Robbing a gas station and getting away by car, a young couple, Mickey and Julie, a couple of kilometres discovers that in the middle of a deserted forest road they ran out of gas. For lack of better options they get in conveniently tucked in the basement to discover the girl on the chain. And soon returned home, an old married couple, and our foursome is in a mutually disadvantageous situation.

  • Dan Berk
  • Robert Olsen

Release Date: 2019-09-20
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Cari Walling
17 December 2019 | 12:05

The poster of the "Villains" represents a comeback to the comic thrillers of the past. It seems, and everything else suggests that "Villains" — unconventional movie built on conversations. Still, the scenario of the "Villains" as much from 2016 was in  the"black list" niespodziewana manuscripts. Took hold of business as usual, novices and the results were more Amateur than professional this is in spite of good acting performances. A little braking, a bit acidic, but not the most exciting Thriller about the game "cat and mouse" with maniacs.

"Villains" want the viewer to empathize supposedly attractive pair of non-standard criminals. Jules (Mike Monroe) and Mickey (Beat Skarsgard) has just had robbed the gas station and hidden in the American wilderness. To hide criminals wander in home to George Gloria, whose impeccable manners and a way of life reminiscent of the aesthetics of the 70-ies of the United States. A couple of perverts take of criminals in captivity.

In fact as the script has several cunning plot twists, it seems that it makes little sense to bet. In no small degree it is associated with that the four main characters feel as a real person, caught in a similar situation. All the characters here, even a third -  — no more than about the eccentric images. George and Gloria, for example, deliberately shown too idealistic, and her home — nothing props. This clears the ominous notes of the story. The same applies to Mickey and motivation j — their things are the desperate attempts of the filmmakers to inject suspense in the story. A pair of criminals, of course, is more mundane than a couple of maniacs, perverts, but hardly plausible: the script feels the need to emphasize the, um, evilness of this pair. This also seems too mannered.

Except that cast in  the"Villains" came out good. Mike Monroe, known for "Greta" and"It" is the main center of attraction of audience attention, while the bill Skarsgaard from another "It" manifests itself as interesting actor, especially when not encumbered with evil clown makeup. Jeffrey Donovan with a thin moustache embodied the look of a maniac, and Kyra Sedgwick, which rarely appears on the screen, striking the right balance between absurdity and sincerity.

"Villains", with all tonal problems, best described as return to counterfeiting the creativity of Quentin Tarantino, who scored the shelves of the video store in the 1990s attention is paid to the conversations, the nuances of the characters and etc., but all done, first, without the original elements, and, secondly, everything is somewhat too theatrical. The story of precious hearts there is no trace all left, after you view — blood stains from dead bodies and smug smirk of the Director.

5 from 10

Dee Kimmy
21 December 2019 | 08:41

The flip side of the good-looking America. Villains attack honourable members of the middle class and it turns out something amazing. Exactly like and "a Clockwork orange" aggressor becomes the victim. It's funny, whimsical, comical. True kitsch. The more main cast really cute actors — choose all tastes: bill Skarsgard, Mike Monroe, Jeffrey Donovan, Kyra Sedgwick. They just to outline cute outline, after all the madness going on will create necessary conditions for rapid effect contrast. The viewer will be disarmed...

And, I must say that bet the creators of this film works. Unfolds before us a casual action. Original version of the most famous paintings of Grant wood. Violence overcomes all possible barriers and absorbs what is happening. It permeates the family, the street, nature.

However, it never original. "Hidden", "don't breathe", "Uninvited guests" — this is only the short list of tapes that are in essence of same thing. Was it worth it happen again, belittling the most own creation? The answer is obvious, but for industry, such moves thing for granted. Conveyor. What so there done.

The case, when were all reason to expect a more serious creation (even in the proposed format of black Comedy). And the result is something in the middle.

6 from 10

Madelin Swiercz
20 January 2020 | 07:15

"Evildoers" nominally belongs to the genre of black Comedy, but a representation performed quite mediocre. Felt the lack of action and the dynamics even a half hour of screen time seem to be a bit prolonged.

Two young men, in imitation of Bonnie Clyde robbing a gas station in search of their dreams, and that's way to warm place at the robbers run out of gas. Steam better not think breaks the house on the outskirts, but now before leaving to return home. The slogan of the tape says that the film will be painted with the story of the bad against the bad, but neither the second side is not disappointment.

Our robbers very quickly from "bad" are red dandelions, yeah and can give a significant rebuff, while the owners of the house, how to tell the tapes of horror, thrillers or black comedies in the past have met far more scary. The only Quartet who left at least some memories — is actor Jeffrey Donovan, the other characters look dull and without spice.

"Evildoers" suitable only for those who want to shorten a half hour of time or just include something special requirements for the viewer, if you will focus on something — this film can safely ignore, because it is not make a special contribution to the genre.

5 out of 10

Who is the director of the movie Villains?
This tv-show was directed by Dan Berk, Robert Olsen.
What is the genre of Villains?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in Villains?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bill Skarsgård, Maika Monroe, Blake Baumgartner, Jeffrey Donovan, Kyra Sedgwick.
What is Villains IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was Villains released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-09-20.