Winter in Wartime

Hungry winter in German-occupied Netherlands. The story of 15-year-old Michiel, the son of the mayor of a small town. The philosophy of his father, who believes that the Germans do not need to be lifted up, the son is clearly annoying, but thanks to her father manages, for example, to prevent the arrest of the neighbor's family. The boy is much closer settled in the house of uncle Ben, which is clearly linked with the underground. But uncle has secrets — Michilu almost accidentally got into the care of a downed German pilot wounded British Jack, hiding in a shelter in the woods.

Release Date: 2008-11-27
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: BE, NL
  • Language: Dutch | English | German
  • Budget: EUR4,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $9,275,806
Winni Hattie
25 January 2014 | 02:59

Everywhere the boys be boys — that one half of the globe that on the other, out depending on what language they say, what Church you go to their parents all the money in the course in their country. The boys are always the same — in the fertile atomnoe summer and in the barbed severe winter in peace and fullness and in the hungry times of war. In truth that teenagers especially the boys live in a world of his own high ideals, sincere impulses and full compliance with the noble objectives not less noble actions. And it to the real has a very indirect relationship.

These teenagers are often cruel to their loved ones, especially to gentle and meek. They rough and wrong nothing but in a serious situation as if numb.

They always have an idol, sometimes a relative, a kind of bad boy that gets along well with older, but like is on their, teen, party.

Michel is a classic example of a kid from a good family who is not because of what, objectively, rebel and so it rebel against the world, against their families and against himself. The enthusiasm of the age requires "courage, deeds and glory," inverted the concept of the right tells some twisted view on things. Demonstration in its original relation to the father. In the scene where the father came to the Germans, due to the family on the contrary, he saw he laughed at the Germans. I saw he saved the neighbor.

And all anything, all are, grow up, and enthusiasm wears no, giving place to a sober, pragmatic look at life, but... "winter in wartime" cruel, does not tolerate doubt, hesitation and misconceptions and gives no chance to apologize.

Movie cold-measured, viscous, and the same time, tightly enveloping. Very quickly detected sincere sympathy where before there was only indifference or aversion. And empathy is a total of almost all. Without the roar of explosions, the sight of mangled bodies, desperate howling bereaved people movie shows all baseness, meanness — and ambiguity of war. Those same soldiers that shot innocent people out of the hole "enemy" of a teenager. In as "your" stand on the shore and quietly watched. Almost like "the wind blows out candles, blows fire" How to get it in the mind? How to hate the invaders, if among them — your Savior?

Overall, a good movie, slowly, gradually eating into the very in mind.

8 from 10

The only "but" — from Jamie Bauer military officer like me a Prim young lady: -) But the film is not relevant, just my personal opinion.

Gertrude Viradis
27 April 2009 | 08:50

If you want to see a strong drama, then this film is not for you. And not because this Beni (not Deluxe)-the film is a little dramatic scenes... on the Contrary, specifically emphasis. But those who has more or less studied the history of the world know that occupation of the USSR was more cruel than in countries where resistance itself was not. So we living in Russia, Belarus, Eastern Ukraine is much stronger than "hit" the film Klimov "Come and see" on this subject.

The at least, not to mention very good camera work with spectacular close-UPS of the characters in the film. Very good detective line with the cliffhanger ending. Well it shows the character of the protagonist, a teenage boy suffering from youthful maximalism, but when this striving by all means to live with the use in the difficult conditions. And that is especially pleasant, when literally in one minor episode, the viewer can see the whole story of what is happening in parallel with the main plot (the neighbor of the main character, hiding from home of the Jewish family).

Overall, very good movie, but  not"cling".

8 from 10

Cynthia Grenville
22 May 2009 | 10:52

You might think: well that's why all sorts of different European dwarfs are taken to remove military movie? Expect to surpass the Hollywood power scope is wide or just maintain the rules of etiquette, making a memory of past cases?

And, apparently, can do without a bloated budgets and vysokogornyh performers, not yielding overseas battle monumentality, but on the part of moral and psychological tension, penetrating deeper than many incomparable art of monsters of the dream factory.

The chill of skepticism cools interest in the subject of the doubt content of European history. Honestly, lay under the invaders all the war bogged down in collaboration, stayed and waited for deliverance, but now spread cloying memories of the resistance.

"Where your resistance?" — with this question adheres to the boy Michely one annoying character, learning about the defeat of the local underground, wondering how fifteen-year-old boy was able to organize the rescue of Royal air force pilot Nazis downed British aircraft.

Speaking of the resistance, he, as many now meant an organized fight: turnout, passwords and other attributes adventurous-crime genre, while case a teenager raised on the surface of the topic of individual confrontation, the events of the personal relationship to war the established order.

The alleged compromise of the father, not refuse the post of mayor of the city, annoying the disobedient boy, but the first contact with the underground is the last, leaving him after the defeat of the cache, which hid the allied pilot.

Putting on responsibility of a wounded pilot Michel engaged in a very dangerous thing, requiring serious application of force, cunning and skill. But still — experience which has turn out for during rapidly developing events, okazyvali boyish pain and blood personal loss.

The teenager (and, perhaps, have and the boy) have a lot of time to choose from, deciding who to trust and what to do, including the most cruel and irreversible step to someone else's death.

Life gives many reasons for reflection, causing the hero to hesitate and be disappointed, to razbiratsya, recognizing their errors, and go big and small compromises. Compromises are aware, for example, to share a secret with your sister. Because it is not only the older sister, but and a nurse too. And random — to take the proffered in wormwood the hand of a German soldier — the only hope for the salvation fell through the ice Michiel.

The plot of the film, following the realities of wartime, avoids bias, finding the conflict of personal property material for generalizations, not to diminish the brightness of the characters and the story, which is getting close to genuine sincerity of Martin Lakemeier, although it hurts the visible alignment scenario under the image of one character — bright living, growing and developing, but obviously programmed by filmmakers.

Are assumed the writers, so it's a surprise that the role of the downed pilot went to Jamie Campbell Bauer — the little-known young actor with model looks, seeming not valid for the harsh theater of war. However, the performance of the role excludes any discussion about his ineptitude.

On the contrary, in a certain point a model the experience of a novice actor plays on the benefit of the whole movie, when dressed, a British pilot appears in the civil suit, strictly, military habit, tugging floors well-tailored jacket: the chic look young buck — the best compliment to the costume designers (decorators too), spent a lot of effort to build life long time.

It is something more than just a story of a teenager mwauwasa — short story of people resisting, resisting the often unnoticed for their loved ones. Not organized, but true to his belief, not of some small renown, but found a quiet death.

In this film — real truth of young Europeans, without false pathos paying tribute to the modest heroism and personal courage of ordinary people.

How much has Winter in Wartime made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $9,275,806.
How much did it cost to make Winter in Wartime?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least EUR4,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Winter in Wartime?
This tv-show was directed by Martin Koolhoven.
What is the genre of Winter in Wartime?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, War.
Who starred in Winter in Wartime?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Martijn Lakemeier, Yorick van Wageningen, Jamie Campbell Bower, Raymond Thiry, Melody Klaver.
What is Winter in Wartime IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Winter in Wartime released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2008-11-27.