A month ago Jack was an ordinary loser. Now he's a superstar, millions of people listen to his songs, the concert tickets sold out in a second. What is the secret? It's simple. Jack is the only person in the world who remembers the existence of The Beatles.

  • Danny Boyle

Release Date: 2019-06-28
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English
Myranda Tressa
09 January 2020 | 09:03

A bold move from domestic localizers — leave the English name of the tape, such precedents are very much a rare. But still, the reason that's significant because "Yesterday" — one of the most iconic songs of the great Liverpool Quartet "The Beatles", and even the name is wonderful is correlated with that occurs in the film.

Doubly pleased that for a film from anyhow who, Danny Boyle, from under the hand which came the insane amount of good movies. And so when the audience got the trailer and description of the story and underlying the idea, the picture came in a list of the most anticipated movies of the nearest at the time. And idea tape, really, "million": the whole world abruptly forgets about the existence of "The Beatles", except for one unlucky singer, which to him, the light wedge not converged. That gift is a sin not to use it, but now do the main character from your new image, your fears, desires and glory?

Such a powerful and, on first glance, incredible ideas are always in one or lesser extent complicated fate. Often the creators, it becomes difficult to reduce all the ideological straight in one point: the writer sees one, the Director looks at this is a little different, but the idea of the author (in the case of "Yesterday" — is a writer and documentary filmmaker Jack Barth) sees it is the first two. In case the idea of a Danny Boyle film there is another one thing — so a lot of possibilities for the introduction of a completely different perspective. In such diversity it is difficult to create a single unbreakable design that would it covers the audience's expectations. Boyle with his team decided to go for a very simple way — place all the ingredients in one pot and to simplify, to lighten her, its a romantic Comedy.

Just this is a competitive advantage "Yesterday". If you watch the film is not snobbery puffy eyes, then it looks what is really — easy, simple and cheerful work relaxing Director. With the other hand, deliberately catching eye simplicity and directness, in including romantic lines and development of the main character, not allow to carry the tape to the important cinematic events of the year.

The characters in "Yesterday" bright, helps them in this scenario, the hand to which made Richard Curtis — screenwriter of such films as "love actually", "Notting hill", "Rock-wave", "the Boyfriend of the future" and the first two movie in the trilogy of "Bridget Jones". Have a summary of such a list — evidence of strong reputation. With the actor's work more difficult: Himesh Patel — debutant big movie — the choice is ambiguous. How important is it for Boyle was to point to the social identity of the protagonist? With the story point of view, this the importance of not note, counting bruised — "it can have all" and"choose with your heart". But a much more important idea regarding the main character is hidden in other: the ratio of talent, fame and readiness the adoption of a new order of life together with achievements. Performance of its role Patel for the debut is decent, but in the dramatic moments he still lacked charisma. Lily James, in turn, as usually a good and this time is especially nice.

Thus, "Yesterday" — easy, simple and inspirational romantic Comedy, which is not trying to go into too much drama, it was a bit random treats specified issues and not offers the viewer a complex narrative structures, even when such original ideas. A good and warm mood.

6 from 10

Berti Neilson
26 October 2019 | 01:09

The Beatles wrote a lot of the greatest songs, and that I wonder has influenced a huge reservoir of pop culture, including cinema. All the world no Beatles it is impossible to imagine... if not Danny Boyle. Yesterday is a sort of recognition in love for creativity of the fab four. At this is less dependent on music contrast "Bohemian Rhapsody" or"Rocketman" this romantic Comedy adds to the list of movies, blowing a bubble of nostalgia. But still Yesterday inexorably attractive — rarely what the film is about the magic of music without, in fact, authors of the the music itself. And what if?

Although the campaign Yesterday focused on the story the premise of world without the Beatles, the influence of the fab four a bit of an understatement; here it is rather a trick than an organic element of the film. Loser-musician Jack does not can succeed: it concerts are visited only by friends, relatives, yeah Manager Ellie. After the accident, Jack is in a world where Beatles never existed... and all of a sudden, their place must be filled. Jack is the conductor of the Beatles, becoming more popular from songs song: modern Shakespeare takes all hits Yesterday to Back in the USSR.

Yesterday is a lightweight Comedy. After Jack sings a song whose name matches the title of the film, his friends commented on the song with irony. In General the script is very much based on the perception of the music of the past with today's generation. It seems that show business has changed, and even Let It Be nowadays can be interrupted by a call to the mobile phone! The in ways Yesterday the story follows the trails of an ordinary romantic Comedy. The protagonist — adult kidult living with parents, not having a sexual or romantic relationship, not wanting to support yourself and trying to break out of the people. Even becoming rich and famous, he still behaves like hereditary nischuk and cannot get out of your emotional boundaries. It is obvious that were similar to those made intentionally. The musical history of Beatles, in the end, gives the drama a single man. And although the bold fantasy of world in which of the Beatles does not exist, goes in the side, it seems that Boyle and Curtis, this is what achieved.

The less Yesterday unchecked so that he definitely remembered. Subtle details of drama may be quickly forgotten (especially because of the fact that the characters are presented in the form of archetypes), and the at least, the movie is full of interesting scenario findings. The film embodies in himself all the attention and love that you deserve "the Beatles", although in the story they are almost mentioned. It is very interesting course and a key scene (which must not be disclosed for reasons of spoilers), very much clearer in against Boyle and love for music.

As Yesterday not is no "Twilight zone," or "Black mirror", the script fights existential questions of the world without  the Beatles. On the contrary, the plot is fueled by sentimentality. It could be funny and forced think about the influence of pop culture past the world today, but instead, Yesterday often chooses local relationships instead of global problems. And really the Duo's main focus is on the heroine Lily James. Woman's dream outshines the grotesque and absurd protagonist in the performance Himesh Patel. And although the latter sings well and is probably still can sometimes bribe their charisma, in the story Yesterday, the main emphasis is on women's side.

Incredibly frivolous film that can be regarded as a cute, so and stupid, still evokes the good feelings and fully justifies your idea — after watching immediately I want to listen to the songs of the Beatles. Unbelievable, but the script is so saturated with the spirit of these themselves Beatles, with almost to him sending that matter of respect, and at all points: from family and/or romantic drama to a little banal story style "out of the mud in princes". At some point, even melodramatic line comes to the catharsis that is a little confusing: it seems that the sharp corners were polished, but this tale, suddenly, such is even in favor. Yesterday continues the tradition of "the Millionaire of slums" and"Real love" with"Notting hill"; and Boyle, and Curtis did before... more intelligent films, but Yesterday is fully dealing with emotions and don't mind. This nice and even allows you to recommend the film to view, of course, if you want to take a nostalgic journey in times that, for some reason, rely almost entirely on nostalgia. Let, as said, it be.

7 of 10

Jaine Downing
22 September 2019 | 07:48

Welcome to the familiar world, easily recognized by gadgets, Google and the forklift trucks in supermarkets — but without the Beatles. And, it turns out that it is not missing something very very important. One of the iconic episodes where a middle-aged couple thanked "cheater" for that he sailed to yellow submarine returns the music. We used to yesterday come'here's the sun, they replicated and laid the shelves, monuments of their authors are cast in bronze, gilded and dusty. We perceive the songs of the Beatles as part of mass culture, the same as a Coke. But in a world where never it was Coke, it can be replaced by Pepsi that the hero successfully does. But here to replace Yesterday turns out to be nothing. And the film returns us to the Beatles. And let the center of the plot of the new Beatlemania and a story of love and the success of the hapless musician, the protagonist of the film becomes the music of the fab four. And the audience remember how much they love the Beatles and as always loved.

Danny Boyle once again took the Indian film: a good poor girl confused, but choose from the labyrinth of money and glory of a young man, a caricature of the villain, a love story and a lot of music. The Director chooses simple words and artless young characters, without the plot of surprises, and we need all this fussy world the music of the Beatles as a endless sky over the anthill.

Ed Sheeran is organic. From him it took a long — little to build a bridge between modernity and those are great. And it is easy to be humble before them.

Not so it all bad these rotten times, because I have their music.

Thank you Beatles for that they came to us and left! Thanks to the authors for the film (and a separate — for John, Yes)! Let it be...

Who is the director of the movie Yesterday?
This tv-show was directed by Danny Boyle.
What is the genre of Yesterday?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Best Musical Movies 2019, Best Romance Movies 2019, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2019.
Who starred in Yesterday?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Sophia Di Martino, Ellise Chappell, Meera Syal.
What is Yesterday IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.9.
When was Yesterday released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-06-28.