The love story of Jerry and Jeanette: of Heartbreak, error, stupidity and the loss of illusions, but the main driving force is our love.

  • Paul Dano

Release Date: 2019-01-01
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Virgina Laveen
21 April 2019 | 02:42

The directorial debut of Sex This can be called a success — "wild life" appears quite coherent and precise work. Technically the picture is perfectly shot and delivered: a beautiful picture of idyllic (and not only) landscapes, gently lyrical music, good acting. Synopsis throw dust in the eyes, promising "a poignant love story of Jerry and Jeanette" — is not so. A movie about how their son Joe is forced to watch the crumbling relationship of his parents — upcoming divorce through a child's eyes. And here a substantial part of the "Wild life" is a fairly mixed feelings.

The mid-twentieth century. The story of the pursuit of ambitions at the time of the raging crisis — family and age — is predominantly American (slip she and literature classics — description of the childhood of Bukowski that is). Alas, work This in this plan does not offer anything new, but and the existing scene is also very much not cling. The thing that it is very difficult to empathize with the mumble father and flighty mother. Let me explain. The parents of the main character is extremely self-centered individuals, on and not really clinging to marriage. Yes, the father goes to put out fires with risk of life (omit the obvious symbolism of a burning marriage, sung in most of the reviews), but it looks much like escape lack of money and cracked pride, so as past work it was fired (although almost immediately called back). Yes, mother is looking for work by all means, but after the departure of her husband very easily blurs, hitting on old ambitions, plus and time is ticking, and probably because it is doing what makes (a very unpleasant sight). "He left, and that will me?" — hysterically asks Jeanette, stressing that not very worried about that will be "with us" how would have usually said a normal mother, identifying himself with the family, child.

Their immaturity, foolishness by mid-irritating, as if they are motivated not need family or economic well-being, and kind of boring. Here and it turns out that that's the only sane and sensible character is their son — Joe. No wonder with parents like that grow up quickly: he and folder from the fire will extinguish and mother of stupid siege, and the toilet repaired, and get a job. In the scene where Joe returns home from the police station, I wanted to the questions of parents, where he was, he simply sent. But he does, because Joe — the only the whole Trinity, who is held a family who loves neither for something, but just like that. It seems that this was This promise. In the end, when mom and dad have a phrase in the spirit of "I think I have wasted on you all this time", you see this boy is the result of this "wonder" — him. And sincerely sorry for him, because Joe helpless in the position of the child, although at times smarter than their idiot parents (excellent acting of ed Oxenbould).

By the way, about the game. Jake Gyllenhaal appears minutes to twenty, but very soulful playing, and gives a master class on the game with his eyes. Carey Mulligan I hated with the time of "the Great Gatsby" (though Daisy and the book was quite irritable), but now ready to take all your bad words back.

The nearest neighbors of "Wild life" in the segment of family drama can be called the infamous "Road of changes" and"Fireflies in the garden". However, they look more convincing, and it's not direction and the force of history, so after you don't say "well, OK" and continue to go about their business. Plus the entire film is not feeling that we went to room for the middle, so quickly after the dismissal of husband's action went: the first ten minutes, my wife very smartly and optimistic, I supported him, when he went away, if he died, and began in all serious. Yeah and exposure to drive too, not could use, so as the ambition of the parents are born after the fact of the words of "but before I was/were".

"Wild life" — a movie about the family, your place in her about the bug adults and the Board of children for them.

6 from 10

Catlee Patrice
27 June 2019 | 12:34

Another story of the American heartland. Small town, petty little people, meaningless affair. "Wild life" is ready to offer the viewer a permanent part of Gyllenhaal, honest Mulligan (actress, as and her character really only 34) and are baffled by what is happening with his family madhouse ed Oxmlnode.

The story of family problems and the loss of life goals. Dad proud, but blunt, mother not proud, but blunt unsatisfied (in all possible senses), and the only 14-year-old son and like a smart guy, but too amorphous for their age. In his years to rebel would be of the house to escape, and he open mouth looking at their hapless parents who are not taking on neither the slightest effort to bring in a sense, taking the version that adults know better.

In the film a great ending. He moreover, kinematografichnosti beautiful, it still no. Well, that is the case when the credits roll, and you know what to bring the idea to end the Director came out. I would argue that and think that so clear that the final is an open and things, but personally I had the feeling of watching one series of boring soap operas, and plucked from the middle. That for such as I remain of the movies simpler and meaningful.

"Wild life" — dull drama about the dull family in which no one I want to empathize. Great movie festival, which is unlikely will attract a mass audience.

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Elfrieda Kronick
22 October 2018 | 01:53

In the yard in the sixties of the twentieth century. The post-war period, the silence around and no problems. All happy. No reason to worry, except for the blazing fire in the forest near a small northwestern American town, Montana, who moved the same an ordinary family, and millions of others. They have time from same time problems relations as all.

And like in a forest fire, a small spark grows into a furious flame that starts slowly, but true to destroy something in the spouses, something made them what they've become. Something called love. Domestic quarrels, problems with finding work, the mother's alcoholism, the excessive selfishness of the father and inappropriate obscene for parent behavior, become the boy Joe a real shock that changed it looks at this wild life forever.

Talented and very young actor Paul This, known to many for a movies "Oil", "Captive" and"the Man — Swiss knife," a stunning debut on the big screens in as a Director and screenwriter of the tape "the wild life", which was an adaptation of his favorite book with the same name. Writing the script together with his girlfriend Zoe Kazan, Paul The carefully polished it like vytachiv of the mountain is a beautiful stone jewelry, striking in its simplicity and the same time a genius.

Unbelievable, but the fact is, Paul This was not only a gifted actor, but and a remarkable Director, capable of the first attempts to make incredibly sensitive and knockout the feet of the viewer, as if a powerful punch, a movie about slowly fading family hearth. In"Wild life" there is expensive decorations, incredibly sophisticated with the technical side of the scenes, but has a great ensemble cast, a small town, and simple everyday life problems — all catches plays hidden emotional strings of the viewer much more effectively than any big-budget work. All brilliant — simple.

The father left without the work goes into the forest to extinguish the fire for the dollar hours. He has to risk his life to feed his family. The problem is it not that it doesn't think about the possible lethal outcome, but that his dignity is not allows you to work in a supermarket, which starts the first conflict of the spouses, grows into a more. In the end, the father almost on half a year disappears from the family, the boy Joe stay with his single mother and begins to observe not the most pleasant thing. Starting from simple grief at the left her husband who may never return, ending with an obvious affair with a rich man, transmits by itself or one skirt.

Jerry, so the name of the father, has in the film is less than all three of the protagonists screen time, but with Jake Gyllenhaal, who performed one and the strongest and most important role in his career, his hero remembered on the same level with others. One look inside the ruined husband, full of despair and eye pain stick the viewer in mind long after the viewing is not out there.

Jeanette — the mother, at first creating the impression that she is incredibly loving and faithful wife, ready to support her husband in a difficult moment, then showing that it is able in any moment to pour the wife of a bucket of dirt from his back. The heroine Carey Mulligan, which did not less worthy of praise for his performances than her colleague Gyllenhaal, is actively trying to prove to his son that his father unworthy, stupid man, and she sure to that she changes. And let the husband in the family is not ideal not an indicator of courage, but he even in difficult times, not give up.

And it is Joe is the main advantage of the painting. Fourteen-year-old son. Jerry Jeanette, involuntary witness of the crisis in the relations of spouses whose eyes the Director and show all history every day more and more goes to myself, moving away from the companies due to issues at home. Not the best feeling appears to the soul of man, especially in the child, I understand that his parents are about to cease to be together.

Ed Oxenbould the second opening of the tape, after setting the Floor for This. Seventeen-year-old actor first became their acting skills in a serious author, an independent film and makes it is brilliant. Without a large number of replicas as and Gyllenhaal, only one doomed look before the final credits, he demonstrates all the inner experience, and lost as a child, experiencing the breakup of their parents.

That's about the dying family hearth and says "wild life". And even if the viewer will know in advance the plot, it still not can make indifferent. It is the most ordinary life the story is familiar to everyone, which is personal experience no one would do not want to worry. Gender This written universal for any time a story that has become for it is very personal. Perhaps that is a personal experience and helped the young Director to create so alive, attractive and interesting characters, is sympathetic and rejection.

Especially noticeable influence of the Directors, with whom This has worked for his acting career. In his directorial debut is a little off by Denis Villeneuve ("Prisoners") and grain, Paul Thomas Anderson ("Oil"). And if this year, Bradley Cooper made a mistake, standing for camera and not in front of her, Paul dano definitely can claim the title of one of the best young Directors in this year. So powerful and sensitive the film is not every professional filmmaker with experience can make.

Result. "Wild life" — the picture is better one time to see than a million times it to hear. Leaving the viewer with broken heart after watching the drama answers the question that can occur for a family portrait with smiling faces? The film shows the slow and horrible real history through the eyes of the most of the bonding of two people by the thread of love, trying to keep them to the end, in spite of that she is soon broken.

the Phrase "a talented person is talented in everything" — perfectly describes This career on the Floor the moment, gave the world one of the best films of this year.

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Who is the director of the movie Wildlife?
This tv-show was directed by Paul Dano.
What is the genre of Wildlife?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018.
Who starred in Wildlife?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan, Ed Oxenbould, Bill Camp, Zoe Margaret Colletti.
What is Wildlife IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Wildlife released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-01-01.