a rapidly developing story. Perhaps only in this serial, I saw the credits, something like — "six years" or"it's been two years." For a single series, not bad, huh?

But the main merit of not in respect to the audience, and in severity, a clear manifestation of the fact that the series is aimed for Mature audiences. Not necessarily adult, more importantly a Mature audience.

So I appreciate that there is no priplachennoe propaganda, it's just regardless, how it should be. Paganism — paganism, Christianity — Christianity, nothing better and nothing worse, openly shows the weak, dark, and so strong the bright side of each of faith, each of the aspects of different mentalities and views. It for such a boring spectator as I — incredibly valuable.

Don't want to jinx the series, despite what I doubt it is possible and no less, to sing the praises finished, but still I strongly recommend to join the picture, too very nice and especially should appeal to men.

9 of the 10

Blondelle Aldos
08 February 2018 | 02:35

Offspring, which have created not such close 2013 the year the TV channel "History" is quite a remarkable thing as time in this channel, because is that wonder documentary production, which is famous for the notorious channel, a dramatic work, created on the basis of legends and myths of the Scandinavian culture. It should be noted that they, legends and myths, was captured in including some historical documents that says purely for them at least partial reliability. And what is the place to be in history — segment of the channel's content, and if history has for a space for fancy — segment interest audience.

When thinking of the context is of the context that this is the first piece of this channel in the genre of the drama series, which is based on the basis of historical facts and myths of varying degrees of fabulousness, you should say that  Vikings — this is extremely entertaining and a good product. It is seen that they were held by the people are not last industry what he says have only one name grandparent ideas: Michael Hurst. And it is man who created such famous films and TV shows like "the Tudors", "the Golden age", "Elizabeth" and so on. But if we talk about the example audience experience creations of other TV channels like "HBO" or"ABC", then then we have to admit that these nine episodes of the series "the Vikings" — it's pretty weak in terms of building drama and history and its characters of, product. Common errors of logic in the actions of the characters do not give to get the events and with the believe him that of course reduces the interest of audience, and it is not too good. In principle, it is the logic of action, actions themselves heroes in scenario — this is the main stumbling block of this series. It was he, for unfortunately, disseminating the head questions like "Why?" "Why?" "Where and why?" makes the tragedy and drama of the series to fall apart, why is the overall impression to force myself not to ask these same issues. It is that I want to say if removes not all experience of this series "stone". Personally would like — no. Why? Back again to the methods of shooting, directing, acting. Here to say except, very very good, my opinion, nothing. The series external brevity of the characters captivates the audience, thoroughly speak about characters, not using a sound. Ask paradigm the main theme of the show: look no only for the development of the characters, how much for their adventures. By the way, which to the most characters have little change, but when this happens, but with some characters it happens, for this is extremely interesting to watch. The viewer literally focuses purely on the characters, forgetting sometimes about the primary parties. This approach to the history is very remarkable for a good TV project for gives space for writers in the development of a more global ideas and large, branching storylines in the future. A series "Vikings" at this is a further straightforward hints to his last episode.

It is clearly not going to go with screen in such circumstances, even really do not understand why the authors most of these nine episodes so quickly succeeded in each pair of series is the motivating coming, putting all the new new barriers, after overcoming the past in the framework of the unfolding of the classic three-act structure. It is, after a rapid resolution, as it seems that the global perspective, the heroes is given a new, equally at first glance, long lasting. But no: the solution is also not long in coming, really do not even giving the heroes to visit the ill-fated grip assorted collisions. Yes, we have to admit that works again each of the writers the next incident follows on from previous, from its completion that plays the hand sequence, the waviness of the story we tell your TV in the borders of such propertizing, semi-realistic setting. But it's not gives the feel of the characters, they drama, drama of the world, their environment, but this is, again, not very good. But I just mentioned the setting that clearly communicates how to treat the series, because in this context of a way for him to get the greatest emotional catharsis, the most common of visual pleasure in the plan is simple tracking the action taking place on screen.

In General, I'm not personally, I can say that the first season of "Vikings" is itself is a sample of the oft-repeated proverb "the first pancake is always lumpy". It is very good attempt at writing for beginners in this segment of television content and that the series was already renewed for a sixth season on something says. And about how I think that the audience is clearly interesting to watch the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and this interest was raised it on the basis of data of nine episodes, which, admittedly, all is also very good, though, at the classics, not devoid of drawbacks inherent in media innovations. The series is still able to stand out on the more experienced and known counterparts in the screen, this ability, this potential was visible already in 2013 year. For me personally this series is that is really there, interested. Its atmosphere, the style and characters. I want to believe that further and the script will be better, but it you can learn just by continuing the acquaintance, and it is holding the second season of this show.

PS Thanks for attention.

How long is Vikings?
What is the genre of Vikings?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama, History.
Who starred in Vikings?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gustaf Skarsgård, Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen.
What is Vikings IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.6.
When was Vikings released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-03-03.