The series tells about the adventures of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who travel across the United States on a black car Chevrolet Impala 1967, investigating paranormal phenomena, many of them based on American urban legends and folklore, and fight the evil creatures such as demons and ghosts.

Seasons: 13 14 15
IMDb icon 8.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Georgena Phi
17 November 2010 | 04:57

For those few years, that I am a "superpipelining," the series has undergone many changes, some of them from the series to breathe in his second life. Excitement, winding around the brothers, have died down, but stop to watch a show you can't.

Firstly the plot that causes the approach of the cherished, the latest series of biting your nails stronger and stronger. Words can not explain how in all seasons I experienced was hoping that all will be well, all live, will be a happy ending, usually uncharacteristic of such stories. Passing through the seasons, the plot was changed to the recognition, if the first season, we saw fabulous those characters, which might occur in my life (I do not know, but in the first series, I even it seemed that the series could attach itself the tag "based on real events"), then in the last topic touches upon global problems and boom universal scale.

Secondly, actors and their game. Maybe I'm too sentimental person, but this episode set a record number of the ability to "squeeze out a tear," and if the end of the third season, with death of Dean, it was not so obviously, it depends on the ending of the fifth I just cried. Time with the beating of Dean and after — with prinosyaschie before the eyes of the possessed Sam's memories — the most powerful moment of the series for me.

Even though that the show needed to end after the fifth season, in the end simply putting what and Dean has become, and as there was life in the other characters, I still it to watch. He is inexhaustible in the part of the idea and even after the resignation of Kripke series and become "other", then  the"filling" does not changed. The series for all seasons not have lost the main — hunting two brothers.

In the end — of course

10 10

The best of the mystical series with a touch of drama I have not seen and do not want to see until they magic mushrooms that eat the writers, not runs out.

Glenine Mallina
19 July 2013 | 11:30

Now a few weeks while away the evening with a series each time more surprised that I it draws? Not can immediately write off all of the notorious looks and acting skills of the main characters — Yes, of course, that is not to take away, but not that it could have screen. The plot? But I'm here, I would agree with a considerable number of comments, not times already for this reason made. Background music and shooting is good, of course, but again do not represent something supernatural... Well here about with such reasoning I every night come to the screen, put the next disc and, with impatience waiting for the next series, again ask the question:"Why?"

The answer has failed me one episode of the sixth season, where Sam with Dean finding himself in a parallel reality, I understand that here they are only the actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen ackles. In this world there is no demons, no angels, nor spirits all just flat and dead, it's world without the fourth dimension — our world. And despite the seeming peace of mind and financial security, the heroes seek to return to her deadly, but still alive this than our universe. Here here, maybe, and is one of answers to the question of attraction "Straights".

The series recreates the atmosphere in which humanity resided most of his historical time. To live in a world full of angels, demons and spirits is natural for our consciousness, which, as another would say old apprentices, and still then imagine archetypes created long before the emergence of a modern worldview. And in this atmosphere of interpenetrating worlds, we, probably, feels much more organic than in responsestream and an empty existence of our reality, even if that another reality full of all sorts of the evil spirits and rebellious celestial powers. Robert Singer managed to create in part a fantasy world where on the background of modern civilization interwoven biblical and folk themes, but as the ideal, are Christian values — the uniqueness of the human person and freedom of choice. And the tragedy of the impending Apocalypse — already an indispensable attribute of modern cinema — also plays here not last role, giving a flavour of what is happening stoic doom.

R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis in his time began to create such worlds, trying to organically bind the Christian and pagan worldview. Same Lewis is owned and the idea of interpretation of angels as pressestimmen Greek gods. Here and in the Supernatural" is not only demons, but and the angels are endowed with human feelings and, like the pre-Christian gods live among the people, help them, make mistakes and organize to the civil war. Well, Dean with Sam it is pulled into the mythological heroes like Achilles or Heracles. After all, they times visited the realm of the dead, coming out unharmed, and Sam to the same nourished by the blood of the demon...

Such analogies and allusions in the series a lot. In addition, in the images of the main characters we guess direct link to the famous brothers Grimm, which certainly gives everything a touch of fabulousness. And although the choice between good and evil have characters is often quite difficult, but in the end, good always wins, and evil is always such and remains. Therefore, the charges of the series in the banality, Isutoshi of the plot, and also a gradual eradication of themselves, if have the basis only the subjective, because the genre of fairy tales and suggests that is stringing already familiar, formulaic moves on through the fabric of the plot that can do the narration, in General, are endless. If only it was interesting to the listener.

And the creators of the series turns this interest to support. The interweaving of reality and mysticism, funny and tragic, sometimes cruel and a touching warmth (one darling Bobby singer is worth something! And always ready to shed a tear Dean!) — all gives the series its special and unforgettable flavor and some dark charm, seasoned to the same a fair amount of self-irony...

Well, something like that I myself decided, one evening, approaching the screen already a quiet mind is starting to the viewing of the next series.

8 from 10

Dareen Arri
24 March 2008 | 03:27

I can write about this show, although the language is not turns it so called, because in Russia in short the series is meant most often soapy nonsense. It is simply a masterpiece, and nothing else. And I also think is a timeless TV show. Rather I'd like to hope that Dean will continue to rid the world off evil spirits, and send other a hell of settlers at the place of residence (seasons 6 minimum)). They believe. Their characters change, they evolve, they there is much to develop.

It is impossible to imagine another Sam Winchester or Dean Winchester. Jared and Jensen so amazing fit in their role and situation, if they are the life hunting you do. And they actually believe, how they survive. The feelings that they have passed to the viewer, all experienced together with them. And more... girls, here is tell me, really want to be somewhere in your area turned up some poltergeist, that such cute hunters came to you help?

Sam Winchester aka the master of the puppy dog eyes

I fell in love with Jared Padalecki due to this role. And this terrific actor in the development of your character just continues to intrigue. Let's remember, he was a nice guy with amazing smile, plans for the future overall I will say this, in all respects exemplary. He never could hurt, and even as said the Dean, "a couple of Beers, and he karaoke". But how much has changed in three of the season, especially after Sam died and brother was sold for him his soul. He already do not the harmless kid, he capable of killing innocent people, but he still a loving brother we all what these famous puppy dog eyes lying from time.

Dean Winchester aka the black sheep, but handsome

Dean and the facial expression of happy idiot is synonymous. This divine character, continually in it seems completely dark situations and finding the positive. And do I don't know more to write about Dean. It is not just as think Jensen Also have to say for this role thank you very much.


This can be treated with skepticism, but personally I believe the existence of the supernatural. And this show makes in his existence to believe. And that at the heart of each lies a beautiful series of urban legend, but even more scary because the history of scratch occur.


In a nutshell:
The first — perfect place to start. Enter in the course of the case, entering into the role and also, drawing the viewer without the possibility of stretching. Second — there have more and more seriously. Put before us a more global problem that invokes more emotion. Third — else nedospaty, but the most beloved, gave us the chance to look in the dreams of Dean, to see Sam-loser, and also ruby Bela Talbot.

And finally, humor + cult

I must admit, sometimes the writers (especially Sarah gamble and Eric Kripke) would like to come to bury. For all good: deal, Dean, death of Sam in the second season, just punching on the emotions of the Heart series, but their sense of humor forgiven. And I'm sure that some phrases of the Supernatural will cruise as already among fans there were a lot of jokes and the objects of comparison in the present. By the way, no one carries with a salt, for prevention, or say, got a tattoo of possession, as in series 3. 12 Just in Bello? If not, then we go to you, see this excellent series!

out of 10 10. Unwavering and forever, the best in the world series

What is the genre of Supernatural?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Fantasy, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in Supernatural?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins,
What is Supernatural IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.4.
When was Supernatural released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2005-09-13.