You May Not Kiss the Bride

Humble photographer Brian Lighthouse unlucky. Quite unexpectedly, he found himself in debt to the United States settled in Croatian criminal authority Vadik Nikitin. Now Brian to marry the daughter of a gangster Masha, so that she could easily get American citizenship, and then quietly divorce. There is another condition: that the marriage marriage, but the bride would-be bride and your finger should not touch. And this is the most difficult part of the contract, because a girl of dazzling beauty. The matter is complicated by the fact that during the honeymoon on a distant exotic island of new wife are kidnapped by unknown. Her return for Brian becomes a matter of life and death...

  • Rob Hedden

Release Date: 2011-06-24
IMDb icon 5.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Laney Pickar
08 August 2012 | 03:23

How I love to translate from us the name of the movie that hand voluntarily stretches to the forehead depicting the wildest facepalm. How many times the names were translated so that to watch a movie not have any desire. "Pretend to be my husband" not very good name, which translated as, only in order to lure in viewing many fans Sendlerowa of the film "Pretend my wife". Saw the title and immediately thought about the blatant plagiarism, in which acts as Schneider has not in the last, I must say, the role, the desire to look is gone completely.

Still had a lot of time, the film yearned for viewing, so I still I decided to look. Advising this film, I can call him a second-class Comedy, in which often the moves you know, the jokes are beaten and actors outrageously ridiculous. Everything yet occasionally, it is of second-rate comedies and waiting for a weary brain.

The film boasts a large number of live and inanimate nature, which is in its greenery, nice effect on the eyes, causing involuntarily dream of overseas countries. So some where it is possible to notice the presence of such a very good humour, which is able to entertain.

the Film of course is full of mistakes, not of inconsistencies and the like trifles, which can be found in any a very good Comedy. Movie under the mood. In General not bad, but sometimes to funny stupid.

Cristi Linetta
24 June 2012 | 12:43

Don't know what I expect the movie, but certainly not that he will like it as much as I liked. And that it will be more adventure than melodramatic.

Cats — truly a world of the ruling establishment. It's amazing that all happened heroes, happened thanks to the antics of the cats. When started to shed studios of Brian, I figured it was just a Comedy scene for heating. And certainly not that from that defeat, which was made by the cat and the dog there will be some consequences.

Well, that the film — rather, adventure. Since all concerned the romance as for the romance, it was corny, and like adventure — at the time. Especially the Dating scene in the bar standard. For example, "let's Go show them play" or"Relax" in the time of the dance. Why all the characters, when not able to dance, jump and twitch like would normal person twitching and jumping in life-like wouldn't he could to dance?

At first, even on the island was all sweet and sickly. Especially when Brian was hitting on the waitress (forever young TIA Carrera (with a flower in her hair)). But as Brian in the ocean took his shorts and he clicked something there (or similar camera), the film went-went on the story dimmed the rpm on all cylinders, not stopping for a moment.

In the film there is a whole bunch of surprises. Starting from the brother of a waitress, and ending with a potential suitor Mary. And adventures were pretty realistic, if only when the shootings all would not as Mazilu (in the fighters of the ' 90s).

But the company at the rescue of Masha got that need. All funny, versatile. And not too much. Even monopodia the role of the Mines Suvari. To all of these events in the who've gotten yourself into, she really cool "I magnola" (and was "makola", and not meowed) for the door when I was in the clothes of the cat.

Amused when the couple got to the natives, and Brian quietly Mache said, "if Only us eaten." And a kidnapper with a adhesive the head like octopus face of the captain of the "Pirates of the Caribbean".

The interpreter translated the name of the film, as "just married". I found him, as "You may not kiss the bride" (in the original it and called), well, and Kinopoisk for the film distributors had to designate a forgettable film called "Pretend to be my husband." Barely because of this, found this movie here. And that is extremely regrettable, in a couple of months can actually forget that is this film — "Pretend to be my husband."

P. S. in Addition, as treated the original title, not like hurt Croatia and its espresso. Their espresso not have tried but sorry for Europe still. But thanks for according to the legend, the main characters like met with Ukrainian bistro. Nice.

Carline Mellie
19 September 2012 | 06:22

Surprised by the abundance of critical arrows at the address of the picture. It is made me a description of its own vision shown in the screen.

The main complaint of critics — a broken wagon. My opinion that the movies with a deep and unique idea (such as "Matrix") — units. All the rest of the trail hogany and it's not times, therefore, the emphasis should not be on the idea itself, but its personalization development. And just here, the story leaves a pleasant impression.

About the logic of what is happening on the screen. I myself quite critical of various kinds of logical inconsistencies. When a housewife in the style of Chuck Norris killing a dozen special agents; or a car, at which the result of several collisions completely missing the front part continues to move with the speed of 100km/h — all super annoying. "Pretend to be my husband" managed to avoid such absurdities. It is clear that Comedy is Comedy, and the characters ' actions do not always match the behavior of real people in similar situations, but here, they are in their own images the entire film. At this technique does not violate the laws of physics, a reality is what it is supposed to be. In General, everything looks quite organically and makes sense.

Before, now then I talked about what with this film, now I would like note that it is still there. First, there is a dynamic action. On the entire film the plot develops in a linear way, not going to hand, stopping insignificant events or details. In the context that most of the action takes place on the beautiful Mediterranean island, it looks very exciting.

Second. This humor. Although jokes over which'll laugh in "pretend..." is not has the main advantage of not in it. In the picture lacks the fun and Gega not relevant to events and is inserted there for the sake of giving more umoristicheskie "throw". Here the dialogues of heroes original no nice and events interesting yourself. There are almost no genital humor, and completely missing the toilet. Not know anyone fun exploding barrels of shit but they produce the opposite effect (this is depressing me). And this now is the sin of many comedies, so special thanks to the creators for that we saw these "hilarious" jokes.

Third. Great cast. And that is amazing minor role-just a constellation of stars: TIA Karera, Winnie Jones, Kathy Bates and Rob Schneider. Of course, the peak of their popularity in the time of my youth, but not making them less talented. Their participation gives the film the extra brightness. When you see Winnie Jones, once you understand that before you serious thug, Kathy Bates — a boring mother. On main role, was invited unknown actors Dave Annable and Katharine McPhee. Game Dave me like, have it is very good evidence for the comedian. About Katharine McPhee: well played played, the film is not spoiled, but and nothing original brought.

8 from 10

(one ball put the presence of well-known actors). The tape is not is a masterpiece of cinema, but the film is filled with positive beginning to the end. After viewing is a pleasant experience, and this Comedy and include.

Who is the director of the movie You May Not Kiss the Bride?
This tv-show was directed by Rob Hedden.
What is the genre of You May Not Kiss the Bride?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Crime, Comedy.
Who starred in You May Not Kiss the Bride?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dave Annable, Katharine McPhee, Rob Schneider, Mena Suvari, Kathy Bates.
What is You May Not Kiss the Bride IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.4.
When was You May Not Kiss the Bride released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-06-24.