Who Framed Roger Rabbit

A private detective investigates a mysterious crime, which is suspected of... cartoon character Roger rabbit! The detective falls in an unpredictable world, where he will face painted villains with these revolvers, saying the car and seductive cartoon babe. Finally, on the horizon appears a dark figure who framed Roger rabbit.

  • Robert Zemeckis
  • Richard Williams

Release Date: 1988-06-22
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $70,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $329,803,958
Ricca Nannie
13 July 2016 | 12:21

Light and soft to the eyes from the beginning till you can describe the picture "Who framed Roger rabbit." Have all the Directors have kind of the centerpiece of the paintings, of course, impossible to say that for Robert Zemeckis's "Roger rabbit", but and it cannot be denied that this project did not a disgrace to the name directed, facing, painting, combining in itself a Noir world where the intertwined destinies of toon and ordinary people, quickly became popular, and it can be considered an informal "business card" Robert Zemeckis, or another medal in  the"uniform" of the Maestro, along with a series of "Back to the future". Initially naive and easy story that described in little book, the film develops into a true detective, where very well changed the story and atmosphere of which the movie rejects from itself, the naivete of books and becomes complete and a standalone product that has all the chances to find its audience and even more find the many spectators that the movie will have law there the taste will become iconic for a certain generation, and that occurred "rabbit". And after all, originally the idea and the idea was very controversial idea, but not Zemeckis poking "a finger in the sky", it figured for against, found a great producer in the face less talented Director Steven Spielberg and, voila! Have some time later the film was released on light, all went smoothly, the creators because of some superstition, deprived the film of the sign"?".

The film shows the history of the toon, loved and familiar to most viewers of the different projects, but only the history of cartoons ordinary laborers, who earn money, acting in the animated film, only if you are accustomed to seeing the usual good toon, then can be upset, then their trick is that are these painted watercolor creatures, friends of the well-known films, the absolute Baddy, Yes there, the brother of the main character of Eddie Valiant, killed multyaha, and in the most brutal way. Tune in not a fairy tale, and to a world where debauchery, murder, and "Ladushki". No, no, calm, not all so and won, because you Roger rabbit is probably the most charismatic character drawn in the ribbon, naive, cheerful and mischievous, the belief of which amuse and delight. If Roger rabbit was a person, it was nice person, good-natured simpleton. And when it comes to its chords with Eddie Valiant, then this tandem is drawn and the real character gives the ribbon elements of a "buddy movie"and it is good. Special thanks for a well-orchestrated scenes painted material, which was done by Richard Williams.

The real actors of the movie are just great. So skillfully play emotions and feelings when you need to engage in dialogue with the inanimate character, there, even resist the charms of the sexy Jessica rabbit (Watercolor does not indulge), was probably for Bob Hoskins is extremely difficult, but as he real actors have found the secret of harmony with cartoon characters for not that plus, a huge plus, because this kind of idea is very difficult it can be realized.

The world characters that a Noir the city as mentioned above, it is notable for the fact that in this cartoon characters only add to this city of the surreal, and is it good or bad, each viewer decides for himself. The storyline is pretty simple, but she can evolve into something exciting, so occurs, because this cartoon world is full of secrets and mysteries, it like a dream to quote Rasta Cole, "At the end of every dream is there a monster", in this situation, "monster", this incredibly exciting, but not devoid of simplicity and naive plot, which may be very surprised to present a lot of nightmares for same Eddie Valiant (sinister, raspy laugh).

What shows Maestro Zemeckis? No, rather, he immerses the viewer in this universe and it is worthy of praise, because the will not will, watching what is happening is part of the world, of the world for beyond ordinary perception, you need to tune the mind-blowing tale, with elements of realism and no no shares of bleakness. Not in an effort to become a masterpiece, "Who framed Roger Rabbit" becomes a minimum of product to which the Director has treated with such respect as to their own child, and isn't is success and not a reward for the Director? It at least a maximum of love and recognition of the majority, the warmth where for the film a warmth that it will be reviewed not a small amount of time, the warmth that makes the film popular, the feeling that every time fueled by the new, when the viewer turns on this story, feelings that are difficult to repay.

All this class a Grand narrative is accompanied by delightful music from the brilliant Alan Silvestri, and of music I want to note two topic: "Jessica's theme" and"Judge Doom".

Thank you so much, Robert Zemeckis, for this is a Grand miracle!

The review from "about main"

Of 10 10

PS the Review is devoted to my friends, Аlan and Nightmare163, which also belong to those who love and appreciate this brainchild of Robert Zemeckis. From all my heart JackNaper.

Berenice Reggie
27 July 2013 | 12:58

Oh, these multyahi...

"Who framed Roger rabbit" belongs to the cohort of films that are difficult to attribute to the Masterpieces, but however, on heard it all. The question posed by the creators of the name became very popular in our country, and answers of varying degrees of irony it would be possible to make the collection as with anecdotes. The creation of Robert Zemeckis, released on the screens between the two parts of the famous trilogy "Back to the future", of course, was an event in the cinematic world. Critics were delighted, the audience was happy and the creators of the calculated profit. Despite that since the release of the film was 25 years, it continues to be interesting for the audience.

The story takes place in the forties of the last century. In Los Angeles equal rights with normal people, live animated characters, which were called "the toon". Each of them found a class soul — work in police, cafes, taxis. Have all doing well, except for poor Roger. Career rabbit goes under the slope, the wife played in Ladushki with strangers, still a local judge Rock with a gang of ferrets "Multatuli" announced at the poor guy hunt (that's really really — the trouble does not come alone). Roger is charged in the murder of tycoon Marvin Acme, and Rock openly admits that if justice will overtake the "long-eared", it faces death. Once in such a complex situation, the cartoon is looking for salvation in house of Eddie Valiant, the private detective. In the past this man on the couple brother and actively helped the toon and thought they friends, but after one such "friends" killed his brother, the chief mate Eddie was the alcohol. Be smart and realizing that in "something fishy", Valiant agrees to help the rabbit. And now fight with the enemy they both will have a very hard time.

Robert Zemeckis, of course, a genius. He took a lot of pictures, I like millions of people, but it is the "Roger Rabbit" can be considered the most original film of the wizard. Combining hand-drawn animation and the game live actors were used in the movie in ancient times, but this film was the first in which this technique is used on the entire volume. The implementation was costly, and many critics predicted the project a failure, but Zemeckis spat on them and did everything as intended. Moreover, he is not only stayed on the only idea he still developed it. In the film side side cooperate with, and conflict just goofing around most famous cartoon characters from different studios and total number is simply amazing. It looks great. A particularly memorable moment, in which Eddie and Roger sit in the cinema and watching a movie with goofy. At this rabbit really laugh and admires multiple dog: "What is to become! That was amazing. Goofy — you're the best!!" The concept is extremely unusual and stored in the memory of the spectator on life. In the result of this film started a new era in the history of American animation.

As for the production aspects of the movie, there are also fine. Color palette, which was used during narisawa of Multan, results in delight. Dyes are used in the measure, nor what there is no overkill. Characters cartoon characters crafted filigree, in each toon fall in love with at first sight, worried about what is happening adversity. The plot is dynamic and does not SAG nor for a second, the facts follow one of the else in the end all the events of the film looks a whole. For many, the main disadvantage of this movie is the abundance of violence and unnecessary brutality, transferred to the screen. I cannot accept this, because I believe that all of the characters ' actions look reasonable. So, if the judge of the Rock publicly kills a toon, it means he is serious in his intentions, and if Eddie always pulls Roger in the ears, then wants to be the one has been collected. The age limit of "16+", in General, is justified, but I watched this movie for the first time, when I was eight, and felt great. So I believe that parents can decide whether to display features an exciting criminal story of the poor rabbit.

Speaking of the actors, one may speculate about that Bob Hoskins associate the mass audience with the role of Eddie Valiant, and Christopher Lloyd played brilliantly gauged, but still this movie is not would what he was not be among the Central characters of the heroine, Jessica rabbit. Femme fatale, stunningly drawn, brilliantly voiced and has splashed out on the viewer a sea of sex to his music room, which separately looked at the audience in much greater numbers than the film itself. Jessica appears in various lists and rankings of the characters in the film, but according to a poll of British in 2009 is considered the "sexiest cartoon character". All efforts the study of this character was not in vain, and I understand those people who from the film only remember the figure of Jessica, which has produced from sex symbols of different eras. I understand, but not making excuses.

You probably have watched this movie and made their conclusions about it. If not so, rather corrected. They can enjoy alone, and friends and with your family, every time opening something new. I am often asked what is my favorite cartoon, and I, without a moment's hesitation, I answer "Who framed Roger rabbit", although it is not quite the cartoon. He unique, unforgettable and instructive. I believe it will look and assess not yet one generation. Of course, it worth it.

Of 9 10

Mora Gina
27 January 2011 | 01:41

Start with that even with early childhood "Who framed Roger rabbit" was one of my favorite movies along with"Nannies", where the main roles are played by brothers Paul. Even across such a large huge amount of time, the film me not lose one's attraction. Indeed this film can be called outstanding in excess, as in"the rabbit" was first used shooting, thanks to which cartoon characters could play a major role on a par with live, real actors. Also in this tape in my opinion is that only once in the history of cinema and animation of cartoon characters from different studios are playing a picture and play together one of the example I can give that scene where you play the star of the Studio "Warner" funny Bunny bugs Bunny and the most popular cartoon of all times and peoples mouse Mickey mouse of the studios "Walt Disney". Also in the film there are familiar characters like goofy, daffy duck, and even a flying elephant Dumbo, the scene with which I was pretty amused. By the way, the humor in"rabbit" wonderful, a little vulgar, but still beautiful, without any rude and vulgar jokes that paintings of this genre in recent times is stuffed up to the limit. All this feed I can watch an infinite number of times and when there is nothing to watch I happy to include that Comedy, which sometimes look with me even my parents who adventures in the Multan very much. Well and now a little more about the film about his storyline.

The plot tells the story of experiencing a creative crisis actor cartoon rabbit on behalf of Roger, who once on the filming of another Comedy animated masterpiece let the asterisks that should appear in the scenario is that the birds, which very much angered the Director of the movie and the owner of the Studio where he is shooting. He makes the decision to hire well-known in the Multan detective Eddie Valiant, who will produce proof that the wife of the rabbit, gorgeous Jessica rabbit cheated on her husband with the owner of the Corporation "Akme", with whom she had a good relationship, but soon after this the suspect is killed, and kills him. one hundred percent drawn character, so how the murder took place using the Grand piano which fell on rich great height and crushed to death. Now the main suspect is harmless Roger rabbit, from which the murder was all explanation there is no alibi, confirming that at the time of the murder, he was a different place. A little silly, but funny Roger asks for help the only person whom he trusts, and it to He, whose irrepressible Bunny will enter into trouble in which will also be involved bailiff of Rock, who wants to punish the killer and a gang of ferrets, which is the worst assistants judge that not as easy as seems to first sight.

The script is simply gorgeous, because usually, when are these movies in the last time trying to cross the genre of Comedy and adventure, well, or fantasy, but in this picture of Comedy cleverly woven with a detective, who their structure is very complicated, but the writers have tried and the result was the first world's Comedy detective story where drawn characters trying to find a solution to the mystery on a par with live actors, about I would like now and tell

"You know it's hard to live a woman with my good looks!"

"And you don't know how hard it is to live a man with my good looks and see how the woman lives with your appearance!"

Bob Hoskins elegant, indeed, playing with yourself imagining that near you cartoon character is very difficult, mostly mentally, because I I read somewhere that the role in the film Bob some time was hallucinating, but I can say that this sacrifice was made not in vain, so as an end result is simply incredible a nomination for"Golden globe" in the nomination "the best actor in the Comedy" another one proof of this. Played great and Christopher Lloyd, who is the image of the villain and the villain who's pretending to be a good guy, yeah and all the images of unusual and a bit crazy characters, Christopher's work just fine, and all the role of Lloyd's beautiful and the role of the judge Rock is no exception was. About real actors to write more pointless, so in mainly the screen was dominated by drawn characters, I here, for example, really liked babe Herman, especially the scene where he lay yourself a wheelchair with a cigar in his mouth, well and of course charming, sexy and simply fatal beauty Jessica Rebit, which already has become a cult character, like but her husband, silly and inadequate Roger rabbit, which he considers to be his main goal in life to make people laugh, but not to kill them, that is very commendable, because the cartoons for this purpose and are created. Do all  - drawn characters gorgeous, and those I liked most of all, I have already mentioned. About the revolutionary technique of combining live actors and animated I already wrote a lot, but say that with her light appeared in films like "Garfield," "Scooby-Doo" and many others, so we can assume that "Who framed Roger rabbit" revolutionary milestone in the history of cinema. It is gratifying that the Director of the next breakthrough with a technical perspective once again became a Robert Zemeckis, which previously took a movie masterpiece "Back to the Future". I can say that with a very difficult task Robert was the perfect fit. In recent years, Zemeckis tries again to open a new technology and to make another breakthrough, but so far in vain, well, and while Robert tries to give the audience something new, you can watch it old "breakthroughs", which "Who framed Roger rabbit" definitely is. Almost I forgot to mention the wonderful soundtrack by "eternal" composer Zemeckis, Alan Silvestri, from which was a very exciting and dynamic music, which brilliantly fits actions taking place in the that music I definitely put the highest rating.

"So after all, what you like him that you do it found?"

"Well... with him as fun!"

Summary: lovely ribbon, which you can watch along with family worried about whether someone is bored or not interested, so as "Who framed Roger rabbit" should appeal to any audience and created as for kids for adults who watch the film should also like it, and my personal assessment is the maximum you can wager as follows:

of 10 10

How much has Who Framed Roger Rabbit made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $329,803,958.
How much did it cost to make Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $70,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
This tv-show was directed by Robert Zemeckis, Richard Williams.
What is the genre of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Animation.
Who starred in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Charles Fleischer, Stubby Kaye.
What is Who Framed Roger Rabbit IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was Who Framed Roger Rabbit released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1988-06-22.