Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

In notorious on events of the first film the woods, the local broadcasting company removes reality show in the spirit of "survivor." The project participants will lead the way of life of primitive tribes without modern communication... the joy of living near to the cannibals.

  • Joe Lynch

Release Date: 2007-10-09
IMDb icon 5.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $4,000,000
Joete Dimphia
02 March 2009 | 12:31

The first part of "Turning" took place in wide release on the big screens, and the second came just on the video. Given this fact, a sequel, according to have been to be feeble semblance of the original, removed only because of the commercial success of the first part. But, to my pleasant surprise, the "Turn" N2 was made almost same level, although made in a slightly different style.

The first "Twist" was a classic for slasher "introductory" scene of the murder, which is uniquely determined for the viewer's genre paintings. And it was carrying an extra feature — demonstrated the degree of "Gore" film. It is, "here's to you violence certain limits, spectacular, but without excessive naturalism and savoring!"

The second "Turn" begins with a similar episode, and we demonstrate the LEVEL of VIOLENCE here! Believe me, it just day and night!

But even in such a low with the point of view of high art genre, as "horror", "meat" never was the main advantage of tape. Therefore, the "bloody prelude" is not guaranteed quality of the film.

And then began the story, which initially evoked a skeptical mind. The idea to create a slasher in the part played by the heroes of the film "reality show", immediately "raised" in memory is the eighth part of "Halloween" where the TV crew was filming the adventures of the teenagers on the house is terrible maniac Michael Myers and broadcast the entry in the Internet (by the way, that part of the "Halloween" places "cut" on video — hi, the "Report", "Cloverfield" and"the Diary of the dead"). And the 8th Chapter of the famous horror series turned out to be relatively weak. So that the second "Turn" much hope in this plan does not assigned.

And at first, we really think the plot is pretty "slack". Heroes roam the forest, talking about stuff, not relevant to business and getting a little bit bored. In the rules of the "game for survival", the explanation of which is also allotted a lot of screen time, even to the point of not want. We know also that not some "the Last Hero", it — slasher! But those horror fans who courageously survive the boring part of the film, will be rewarded for their patience! Because when you finally start the horror — it will be something! Will return the voltage and the dynamics of the first "Turn", and violence will beat over the edge, pouring blood all over the screen!

And if the first "Turn" looks like the brother of "the Hills", then the creators of the second part is not could not deny myself the pleasure to quote liberally "Texas chainsaw massacre" by Tobe Hooper. But if you compare "Turn not there 2" the level of brutality with something new, it comes to mind the recent French "Border"

In General, love the slasher — see! Indeed, qualitatively, taken purely entertainment "chopper".

Layne Burdelle
25 June 2008 | 09:48

The sequel to the popular youth horror film about a family of mutant cannibals, eat lost tourists and passers-by. If the first film was released on big screens, then the second part is released immediately on the video. And why — it is not clear! As know, video produced low-budget products of the television format, there are movies without special claims on the box office. But this could to collect any money and in the movie. If the first twenty minutes, filled with talking and giving the course of the case, do not removed. so hot, and the — just ubogonky, then then begins the downhole action, which looks at cheers. Yes, there is nothing great. Yes, it is another version on the theme "youth got in the hands of maniacs". These films a million filmed. But still, if the viewer — a fan of this genre — he will watch this movie with pleasure. And this film in particular.

I in General liked it. Blood, rapidly and good shot! There is slaughter, there is blood, there is tension. And cannibals here is more intelligent than in the first version, and better armed. To grade, even embarrassing, so as formally, the film, of course, bullshit, but in its genre it just a cucumber.

Tedra Marcie
23 June 2009 | 10:12

Usually, in the law of the genre, sequels are worse than the original sources. But not this time. For the Director's chair sat Lynch and it is that means something. I always liked his style — reckless, he ready to show he wants spit appreciated by the audience.

Again, going back to the family of cannibals which angered the children. The first scene the appearance of "Son" and the old veteran cannibal "three-toed" is fascinating. Style matched just fine. Finally got to see faces of the main characters of the upcoming massacre — ugly guys fucking their sisters, but with brains worthy of University professors and physical training special forces — free link the two words do not can (although the time in the house, there I remember someone from a mutant female said something). The idea with the biting of the lips was unusual (who knew that this farm boy in fashion boots will be sensitive kisses), and subsequent spravka dislocated shoulder better than any words show who they are. What so here to talk about the music of peace in a country style and two forest dweller peacefully dragging his prey home.

I prefer to focus on the mutants, because for them, I have gone through most of the film. People — normal members of the cultural elite on test yourself — whores, merry misfits, ex-thugs-athletes, girls Gothic attitude and veterans of the war in Iraq is also female. In General, a typical set of characters for the films in this class. But what are the main villains?

Daddy — one of the colorful characters, he hunter, he getter fighter, he didn't afraid, he who want to the British flag to break, the only one in family masterfully drawn with a bow, throwing great axes and less ugly. Mommy — the image of a good wife who helps her husband preparing (to the scene back later), cleans and does all sorts of homework. Daughter and Son — two of Chad, a distinctive feature, so tend to incest, where the son appears to be a mattress and a fan to stare at. women's "charm" (the first time I see the villains in this perspective), daughter of the same on the contrary very aggressive and prefer to break the skull of anybody, by the way she is not once appears hands a shotgun in his hands. And finally the star of the series, the main character and just a cool guy — three-toed. This individual is a helluva lot of kind of simple guy from village, which is to life is simple, engaged in their favorite thing and generally strongly predisposes to myself, I suppose it was the most colorful and the only character transcends from the first part.

As for methods of killing the victims — there's ways a little less than in the first part, but they have not lost their primitive brutality. They cut throats, chop, chopping down of the bows, shoot, strangle and even trying to shove the black guy in the grinder (it is surprising that it is not was the first to die, I bet on it is), it is a pity that they removed their traps, here is that, and the trap would be bold (pit and the node is not count). What the other a tough guy, a Colonel of Marines in retired — it is original and in a way even a pathetic (the only character among the people, which was a pity, he fought for life man I thought it from this shit). Don't remember the dinner scene in the family. Here I liked the reference to a normal family, the wife is busy on the kitchen, cut up the carcass, the Director's father staring at box drinking concoctions, carefully brought daughter, son as usually codaca and all makes mutants more humanity and vitality in nature — in the first part they were the typical monsters, machines for murder, then they are something more.

A special word must be said about music. The main theme is memorable, and most importantly how good Bear maccreary combined country, rock and techno in one composition. A great theme for the show "Surviving" — it really seems like there are at presentation of the reality show. To regret the other threads, nothing interesting — common ways to add effects to certain actions of the characters.

Well, most importantly of course it was nice to see a familiar actress crystal Love, she the only among the bunch of actors do sing and directly declares: "I like to know how many ways I can be killed in ten minutes after the first appearance in the frame."

And finally, I want to see that the three-toed has become something of a business card series, if I think, that only that guy did, but he get out, he even the face of the shotgun he shot himself Henry Rollins, and it is no what is not used to feed the baby and giggles in his favorite manner.

Unfortunately the film is very ordinary meat slasher, but not makes it less attractive or meaningless — the line shows the small details are present (which you can't blame Lynch, so in inattention to detail).

10 of 10

How much did it cost to make Wrong Turn 2: Dead End?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $4,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Wrong Turn 2: Dead End?
This tv-show was directed by Joe Lynch.
What is the genre of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Horror.
Who starred in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Erica Leerhsen, Henry Rollins, Texas Battle, Aleksa Palladino, Daniella Alonso.
What is Wrong Turn 2: Dead End IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.5.
When was Wrong Turn 2: Dead End released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2007-10-09.