Wall Street

Bud Fox, a young and extremely ambitious broker, lives in the heart of the world where all that anything has a price, everything can be bought and sold. He is determined to reach the top, be the best. In an effort to support, he sought acquaintance with the old predator by Gekko Gordon, and he reveals to him the secrets of mastery. Quick money, luxury women, all the pleasures of the world in the hands of Bud and swirling around financial flows are more money, more luxury, more features, more temptations. You only need to catch this prey. Forget about everything except the main law: "Greed is good. It — works! "

  • Oliver Stone

Release Date: 1987-12-11
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $43,848,069
Abigael Edrei
05 October 2010 | 09:18

I have ever writing a review on the Oliver stone movie, then it was the positive review of a picture of "Every Sunday". There I noticed with all the credibility and a real drive, a film steeped in American pathos, and pride what they is this a sport, but it was American football. And still all that slightly false and false narcissism, I couldn't do not put the picture the best in sports, generally called "Every Sunday" the best film of the stone.

As every American, a patriot of his country, Oliver stone proud to be about US know so the whole world, and Yes to make this illustration it and takes about all movies. He served in Vietnam saturate the atmosphere, returned a hero and apparently decided to make films about how the great country America. With then he said on all the important events. He began of course with the movie "Platoon" about the war in Vietnam, later withdrew and about the Kennedy assassination, but also dedicated to the world in a rather deplorable for US the topic of serial killers, then was mentioned "Every Sunday", well, and finally "wall street".

What can we say about this film, probably that the ordinary people do not particularly delve into the wilds of the world economy and even more of those who no idea is what specifically deal brokers on wall street, can you comfort, as almost all picture stone; this work not has a special insight, and everything that happens on screen essence is the masquerade. I don't want to say that Oliver is a bad Director, but it is clearly not apply to the talents who have the gift of intelligent storytellers. And if you fear not understand what is in question here, then you comfort, "wall street" as wouldn't tried to make a stone otherwise, only a sketch of the life of the people who performed on the exchange 60 hours per day.

The thing that speaking of discernment, which is lacking in almost all the pictures of the stone, in the film "Every Sunday", where do much for me it was a revelation, well, and here "natural Born killers" to record where a couple of phrases also gives a profound reason to think, but here, for example, in all the much-vaunted "Edge" I saw the integrity of the history and this abstraction is often next it, they say about the film that we're just there, , we were killed there, and wept at the pathos and patriotism poured on you screen hail. Yes, in principle, to look interesting, but the picture is clearly inferior to its brothers in the genre, such as "the Hunter on deer", "Apocalypse now" and even more "full Metal jacket".

The same story with "wall street" where stone allegedly under the idea of showing a meaningful way, then there do these. brokers, just made a film, which can be safely be called "And we have wall street, it be new York we are proud of it". Perhaps all that would be much more interesting, not pick a stone on the role of the main characters of Charlie sheen. When the role of Charlie and in "Platoon" and in the "wall street" so looks like sometimes you already do not realise that it's two different characters. And if father Martin sheen from the sky the stars are not enough, but still, the actor is more than average, then this is his son, forgive me, just mediocre. And all because Charlie sheen plays his role not is better than our players of the third division, and charm, not more than the bin.

Well, still have dear friends in the movie "wall street" something we love movie, for which we watch it. The thing that as false all the was not removed in the film has several advantages. First is a romance, new York, in the film there is an atmosphere, then the notion that too many leaving a modern movie for a long time to rant you will know what that means. The second on what I want to say, this game of Michael Douglas and the work of the operator who made all that is used to show the hero Michael, Gordon Geko, in the role of the serpent tempter. This touch of Satanism seduces and attracts how not to cool, but I want to compare the hero of Douglas, with character in al Pacino in"the devil's Advocate."

The plot develops according to a very simple and beloved by Americans to the formula "rise and fall" — rebellion the fall of the hero. In this vein, removed from the sea and mainly crime genre. Probably not be an exaggeration if I will compare the path of the character Charlie sheen with Tony Montana in"the Face with a scar," or as "Carlito's Way". This formula substitute just in any movie, we need a young, ambitious lad, experienced and seasoned mentor, and a matter of honor, which must take up, whether it's the beloved woman, the children or the father. In the end, the guy had the audacity, crossing the road to his mentor (often and the woman it takes), and begins the battle for power and money. And whoever is not won, the hero is always in the end awakens the conscience, and he refuses to everything wanted.

Apparently at this contrast, the film Academy gave Michael Douglas the award "Oscar". All, perhaps, except for Oliver stone, saw and understand that Charlie sheen plays are so lousy, and on the background of Douglas just put on a joke. Of course the charisma of Douglas can enjoy this role face. Michael is any particular different characters, he always his style, and not makes it great but see here in the movie "the Game" is nice. I note as well Martin sheen.

In General, judge for yourself, one can say that Oliver stone still managed at least figuratively to convey the atmosphere of wall street. The operator here in the principle of the classic for those times, but it's fine. Note how camera each time takes the plan of Gordon Geko, disturbing palette of colors, then it goes shadow, comes from the bright scorching sun and so on the real art, and not that now see 9 films from 10. It is a pity that looking at Charlie sheen in the end of the film I realized he the actress who played his girlfriend was the most nondescript faces that appeared in the film.

"Wall street" is a stylish movie, and very spatial, which is unlikely to surprise you with economic discoveries, but again I put the question:

And you willing to sell his soul to the devil?

7 with the downside of 10

Randi Tiena
06 April 2012 | 04:28

In many books and articles the film in 1987 "wall Street" is recommended to all who are interested in financial transactions, stock and stock activities. And indeed, the entire plot is based on this.

The team Director olive stone were Michael Douglas and a young Charlie sheen.

Throughout the film the story develops career broker with one of wall Street's Bud Fox and his financial relations with a mover and shaker Gordon Gekko. Gekko, the Michael Douglas, appears to us a prudent and do not shun dirty games businessman. Simultaneously with this in the episodes we observed players with their children. Gekko takes the role of a caring father, and it is not the traditional villain, whom we used to see in other American films. Moreover, it may serve as an example of a business person, holding in the fist of their emotions and feelings. Gordon Gekko is an example to Bud Fox (Charlie sheen), who agrees to take part in his manipulation and seeks to this a great success. All this continues until exactly as long as personal events are not force the Fox to reflect on whose side.

"Wall Street" — this series of intrigues and manipulations, sequential lowering and raising of stock and someone's life. This film shows the ugly behind the scenes and still not gives us out all this ambiguous situation. To the end of the movie questions and remain, mainly, it matters not about how about that. About that feels does the Gordon Gekko. About that expects how long this can continue. Questions about that all means of his family.

Continuation in the reviews film "wall Street: money does not sleep"

Rebekah Sydney
16 March 2010 | 12:33

I know how works broker, but a constant manipulation of the figures at times made me just look for what is happening. An interesting film on some reason — the acting and the excitement of trading. Michael Douglas in the role of Gordon Gekko (sharks of the stock business) looks very convincing. It very confident imagine, a rather cynical — but it the hero of that generation. Because in addition to excitement with which Gordon commits the transaction, it has an element of contemplation and desire to teach.

Twenty years — this whole generation. With the moment had a lot of films showing the life and character such as Gordon. And what I see now is a bit different from that I showed the Director Oliver stone. Perhaps stone wanted to portray Gordon with but I like that Gordon than modern counterparts. In this year will see the second part I think it will be much "harder" and characters will be more "brutal". Most interesting is that the concept of "Brutal" has a negative value, but now all invest in this concept is a model of courage.

A single word I want to say for lighting techniques. To the years is belonged to a novelty. They help to convey concentration characters. Another main point — passion. After watching the film I realized I want to earn more money, but earn same as passion this makes Gordon Gekko.

And as a lot of them in this movie smoke.

Of 9 10

How much has Wall Street made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $43,848,069.
How much did it cost to make Wall Street?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $15,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Wall Street?
This tv-show was directed by Oliver Stone.
What is the genre of Wall Street?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama.
Who starred in Wall Street?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Charlie Sheen, Tamara Tunie, Franklin Cover, Chuck Pfeiffer, John C. McGinley.
What is Wall Street IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.4.
When was Wall Street released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1987-12-11.