Vox Lux

In the late 1990s, a diligent student with a talent for music Celeste miraculously survives in times of tragedy, when her classmate like the school shooting. 20 years later, Celeste is popular worldwide singer, which owes its scandalous success of incurable psychological trauma.

  • Brady Corbet

Release Date: 2018-12-20
IMDb icon 5.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Flossi Barbabas
13 September 2019 | 05:41

Girl with musical ability at the name Celeste survives at the time of the shooting in school, which staged its a classmate. After 20 years, it is famous in the world pop star with problems with alcohol and drugs.

Pretty pretentious movie. Straightforward, with images and metaphors, beating in the forehead. When are the characters between a pop star and terrorists and their desire of fame. What pop music is not otherwise of the devil.

The film is clearly divided on two parts. In days of life Celeste us shown a clear portrait of the pop star who became popular due to the tragedy. On the tragic events make money and show. Yes this kind of sentence modern society (not without reason in the credits is written: "you looked the anthem of the 21st century", not do not less).

Natalie Portman plays perfectly about Celeste adult, easy moving angle of the other actors. Bitch and a drug addict, which is not can find common language with my own daughter, showmance and a false prophet on the stage, singing mediocre pop music.

Honestly, no I especially I went this movie. For me this was too much. Therefore, thought it came out chaotic. But shot well, Natalie Portman is a goddess.

6.5 out of 10

Sena Ellicott
09 March 2019 | 10:23

"VOX Suite", it is the "Voice of light" turned out to be the most problematic film in the career of a young screenwriter and Director Brady Corbett ("the Childhood of a leader"). Telling the story of a pop singer, metaphorically reflecting all "higher" American society of the 21st century, Corbett too one-sided, trying to raise the affected themes. Even when condition the Director focuses on issues of popularity and terrorism, and deprived the nation of hope, Corbett as if he does not know what conclusion he wants to do in the end. The beginning in the 90s the plot in very kind of restoration of the tragedy in school "Columbine", the picture is, alas, ends simply with anything, although at the powerful message inherent in early likely the duration of the film.

"Tell me, how many of you cried in your pillow at night?"

Celeste was born in America 1986. She no different from other children. With childhood she loved music and was writing his own songs together with her older sister. Not say that girls talent her sincere craving for the beloved charmed. And Celeste, as all children went to school had to one fateful day edited it and the life of a nation forever. In one terrible morning, her classmate started shooting in school, killing not only teachers, but and students. And one of his victims were could be Celeste, the sole miracle survivor of a fourteen year old girl with crystal-clear voice, later sang in a mourning ceremony dedicated to the victims of the tragedy, the song became, as it says the world of show business, a hit. With this time Celeste starts a new life, and it — career of pop singer.

Interestingly, in the scripts Corbett one does not concerned about the incident in the school tragedy. The only thing that touches people — song survivor girls. Celeste is not actively shows emotion at the time of the attack, stay in hospital, even while on the ceremony even more in the recording time of the mini-album. All the first half dedicated to the youth of the heroine, looks like some dancing on the bones. Celeste, though is in the image of an innocent little girl, but she starting to show your character, obviously having a mental disorder in the connection shooting school. Of the sweet sacrifices it slowly transformirovalsya in the excessively short-tempered, selfish, hypocritical and easily accessible girl leading a riotous life, filled with alcohol. Brady Corbett even draws a parallel between the terrorist attack of 11 September loss of virginity in the main character, very straight, but still, alluding to the death of something sacred for the nation.

And the Director very cleverly jumps from the end of the 90-ies, in which starts the story in our time. Celeste already 31 years, she is popular pop singer, from her already has a teenage daughter, conceived in the young age it has a crowd of fans, the problems with health and, of course, criticizing her work, statements and lifestyle people. What funny Corbett very succinctly managed to convey all the hypocrisy of such pop singers as Celeste. On she shouts of the world is full of evil people who call her a "slut" or also, continues the heroine, while she is busy a great deal, sitting on the couch critics will always find a way to throw it with dirt. Here just because it's funny, all the offense address Celeste suddenly be fair. On she icon of entire generations, her music charms all broken little hearts of the female population of the planet, and her daring look no indifferent.

Only here off stage, in or scenes in their own make-up artist, she has been as the last shoemaker, which ceases to remind the fairer sex. And about regular consumption of alcohol, for which she even the hit man, about the endless flirting with drugs of inappropriate behaviour and say not worth it. Of the small, charming and cute girls Celeste has become a typical restucture the prostitute on stage. Brady Corbett leaves a few clues why it happened. With one hand, even though the character is not showing, shooting in schools have shaken her psyche. And on the other, it just not handled fallen her such a young age popular corrupted her.

The structure of the picture Corbett resembles a classic success story. Simple girl soars up to the heights, here is only this altitude there is nothing sacred. Problem of the movie is that despite excellent directing Corbett, it to pretentiousness secondary. And not from what it lacks originality, at that it is very thought out. All the matter in that while watching you feel that is just confused in your own work. He laughing audience hypocritical pop singers, laughing at the pop music, because it's empty and carries no artistic value, but at the same time, dry comparison of terrorists with the pop artists, nothing deep there. "VOX Suite" is actively trying to be sublime, mystical and extraordinary, but unfortunately, Corbett is not have brought their own to the end.

With all this cannot be noted that despite his thirty years, Brady Corbet, very confident in the work as Director. How well he works with the camera crew, perfectly reflects the careful camera work of the project. Inspired by Corbett and for the actors. In the final scene several times the Director draws a parallel with the devil's essence of pop music, which is surrounded by red neon heroine metaphorical, as if from beneath the earth, rises on a special platform on stage. And something like that is felt in the picture of Corbett and the actors. Authentic disgusting Natalie Portman, embodied the image of grown-up Celeste, in addition to causes disgust even and the fear of his own unnatural, writhing on stage snake. A severe brutal Jude law, producer Celeste that made it popular, just do do not the main decoration of the picture. Very sorry so repulsive and at the same time attracting a contradictory duet of such vile characters work together on screen as often as desired. 

"VOX Suite" — a portrait of the 21st century and show business that would wound more painful bullets. Have Brady Corbett was rich aesthetic pleasure of the painting, which is like a pop singer, shines with all sorts of sparkles on the screen, but absolutely nothing are able to give their best. But with all this, the film of the Corbett manages to mesmerize its mystical style of storytelling, which to break even from a weak history is not work. Probably too early Corbett made this film. For a young Director it though removes a very meaningful movie, but the lack of experience still, affects the scripts. From a unfortunately, he can only get with time.

- "Times — it's money. Two — this show. Three — ready. Four... follow me."

7 of 10

Roseann Ethyl
11 April 2019 | 01:35

The story of the tragedy and hypocrisy, rushing for an endless tunnel of life. The leitmotif is as old as world — from any coin always has two sides. Student with a gun one brings death, the other gives you a ticket for the big stage. Smile, shining in the bright rays of spotlights, screaming about the success and hides the pain of offense.

The film begins with the credits, they same ends. The late 90s darkens mascoting in one of American schools. For classmates of the main character the final it was when the most Celeste, everything is just beginning. Act charity and compassion, shared grief, in the form of beautiful songs, the girl brings a lot of fame. Innocence torn, and now comes the time for a change. The metamorphosis of the singer is seamless and meets us already present. And again, gunfire heard in the crowd of innocent victims of the terrorist attack. The shadow of mourning hanging over the next concert of Celeste. Whether it is to stand under the onslaught of media and drama personal life? It we will show the film.

Director Brady Corbet, took on itself, daring to portray the duplicity of the modern world. In the picture so many amusing dialogues or interesting plans. All the essence fits in one day before the concert Celeste. Brady young filmmaker and felt it still is looking for your style. The camera work is not brings enthusiasm, views not always properly constructed. And that's the musical component is executed on a good level. Natalie Portman and Jude law. the perfect complement to each other.

The topic is too deep to reveal it so simple. Celeste in personal life causes rejection and symbolizes the hypocrisy of modern life. The vices, the selfishness, the fear of loneliness, all mixed up in the main character. In the end, there is a touch of mysticism in what is happening. Brady Corbett tried to grasp the immensity and to fill the picture as possible meanings.

Whether to watch this movie? Except that fans of Portman or Lowe's. The film is very superficial and could to open up deeper, but the Director's experience is clearly not enough.

6 out of 10

Who is the director of the movie Vox Lux?
This tv-show was directed by Brady Corbet.
What is the genre of Vox Lux?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Best Musical Movies 2018.
Who starred in Vox Lux?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Natalie Portman, Willem Dafoe, Jude Law, Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Ehle.
What is Vox Lux IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.9.
When was Vox Lux released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-12-20.